Okay, last installment. Here's hoping I do it well. As in the last few installments, this is lemon, and it's yaoi. That means two men, namely Richter and Alucard, having sex. If you aren't supposed to look, or that sort of thing offends you, please hit the back button now.

If you're still here, I have to tell you that I borrowed these characters (except the child, Lisa) from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. They all belong to Konami. I didn't get paid to write this, and didn't get permission to use them, so don't blame Konami, blame my twisted imagination.


Richter smiled a little as he turned over and pulled Alucard closer to him. The morning sun was filtering through the slight gap in his curtains, casting the room in a reddish hue. The color made Alucard look almost normal, well, as normal as a face that beautiful could be. The hunter took in the features left soft in sleep, the subtle smile on the soft white lips, and felt a stirring in his groin.

He chuckled quietly. It appeared he still hadn't gotten his fill of his new lover. Thinking back on the previous night he didn't have a single regret. A small voice whispered he should be thinking of Annette, okay one regret. He regretted the fact that he'd pursued a relationship that he could see now was doomed from the start. If she'd been more like Maria perhaps....He shook his head, if she'd been more like Maria he wouldn't be with Alucard right now.

As if hearing his thoughts, Alucard made a low moan and began to undulate against Richter's hip. The hunter grinned, as he felt the halfling grow hard in his sleep. His lover had quite a libido. Then the halfling whispered his name. "Mmm Richter...." Belmont felt his heart melt a little. Even in sleep Alucard was thinking of him.

He leaned over and kissed the pale lips tenderly. Alucard returned the kiss still half-asleep, before trying to curl up and go to sleep again. "Wake up Alucard, it's morning." The demi-human grumbled something in ancient Romanian and slowly opened his eyes. "The sun is still up, why am I....Richter?" The brunette smiled, "You were expecting someone else?" Alucard shook his head, "No, I was afraid that it had all been a dream." Richter grinned and pulled the halfling's hand against his erection. "Does that feel like a dream?"

Alucard smiled and wrapped his hand around the throbbing length. "Yes it does, like a dream come true." he said as he dragged Richter down for another kiss. The hunter moaned as those slim fingers began to stroke him. "Mmm, Alucard that feels so nice." Alucard laughed softly and moved his lips over the exposed throat and down to the nipples. Once again he had the strong urge to bite down, and mark the man as his, and yet again he ignored it.

Richter groaned as he felt the light nibbles moving across his chest. How he longed for the halfling to bite down and give him the sinful ecstasy associated with the act. It was ironic , how a Belmont had become addicted to the pleasures of the flesh thanks to his sworn enemies. He rolled onto his back to give the halfling better access, and began to decide how best to entice Alucard to take a small sip.

The halfling sat up a moment to tuck his hair behind his ear. The blanket fell away from his chest, exposing a set of bright red teeth marks that stood out visibly against the white skin. Richter frowned and caught Alucard's shoulders before he could lean down again. The bite should have healed by now.

"Why didn't you tell me you scar easily Alucard?" The halfling bit his lip and blushed, "That would be because I don't." Richter frowned even more and lightly tapped the bite marks. "So how do you explain those?" Alucard turned even more red and whispered something in that old tongue of his. "In words I can understand Alucard..." The demi-human sighed and said, "It, is a love bite. It will fade eventually, but it will never go away. At least, not until the day you die..."

Richter blinked, he was very schooled in vampire lore, but he'd never heard of this before. "What does that mean exactly?" Alucard sighed and said, "When a vampire is bitten by someone who loves them, truly loves them, and they love them back it leaves a mark. That's why father never turned my mother. She left a mark of true love on him." Richter's jaw dropped as Alucard continued, "That is why I said I was afraid this was all a dream. I didn't think you could love me. At least, not the way I love you."

Richter gaped a little as the last sentence hit him. " me?" Alucard nodded, "Yes Richter, I love you very much." Richter gave the halfling a watery smile and said, "I love you to Alucard, with all my....." he broke off with a gasp when they heard the front door swing open with a heavy thud. The two stared at each other a moment, suddenly remembering their clothes were scattered all over the kitchen, and just what such a site would implicate.

"DAMN!!" they cried in unison as Richter leapt out of bed and began to dig through the dresser for something to wear. The brunette yanked on a robe before heading to the door. "Help yourself to my clothes Alucard, I'll go stall them." The halfling nodded and slid out of bed. Richter took a second to admire the halfling's nude form, before he strode out the bedroom, pulling the door closed behind him.

Alucard was digging through the closet when he heard a soft tap at the window. He looked out and saw Fairie doing her best to hover with a large bundle of clothes. He breathed a sigh of relief and opened the window to let her in. None of Richter's clothes looked like they'd fit his smaller frame. "Thank you Fairie, I am glad you thought to bring these." She nodded and flopped onto the bed. Those clothes were heavy. She'd never really considered just how invaluable mystic strength was. She would have to see about getting Richter to remove the spell for her as well.

Maria gasped and covered the eyes of the young girl at her side when a half-naked Richter came barreling into the living area. "Richter Belmont!! Have you no decency?" He blushed and pulled the robe shut around him. "Forgive me Maria, I had no idea you had brought a guest." He looked down at the little lady beside her. "Is this....Lisa?" Maria nodded and removed her hand when she determined Richter had properly covered himself., with what little he wore. She would never get used to that quality. He had no qualms about revealing all but his genitals in the company of those he trusted, even her mother had seen him like this.

The little girl ducked behind Maria's leg and peeked around it. She'd never been this close to a man before. Her great aunt was a widower and Maria didn't have any suitors, so she only saw them when they went to the market. Auntie Maria said they were going to meet her father. She didn't really remember him she was only one when he disappeared. She looked Richter up and down. He was a big man, but not fat. He had a nice face, a little like the angels in her storybooks. Although the angels never had such a wicked smile.

Alucard finished putting on his tux and deactivated the fairy card. That done, he hopped out of the window. He turned into a bat before his feet hit the ground and flew to the upstairs bedroom. Once inside he changed back and exited the door with a deliberate bang. The trio looked up as he strode down the stairs, acting as if he'd been up there the whole time.

Richter fought the urge to chuckle, he hadn't intended to hide the truth. Only get enough time to explain it all to Maria. Although, the child did put a damper on that plan. He looked down at her again. She was a real beauty. *Five, my baby is five years old. I've missed so much.* He kneeled down and held out his hand. She hesitantly took it, but kept looking at the man behind him. She'd never seen someone so pretty. Even Aunt Maria wasn't that beautiful. He looked like a china doll brought to life.

"Hello Lisa, I'm your father." She nodded. "I know Auntie Maria told me...who is he?" she asked pointing at the halfling. Alucard blushed slightly at being singled out. Richter chuckled. "That is Alucard, he is a close, close, friend of mine." The girl smiled shyly and gave a little curtsey. Alucard smiled back, she was a pretty little thing with her long blonde ponytail, and her cherub features. "My name is Lisa, I'm pleased to meet you Master Alucard." The halfling jumped a little at the name, it had been his mother's name. It took a moment for the next question to sink in. "Are you wearing make-up?" Richter clasped a hand over his mouth to stifle a laugh, while Maria gaped at such a straightforward question.

Alucard just smiled and asked, "Do I look like I am?" The little girl shook her head, "No, it looks real, but I've never seen anyone so pale. And you move funny too." Maria shook her head and said. "That's enough Lisa. It's rude to point out such things." The little girl bit her lip and backed down. Maria sighed and continued "I'm guessing by Richter's state of undress that you two haven't eaten. Why don't you go get dressed Richter. I'll make breakfast, and Alucard, if you don't mind could you keep an eye on Lisa?"

The halfling nodded only because it seemed like the right thing to do. Richter chuckled as he went back to his room, while Maria hefted a bag onto the table and began to prepare a meal. She recognized the claw marks as being made by a vampire, but she didn't comment. In the meantime Alucard stared at the little girl looking up at him with open curiosity. *What have I gotten myself into?* he thought as she grabbed his hand and dragged him outside.

When Richter went outdoors a moment later he found Alucard sitting on a bench in the garden. His long white hair had been put into a pair of pigtails, and a daisy chain crowned his head. "Umm Alucard?" The halfling growled, "Not a word Richter, your little girl is right over there gathering more flowers. I still have no clue how she convinced me to do this." The hunter bit his lip and joined his daughter near a small path of wildflowers.

Lisa smiled as he knelt down beside her and finished stringing together the colorful blooms. She held up the finished chain for his approval. "Very nice Lisa, is that for me?" She shook her head and said "Uh-uh, it's for Uncle Ali." Richter tried his best to hold it in *Uncle Ali?* [heh] *Uncle Ali?!?* The brunette erupted in a cackle that made Alucard shout, "AND WHAT OF IT?? I couldn't very well have her running about calling me Master Alucard, not when you and I...err...I mean...." The halfling cut off with a blush. He'd almost shouted to the world that they were lovers.

Richter smiled and took the completed necklace from his daughter and strode over to Alucard, placing it over his neck. "You're quite right. She will be seeing far too much of you for such formality, but...." the hunter paused long enough to lift a brow, "Ali??" Alucard turned his head slightly and grumbling something about love being blind in his old tongue. Richter grinned and snuck a quick squeeze to the halfling's hip. Alucard gasped and glared at him, prepared to lecture him about copping a feel in front of his daughter.

Maria's voice interrupted the tirade before it even got started as her shout echoed from the doorway. "Breakfast is ready, come inside everyone."

Lisa bounced up and ran indoors, leaving the two men on the bench. Richter waited until she was out of sight, then leaned forward and gave Alucard a kiss. The demi-human sighed, it was impossible not to melt slightly when he did that. His head was tilted up to meet Richter's gaze, making him smile. "It was very nice of you to play with her Alucard." whispered the brunette. The halfling shrugged, "It was no trouble, she's a wonderful child. I enjoyed it."

A devilish glint came into Richter's eyes, as he reached up and lightly tugged one of Alucard's pigtails. "You know, you look like a woman with these in..." That comment earned him a growl. The hunter just laughed and began to untangle the hair leaving the flowers intact. "I like the flowers make them lovelier simply by shining on them my moonlight." The growl cut off with a sigh as Alucard leaned against Richter's chest. Was it ever going to be possible to stay angry at the man?

"Richter!! Alucard!! The food will get cold, come along!!" The two men jumped apart at the shout and headed indoors as well.

When breakfast was finished Alucard took Lisa outside again, so Maria and Richter could talk. "You've been gone a long time Richter," said Maria "I've done my best to keep the house in good order, but it will still need work." The hunter nodded, he'd expected as much. The woman continued "I think it would be best if Lisa continued to stay with me until you've had time to settle in, but we'd be sure to visit often. Is that all right?" The hunter gave another nod, feeling only slightly guilty at the sense of relief. He wanted some more time with Alucard before a child came into their lives. Richter smiled and replied, "That would help a lot."

"Well, I suppose it's time for the big news..." whispered Maria as she pulled an envelope from her pouch "This came just last night." She held it out to Richter, who took it hesitantly. There was a sad sort of sympathy in Maria's eyes that filled him with dread. The letter had already been opened, an unfamiliar sigil stamped into the broken seal. He slid out the message and was assaulted by the aroma of his wife's favorite perfume. His hand trembled slightly as he opened it, shame flooding him as he realized he'd hoped she was gone, so he wouldn't have to break her heart by telling her he was in love with another... much less that the other was a vampire.

[Dearest Sister,

I'm sorry for the worry my disappearance must have caused you all. I wanted you to know that I am safe.

I was rescued from the sea by a wonderful man. His name is Viktor Lecarde, and he's a weapon's dealer from Spain. It shames me to say it, but I've fallen in love with him. So, I will not be coming back to Romania. This country will be my home now. I'm truly happy here.

Maria, I hate to ask it of you, but please explain to Richter. A letter would be a cruel way to tell him such a thing. Let him know I did love him, just not the way he deserved. Tell him to take care of little Lisa, and to let her follow her heart.

But most of all, tell him to move on. There's someone out there for him, I'm certain of it. You see, I had a dream while I was trapped on the ocean. He was with someone who had long white hair.....]

The rest of the letter told about her new husband and his family. Richter sighed, and looked out the window Annette was happy, and she was safe. A few tears fell as he folded it up and returned it to Maria.

"Are you okay Richter?" asked his sister-in-law. The hunter nodded, feeling the heavy load of regret lifted off his shoulders. "I'll be fine...I'm just glad she's happy now." Maria nodded and tapped her chin with the letter. "She mentioned you being with someone who has long white hair. I can't help but notice that Alucard has white hair." Richter felt a blush coming on and chuckled nervously, "Yes, he does." Maria lifted a brow and ran her hand over the grooves in the table as she replied "We both know dreams can be prophetic Richter. Is there something you'd like to tell me?"

Belmont let out a low groan, so much for introducing the idea slowly. "You've fallen in love with him haven't you Richter? You've fallen in love with Alucard." she whispered. Richter closed his eyes and nodded his head, waiting for the axe to fall. He gasped when he felt Maria pull him into her embrace. He looked up into her eyes and was floored by the simple acceptance in them. She smiled and knelt in front of him. "I'm glad you love each other. I'd hate to see you trying to force yourself to feel something you don't just to continue the bloodline. I saw too much of that between you and Annette." Richter touched her shoulder, "You knew?" Maria nodded, "I just hoped you could work it out, I like having you as my brother." Richter smiled and hugged her close. "I'll always be your brother Maria, no matter what."

The day went by quickly, and before he really realized it Richter was waving good-bye to the two ladies as they headed home. The minute they were out of sight, Richter pulled the door shut and lifted Alucard into his arms. The halfling gasped, he'd never been carried like this before. By the time he recovered from the shock Richter was laying him down on their bed. *Our bed...I like the sound of that.* thought Alucard as he sat up slightly.

"Richter?" The hunter put a finger to the pale lips to shush him. Alucard groaned as Richter leaned down to kiss, while undoing the tuxedo. The brunette whispered, "Annette is still alive." Alucard felt a small knife of dread enter his heart. Was this going to be a good-bye fling? Richter looked up at him and Alucard started to pray for all that he was worth that the hunter would choose him over her.

Richter tossed aside the cloak, and slid his hand under the halfling's neck to undo the frilly cravat. "She's in Spain right now." Alucard blinked, that country was several months away, he'd have time to seduce Richter if need be. The cravat went flying and Richter started to open the tiny abalone buttons on Alucard's shirt. "She's happy and healthy." whispered the brunette. The halfling blushed, as he mentally wished a plague on her so she couldn't come back for Richter.

The hunter's hands slid down to Alucard's pants, and began to pull them off as he said, "She's gotten married a man named Lecarde." Alucard blinked. *Married? That means she's not coming back. I can keep him, I can really keep him!!* Richter smiled and whisked away the pants leaving Alucard naked on the smooth, shiny sheets. "I guess that means you're stuck with me Alucard. What do you say? Are you willing to stay with me?" The halfling let out a small sob and dragged him close, crying "Just try to be rid of me!" Richter kissed him tenderly before he stood up and quickly removed his own clothes. Then he kneeled on the mattress, looking down at this lover.

The halfling waited breathlessly while Richter just stared at him. The golden eyes raked over every inch of his skin, and his groin answered by flooding with heat. The hunter smiled at his rising erection and gently took it in hand. "Oh Richter...." whispered Alucard as he was slowly stroked. "Will you take me again?" The dark head nodded, before the vampire hunter leaned down and slowly lapped the head of Alucard's cock. "Unnh, please go faster." panted the demi-human. Richter smiled and shook his head as he continued the slow, deliberate licks.

Alucard groaned, he was beginning to think Richter would never stop teasing him first. He instinctively thrust his hips up, surprised that Richter didn't stop him this time. He repeated the motion again. Still no moves to prevent it. Taking the newfound freedom he buried his hands in Richter's hair and let himself piston into the willing orifice.

The hunter sighed as Alucard plunged into his mouth and down his throat. The halfling's moans were making him ache with need, but he was going to have to get him to the brink if he was going to get what he was after. He raised a hand up to the heavy testicles and gently stroked them in time to Alucard's thrusts. When he felt them throb, he quickly yanked back removing all stimulation. The cry of frustration that tore from Alucard's lips made him smile. "Damn you Richter, stop doing this to me!"

Richter chuckled and stretched out beside him, tracing the halfling's bellybutton with one finger. "Hmm, you mean you don't want to make love with me? Okay, we can just go to sleep then." He started to roll over only to be slammed onto his back and straddled. "If you try to stop right now I swear I'll hurt you." growled Alucard, his fangs bared in anger. That was exactly what the hunter had been hoping for. Richter yanked the pale head down to his chest, crying out as the fangs found their mark.

Alucard almost choked as he gasped on the blood that flowed into his mouth. Then the taste hit him, and he swooned from the wave of ecstasy. *A Belmont, experiencing the rapture, who would have dreamed it possible?* Alucard continued to drink as reached down and stroked the brunette's hard length. Richter started to pant as the new source of pleasure coursed through his system, heightening the bliss of the blood bond. "AHH!! DON'T STOP!!" A few more strokes and the hunter arched off the bed, shuddering with his release.

Alucard reluctantly left the wound, lapping at it until it closed. If he took much more, Richter would have to be brought across. He looked up at the hunter's face and smiled at the look of blissful satiation. Then he brought up his wet fingers and lapped the sticky liquid off his fingers. Richter's eyes narrowed slightly and Alucard knew the brunette was fast on his way to a new erection.

He grinned and looked down to confirm. Yes, it was coming back, just as he thought it would. "I think I would like to be on top this time Richter, do you have any objections?" Richter blinked, then shook his head. It was good to see Alucard was begining to have some initiative. "None at all." replied the hunter. "I took the liberty of putting some oil in the bedside table earlier today. Why don't you get it out?"

Alucard smiled and turned Richter onto his stomach, before running his hands over the tight buttocks. Richter let out a moan and wiggled slightly, this wasn't they type of top he'd anticipated, but he wasn't about to complain. The halfling, continued to run his hands over the hunter's backside for a few minutes, before he reached over and pulled a large vial out of the nightstand. Throbbing in anticipation he pulled the stopper and poured some of the oil into his palms. It was the same scent as the bath oil, and he had a feeling he would forever associate the fragrance with Richter and this act.

The halfling warmed the liquid between his palms before he leaned forward and slipped a couple fingers into Richter's entrance. Knowing what he was looking for this time, he went straight for that little nub of pleasure. The hunter jumped slightly, then began grinding against his hand, trying to take him deeper. Alucard smiled and added another finger, making Richter shudder in anticipation. Slipping in one last finger, the halfling smiled as the brunette began fisting the sheets. "Oh God.... I can't wait anymore. Please take me now!" groaned the brunette.

Alucard fought the urge to chuckle, and spread a little oil over his erection, before positioning himself at Richter's entrance. He pressed forward slightly, but didn't push through. Richter whimpered in frustration. Alucard was holding his hips, just like he'd done to the halfling himself, and he got the sinking sensation he was about to experience payback in spades.

Alucard started to gently rock against Richter's ring, getting only the tiniest bit deeper with each stroke. He was glad his supernatural strength had been returned. It was hard enough to hold Richter still at full power. The hunter just kept trying to shove back, but Alucard wasn't going to allow that. It was high time he got the chance to make the brunette beg for a change.

Richter collapsed into a boneless puddle when Alucard finally let him have his release almost two hours later. The vampire hunter didn't even have the strength to move into a more comfortable position. The halfling walked out of the room, leaving the brunette feeling a distinct sense of loss, but Richter couldn't get his voice to work long enough to call him back. Part of him screamed that their lover might be leaving, and they had to move. His muscles screamed back, 'you try moving after what we've been through and we'll talk'. Then the rational part said, 'he left naked, you know he's shy about that, he won't have gone far.'

The door opened again, confirming Alucard was still there and Richter managed to sigh in relief. Alucard smiled at him, and brought over the bowl of warm water he'd gone to get. He dipped in a washcloth and wrung out the excess, before gently cleaning up the mess he'd made. Richter sighed, enjoying the feel of the warm cloth moving over his skin. He was extremely impressed at just how quickly Alucard had improved his skills. He wanted to tell him just how good it all was, but his mind was starting to shut down.

All he managed to get out was, "With all my heart, Alucard, my precious moonlight. I love you with..." before he dropped off like a light. The halfling smiled and cleaned himself off before crawling into bed and pulling the hunter against his chest. They had a matching set of marks now. He chuckled slightly when he saw they made a small heart shape with their chests pressed together. That was so saccharine sweet he got a toothache. Then the exhaustion of the long night set in. He sighed and pulled the blankets up over their bodies, snuggling closer to his beloved, as he drifted to sleep thinking *I love you as well Richter, I'll always be your moonlight....*


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