Hmm, Richter's finally wearing down. I guess threatening to tell Mish she could sic Donnie on Alucard worked. Looks like it really will be six installments....

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Alucard stared at Richter, still unable to believe what he'd heard. *Punish? He actually said he was going to punish me?* He opened his mouth to protest, but was quickly silenced by a hard, almost brutal kiss. The halfling groaned, then tried to return it. He gasped as Richter yanked him back, by a handful of hair. "You're not allowed to do that Alucard. You just have to take what I give you." whispered the hunter.

Alucard winced as his hair was yanked even harder, forcing him to expose his throat. Richter leaned down and began to nip the creamy skin. The bites steadily grew harder, leaving small marks, that stood out vividly against the porcelain complexion. Alucard heard a low keening sound coming from somewhere, and suddenly realized it was himself. He bit back a cry as a particularly harsh bite was placed at the juncture of his neck and shoulder.

The halfling began to whimper as the pain ran through him. This wasn't like what he'd experienced loosing his virginity, this was vicious, bestial ... wonderful. Alucard gasped as he realized he was getting pleasure from this. *What is he doing to me? How can I be enjoying this?* The water splashed out of tub as he tried to change into a wolf. He had to get away from this odd mix of agony and ecstasy. He felt his skin tingle, then ..... nothing.

Richter smiled against the alabaster throat, "You just tried to change on me, didn't you? I felt it." Alucard blinked, wondering ... "I'll bet you're wondering why you couldn't transform, aren't you Alucard." The halfling bit his lip, but didn't answer, that unsettling glint was back in Richter's eyes. This was uncertain ground and he had no clue how to react. "Not speaking lovely one?" chuckled Richter. "Well I'll tell you anyway. Do you remember when I told you the water in this pool stays warm because of an old enchantment?" Alucard nodded, afraid he knew where this was heading.

Richter laved one of the nastier marks on the slim neck with his tongue before continuing. "That enchantment is a magic barrier, it prevents the use of supernatural powers within a certain area. There are similar ones around the bedrooms, and the lavatory. After all, our clan is a major target, and we can't afford to be caught during the times our guard would be down." Alucard groaned, it should have been obvious. "That's why you asked me to bathe with you, and it's why you didn't invite me into this room. You wanted me at your mercy." growled the halfling.

Richter smiled and began walking Alucard towards the stairs at the edge of the pool. Once there he lifted one porcelain leg over his hip and leaned forward until Alucard was forced to sit on the highest step. The water barely covered the halfling's thighs, and his erection jutted out of the water as hard as every. Richter trailed his nails along the length and whispered. "No, Alucard. I really did want you to bathe with me. Baths always leave me feeling...playful...and I wanted you with me to enjoy it."

Alucard shuddered, the sudden switch to gentle from the harshness of earlier left him on edge. Richter leaned closer his mouth just inches from the halfling's own. "As for inviting you in ... I had every intention of doing just that. Then you took me into that sweet mouth of yours." Alucard blushed, he had cut the hunter off in his eagerness to taste him. He unconsciously licked his lips as he remembered the tang of the hunter's seed.

Richter leaned forward even more, his lips brushing Alucard's as he spoke. "I'm glad you did however, I prefer you like this. It's much more satisfying with a human form." Alucard blinked, not certain what to make of that statement. He wasn't even certain he cared, not with the hunter so tantalizingly close. He began to lean forward and was once again pulled back by a yank to his hair.

"Tsk, tsk, Alucard. It appears you're a slow learner. I told you you're not allowed to do that. It looks like I'll just have to keep punishing you." Alucard looked into those golden eyes, and fought the urge to tremble. There was a gleeful sort of sadism there, and not a single shred of mercy. * in trouble.* thought the halfling, right before he was shoved onto his back for Richter to attack his chest the same way he'd attacked his neck.

Alucard moaned, the bites and the scrape of nails against his length were timed perfectly. Just so he wouldn't be able to adjust to the flood of sensations. He couldn't tell if one act would be gentle and the other brutal, both gentle, or both brutal, and the constant push and pull on his system was driving him insane. He wasn't even certain he could tell pleasure from pain anymore. All he could do was feel, and suffer at the exquisite torture.

He wanted so bad to touch, to do something, but he didn't dare. There was no telling what Richter would do if he disobeyed again. He screamed suddenly as he felt his skin break under an exceptionally hard bite. Richter began lapping at the trickle of blood, making Alucard shiver. It was so erotic somehow, making little waves of pleasure run up and down the halfling's spine with every single lick. The wound quickly closed due to his natural healing ability and Alucard whimpered in protest.

Richter mistook the meaning of the sound and pulled the shuddering halfling into his embrace, whispering "Shh, I'll stop now. I think you've learned your lesson." Alucard nodded and buried his face against Richter's neck. He couldn't ask the hunter to take more, he wasn't certain how it would affect him. He didn't think it would make the brunette turn, he'd need to drain him first for that, but..... He shook away the thoughts, Richter smelled the same as ever. If something was going to happen it would have started by now. He snuggled closer to the hunter, letting Richter croon soft soothing words as he slowly came down from the previous onslaught.

When he was pulled down for a gentle kiss, Alucard returned it hungrily. As much as he hated to admit it, the sensual torment had left him aching with need. *I guess that means he was right, I did scream, and I did enjoy it.* "Please Richter, take me again. I need..." Richter smiled and brushed some hair out of the halfling's obsidian eyes. "I know, but I'm not going to take you again." Alucard bit his lip and prepared to beg, pride be damned, if he was left like this he'd simply explode.

Richter touched his fingers to Alucard's temple. "It's time you had a chance to give, instead of receive." Alucard gasped and met the hunter's gaze. "I want you inside me Alucard. I want you to fuck me." Alucard blushed at the vulgarity, even as the words set his manhood to throbbing.

Richter stood up and exited the pool. There, he picked up the bottle he'd gotten earlier and spread the two towels on the floor the beside the bench. "Come here Alucard." The halfling nodded and exited the pool as well. The hunter handed him the bottle before dropping onto the towels, and pulling his companion down beside him. "That's body oil, do you remember what to do?" Alucard nodded and pulled the stopper. A heavy scent, somewhere between dragon's blood and sandalwood, permeated the air.

Richter laid back on the towels, and spread his legs to give Alucard access. The halfling took a moment to memorize the erotic site, before he coated his fingers with the oil. When he felt they were totally slick he positioned his hand at the tight ring of muscle and hesitantly pushed forward with one finger. At first it didn't give, so he pressed harder, and it slid in with ease. Richter shuddered and whispered, "Another, please...and go deeper." Alucard nodded and added another finger, before he started sliding them in and out, getting a little deeper with every stroke.

The halfling found a little protrusion within the tunnel of muscle and pushed against it. Richter arched up, and began breathing loudly. "OH YES!! Like that!" Alucard smiled and pressed a little harder getting a small whimper in reward. He pulled back a moment, and Richter shifted his hips to bring him back. The halfling grinned and granted the silent plea, once again stroking that special area.

It didn't take long for Alucard to figure out just how to tease the spot, giving stimulation and taking it away at a pace that would keep the hunter on edge. Richter gritted his teeth and managed to pant, "And to think I called you a slow learner.... I take it back. You learn too damned fast!" That earned him something that looked like a grin. Richter blinked, yes, it was definitely a grin. It had taken a moment to sink in because he'd rarely seen Alucard smile, much less grin.

"Is that your way of asking me to stop?" chuckled Alucard. His spirits were considerably lifted by the knowledge he could drive Richter as crazy as the hunter could him. Richter growled and replied "Try it and I'll give you a very painful demonstration of just what I can do with a whip." Alucard chuckled again, he knew the whips were in the house with their clothes. So the threat didn't have much of an effect.

It didn't matter though, he didn't want to stop. He was eager to see if he could make Richter scream the same way the hunter had made him scream on the table. Alucard withdrew his fingers and moved into position. Looking directly into Richter's eyes, he slowly started to press forward. The annoyance in the whisky brown eyes gave way to a flicker of pain, which was quickly replaced by desire.

Richter groaned slightly as the halfling continued to slide in. Alucard was a well endowed man, err vampire, oh hell it didn't matter what he was. He was hung like a horse. Deciding to just get this over with he shifted his hips forward, forcing himself down on Alucard's length. He let out a little whimper, and began to pant loudly. Then he looked down, and his jaw dropped. There was still a little left. "Alucard, did you get longer?!"

The halfling shrugged, it was a rhetorical question, but he answered anyway "I don't think so..." He looked down as well and began to slide the last two inches in. "Mmm, that's good. I love how you feel around me." purred the halfling. Richter shuddered as he was filled completely, it felt like Alucard was only inches from his lungs. The couple lay together a moment, getting used to each other. Then Alucard began to move.

Richter bit his lip, as the delicious friction started. His earlier assumption had been correct, Alucard had a natural skill with this. It could be improved upon, yes, but it was more than enough to make the hunter moan. Alucard watched Richter's face as the pleasure entered those beautiful features. He'd thought once that the hunter looked like an angel. He still did. He looked like a fallen angel grinning all the way to hell.

Alucard would have laughed at the thought, if he were still capable of breathing. It felt so much different being on top. It was so tight, so hot, and wet...he hadn't expected wet. Not like a mouth wet, but certainly not dry like a handjob. He'd given himself plenty of those, so... The halfling groaned at the way his thoughts kept skittering away on irrelevant subjects, and decided he'd better just concentrate on making them both feel good.

Alucard lifted one of Richter's legs onto his shoulder, and shifted the angle of his hips so he could get at the hunter's erection. A soft cry of "Don't stop!!" told him that Richter enjoyed the new position. Grinning like a demon, Alucard reached for the bottle of oil and poured some of it on the brunette's pulsing organ.

Richter's eyes fluttered closed, as Alucard took him in hand and began pumping in time with his pistoning hips. It wasn't the callous pace he'd grown used to in the castle. Alucard was making love to him and Richter found himself wishing the halfling really could love him. Here was someone who he could truly identify with...someone who would never say they couldn't deal with his link to the supernatural... He'd created his heir so that part of his duty was done. Why not get himself a true companion??

Alucard fought the instinct to speed up his thrusts, he wanted this to last as long as possible. Richter had offered him one night of hospitality and he was going to milk it for all it was worth. Part of him wished the hunter had offered him longer, but he would take what he could get. After all, one night was better than nothing. He would create memories to carry with him into his eternal slumber. Although, torpor was the last thing he wanted right now. What he wanted now, was to make Richter feel good.

Richter moaned loudly when one of his nipples was taken into Alucard's mouth. The strange curled position necessary for the stunt caused the demi-human's rhythm to become a little more awkward, but Richter didn't mind. Skill didn't mean a thing anymore. It was perfect, everything was perfect. As, long as it was Alucard it was perfect.

Richter bit his lip and held back a sob, he'd fallen in love with Alucard. He knew that for certain now. He'd known it in the castle, and he'd known it at the inn, but he hadn't been able to face it because of Annette's memory. He felt a touch of guilt creeping up and ruthlessly squashed it. He wouldn't let anything mar his time with the halfling. *If you're listening God, please let him love me. I know I don't deserve it.... but he does... He needs someone to love .... let it be me. Please, let it be me.*

Alucard let out a surprised little sound when Richter grabbed his hair and pulled him up for a kiss. "Please Alucard, go faster, take me harder, make me yours..." Alucard smiled sadly, and started to comply. *How I wish I 'could' make you mine Richter, but how could you ever love someone like me...of my bloodline? I'm not just a rogue vampire, I'm the son of your worst enemy.*

Both men began to moan loudly as they picked up the pace. Soon though, Alucard left Richter behind. His powers may have been suppressed, but that didn't change the fact he was able to move quickly. If he'd been capable of thought, Alucard might have found the fact he could still move faster than any human interesting. But right now, his world was focused on the tight heat clutching his member and the encouraging words tumbling out of Richter's mouth.

"Yes, yes, yes!! I'm yours, Alucard. Don't ever stop...." whispered the hunter, as he trembled uncontrollably.

Alucard gritted his teeth and tried to hold out a little longer, but he was fighting a loosing battle. With one last roar he gave up the fight and thrust hard and deep as he sent his seed into Richter's body. The hot spurts of fluid starting hitting that special area inside him, so Richter quickly followed. The sticky streams of semen splashed against Alucard's chest and flowed over the slim white hand still wrapped around the hunter's member, before dripping onto the his own stomach.

Alucard slowly lowered himself to Richter's chest and snuggled into the hard, soothing heat. The skin was like silk over stone....or marble. He remembered Richter words from earlier that night. He'd called him moonlight on marble. In a way that's what he felt like. Something that could shine on a thing of solid beauty, but never truly possess it. Only caress it, and look upon it until the daylight came to chase it away. He was dreading the daylight that would take him away from Richter, but he still had time. Time he planned to savor.

Once again, Richter was the one to break the silence. "We're going to need another bath Alucard... then we can go get something to eat." Alucard blushed, he'd eaten the majority of their earlier meal. Then again if he hadn't, he'd probably be trying to drain Richter right now. It was still a tempting prospect. The hunter had already tasted him after all...

Alucard sat back before he could give in to the urge to sink his fangs into a nearby vein and pulled himself up onto the bench. Richter leaned up and licked away what few traces of his seed remained on the halfling's belly and fingers. The rest had dissipated while they were cuddling. Alucard sighed and ran his hands over the hunter's chestnut hair as the long, silky strands tickled his skin. He'd finally gotten his fill for the time being, so the gesture just made him feel affectionate.

Richter stood up when he finished lapping up his own essence, and retrieved the sponge and some new towels. The one bucket that had remained filled was ice cold, but they used it anyway. This time the washing was exclusively about getting clean, so it sufficed. Once they finished that task, they dried off and headed back to the house, as naked as they had exited it.

When they passed by the table. Richter stopped and ran his hand over the deep grooves Alucard's nails had left during their first coupling. The halfling blushed and said, "I'm sorry for the damage. I'll be more than happy to replace it." Richter shook his head. "I'll never replace it, every time I look at these marks I'll remember how you looked when you created them." The hunter chuckled, "You're one of the best treats I've ever had spread upon it." Alucard groaned at the joke. He was too exhausted for bad humor.

"Do you think we can send Fairie out for some meal cards?" asked the brunette. Alucard shrugged, "I'm sure we could, but we need to find her first. She isn't on the railing anymore." Richter looked up. Indeed she wasn't ... The pair went upstairs, into the guest room, and saw her curled up on the bed fast asleep. "Oh, how sweet..." whispered Richter, an almost fraternal affection in his voice. "We should let her rest, don't you think?" Alucard smiled and gently pulled the blankets over her tiny shoulders. She shifted slightly and sighed in her sleep.

"I agree, I wouldn't have the heart to wake her." the halfling whispered back.

The two went downstairs again and began to dig through the pantry. They found some syrup, a small portion of cured ham, and the makings for pancakes. Richter set about cooking a meal. He started by soaking the meat in some water to leech out some of the salt, as he measured ingredients for batter. Alucard watched on with interest. He'd never watched anyone cook before.

Richter patiently answered the multitude of questions Alucard posed, not disturbed in the least by his curiosity. He knew not to take anything for granted from the bath incident.

"Why do you put oil in the batter, if you have to fry it in oil anyway?" asked Alucard.

Richter chuckled, "It improves the texture, and makes the finished cake moister."

It kept up like that until, Richter was done cooking. He got a bottle of cider and set the huge stack of pancakes and slices of warmed ham on the table. The two split the meal evenly, talking about the ordinary until they'd cleaned their plates. With full bellies, and sated libido's the two made their way to Richter's bedroom.

It was as opulent as the bathhouse. Thick velvet curtains hung at the windows in a shade of rich oriental red, covered with images sewn in gold thread. The bed was canopy-style, with sheer misty blue curtains, and jet black satin sheets. A sniff confirmed incense was regularly burned in the area. It appeared Richter only kept the nice things in area's that had a spell of protection. Before Alucard could step into the room Richter held him back and went in first. "I want you to be free." said Richter in explanation. Alucard smiled at the hunter, touched by the gesture.

"Adrian Farenheight're free to enter the circle." said Richter in a clear voice. Alucard noticed a sort of shift in the air, that indicated the spell that had bound his powers had been lifted. Then it hit him... Richter had called him by his true name.

Richter smiled, "Yes I know your real name, and who you really are. Don't let it bother you Alucard. I don't hold you accountable for anything your father did.... Now come to bed, I'm not certain I how much longer I can stay awake."

Alucard nodded, still floored by the simple acceptance of his heritage. Richter flipped back the sheets and stretched out between them, before he opened his arms invitingly. The halfling, practically dove onto the bed, making Richter chuckle before he curled his arms around Alucard's waist. He pulled the demi-human closer and dragged the blankets over their bodies.

Just before Alucard could drop off in the cocoon of those powerful arms Richter whispered. "Will you stay tomorrow as well? I'd like you to meet my daughter." Alucard blinked and nodded, once again amazed at how welcome the human made him feel. Richter gave him a heartwarming smile and kissed a pale temple. Alucard sighed sleepily and dropped off before he could hear the hunter whisper.

"Good... I'm not certain I'll ever let you go."

Ha!! Bet you thought Alucard was going to be the one to take a little sip.... Hope I surprised a few of you... Now then, there will be one more installment. The thing I kept picturing hasn't been used yet, but it will be.... (and stop thinking's nothing sexual)