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High in the rafters of Richter Belmont's home, a small fairy sat stupefied as she gazed down at the two men below her. "Oh Master..." she whispered as her skin flushed red from her cheeks to her toes. She's never seen a human coupling before, most were patient enough to put her away before such things. Not these two...they'd even made her help! She watched on fascinated as Alucard began to move against Richter's hips. They certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves, so she didn't mind that they seemed to have forgotten about her again.

Richter groaned as his companion's gyrations caused him to grow hard again. "My but you're a fast learner..." he whispered. Alucard made an absent noise of agreement as he began to run his hands along the hard smooth planes of Richter's chest. "Mmm, that's nice." whispered the hunter "Touch the nipples, I like that." Alucard nodded and began to play with the dark brown nubs. Richter bit his lip and panted, "Harder, pinch them." Alucard hesitated, then did so. Richter hissed and arched against the onslaught. "Yesss, just like that!"

Alucard fought the urge to grin, such a simple thing, and yet it made Richter react so vividly. He let one hand stay on a nipple and started trailing his nails across the muscles. It made the other man moan. "A..ask...for a wet cloth." Alucard blinked, wondering what he was talking about, but called out. "Fairie bring me a washcloth please." It took a moment for her to snap out of her stupor, but the fairy quickly moistened a cloth at the sink and brought it to her master. "Thank you Fairie. You can return to the railing." She nodded and fluttered back up to the ceiling.

"What did you want this for?" asked Alucard. "I want to clean off." replied Richter "I want tonight to be as pleasant as possible and I can't enjoy it as much if I feel sticky." Alucard made an odd sort of sound as he slid off the hunter's lap and handed him the towel. Richter sighed and quickly, but thoroughly removed the evidence of their previous coupling. "You know, I've always wondered....just how do you stay clean when you can't enter water?" asked the hunter as he glanced at the halfling's pristine skin. Alucard lifted a brow at the inquiry, "Actually I can enter water now." he said flicking a snorkel shaped earring. "But to answer your question, blood is absorbed through the skin, everything else just dissipates after a few moments."

Richter gave him a crooked smile, "How convenient." He stood up and touched Alucard's shoulder. "You said you can enter water now. Would you be willing to bathe with me?" The halfling nodded, "Yes, that would be nice. I've always wanted to experience one." Richter stood and headed towards the back door. "Shouldn't we put on something first?" asked Alucard. The hunter let out a laugh, "Why? We'll only be taking it off again, and the bathhouse is just outside." Alucard sighed, wondering just how Richter could be so comfortable with his nudity. He was still trying to get used to the feel of so much exposed skin. He followed the hunter outdoors, and turned to the fairy fluttering along behind them. "You've worked hard enough little one, get some rest." She nodded and went back into the house, it had been a long time since she was allowed to sleep in her corporeal form.

Alucard shut the door behind her, then continued down the path towards the large building a short distance away. It wasn't short enough though. Before either really realized what had triggered it, Richter was up against a tree, with Alucard sucking on his nipples. "That's so good..." groaned Richter as he felt teeth sink into one of the sensitive nubs. Alucard felt that wonderful swimming sensation return to his mind as Richter's sighs urged him on. He fought the desire to bite harder, and get a taste of the hunter's crimson essence. He didn't think a Belmont could experience the rapture some humans got from a vampire's bite. Leaving the nipples, he began to lick a path down to Richter's manhood. The scent of the hunter touched something inside him, making him want to taste that engorged flesh. He met Richter's gaze, "Can I?"

The hunter nodded, "Yes, I..."

Alucard didn't give him a chance to finish whatever he was about to say. He took the hunter's length into his hand and flicked his tongue against the dripping head. *Mmm, not bad. I could learn to enjoy this.* thought Alucard as he took the tip between his lips. He tried to duplicate what Richter had done to him. He wasn't able to take him down his throat, but he could stay down longer since he didn't need to breathe as much. Richter began to pant, the rough bark of the tree biting into his skin as he gripped it in an effort not to thrust. The steady suction combined with the random movements of Alucard's tongue and the light touch of his teeth was amazing.

Richter whimpered and buried his hands in the halfling's silky hair. "Al...Alucard! You have to stop...I'm going to...." The suction got harder and Richter nearly gave himself a concussion throwing his head back, and knocking it against the tree. He didn't even notice, he was too busy watching that slim white throat work as Alucard sat back and swallowed his fluids. "A little salty, but not entirely unpleasant." said the halfling, "I think I like it." The hunter shook his head and helped Alucard back to his feet. "You look like you need a bath now. It's all over your cheek." Alucard reached up and wiped up the stray drops, before sucking them off his fingers. Richter watched on, and shuddered. "Come on, we'd better get to the bathhouse while I can still remember how to walk." said the hunter in a shaky voice.

The pair continued the last few feet to the building and stepped inside. Alucard found it surprisingly opulent. Outside of the large marble table he'd ruined, everything in Richter's house was simple and functional. "Take a seat on the bench." said Richter as he began to fill a couple buckets with some water from the huge tub. Actually, it was more like a small pool. It looked to be about chest high with enough room to do a couple breaststrokes.

Richter dropped the full buckets beside Alucard's feet and walked over to a recessed shelf, where he retrieved two towels, a bar of soap, a bottle of some unidentifiable liquid, and a large sea sponge. The hunter placed the towels on the opposite bench, and brought the other items over to where the halfling sat. Richter sat down beside him and lifted one bucket, which he dumped over Alucard's head. The halfling sputtered as he accidentally inhaled some of the water. "Are you okay?" gasped Richter. Alucard nodded and coughed a couple times, "Could you warn me next time?" Richter bit his lip, "Sorry, you just get used to certain things." He lifted the second bucket, "Okay, tilt your head back. I need to finish wetting your hair."

Alucard held his breath and did as ordered. Richter used one hand to carefully pour the water as he ran his fingers through the long silvery white strands. Alucard's eyes fluttered closed as a sort of languid pleasure flowed through him. He was starting to see why humans liked this. It took a moment to sink in that the water was warm when it shouldn't have been. "Mmm, Richter?" The hunter set aside the half-full bucket and picked up the soap. "Yes Alucard?" he replied as he began to lather the halfling's hair. It took Alucard a moment to remember the question. "How do you keep the water warm? I don't see any flames." Richter chuckled, "It's a side effect from an old enchantment. Pleasant, isn't it?"

Alucard sighed and nodded. They fell into a comfortable silence as Richter continued to massage the hair, soon though he began to see what Alucard was talking about as the suds began to sluice away on their own. He picked up the bucket again and rinsed away what bubbles remained. Then, he stood up and refilled the buckets before sitting down again. He dunked the sponge in one of them, soaped it up, and started rubbing. Alucard felt his muscles go limp as Richter began to gently scrub his skin. This was yet another hedonism he could definitely learn to enjoy. He was so glad he'd kept that hideous looking artifact.

"Okay Alucard, it's time for me to rinse you. So close your eyes and hold your breath." Alucard did so, and felt Richter dump one of the buckets over his head. "Done." came the hunter's voice. Alucard wiped some water off his eyes and opened them. Richter picked up the second bucket and slowly poured it over a few stubborn suds.

"There we go." said the brunette, nodding in approval at the way the water made Alucard's skin shine like glazed porcelain. "Now you can soak in the tub while I wash myself." Alucard tilted his head, and asked "Can I bathe you instead?" Richter gave him a grin, "I was hoping you'd say that." He stood up and filled the buckets one more time. With the task done he handed Alucard the sponge and closed his eyes, but opened them a moment later when the expected deluge didn't come.

The halfling had moved behind him. Richter glanced back as Alucard leaned forward, pressing his chest to Richter's back. The demi-human slowly poured the water over the apricot skin, taking care to cover every inch. He didn't want to stop long enough to refill buckets. Richter groaned as he felt the halfling's slim hands moving across his body spreading the water. "Mmm, I love the smell of this soap what is it?" Richter blinked a moment, Alucard's hand was only inches from his groin, and his mind didn't want to kick in long enough to answer questions.

He finally convinced it to let him say. "Lemon and chamomile. It's supposed to soothe and refresh one's sense..ssss" The hunter broke off with a hiss as Alucard's lifted his cock in one white palm and began to carefully rub the member with the soaped sponge. It felt nice, but it was frustrating in a way. He hadn't recharged enough to really enjoy the touch. "Mmm perhaps too soothing." rumbled Alucard. Richter gritted his teeth at the subtle insult. "I'm only human Alucard...I need time to re-energize before I can go again." *And now that I can think about something other than burying myself in your body, I'm going to get you back for all the little stunts you pulled.* thought the hunter. *I just need to wait for the right moment...*

Alucard shrugged and moved on to the rest of Richter's body. He explored all the little planes and valleys, discovering some places that made the hunter gasp, and filing them away for later use. When the water in the bucket started getting cool, he reluctantly ceased his explorations and dumped the rest of the liquid on Richter's head. He did a rush job on the chestnut hair, wanting to get into the warmth of the pool. The air in the room had begun to chill, and the slightly steaming water looked very inviting.

Richter got in first, and held out his hand to Alucard. The halfling took it, and was yanked in unexpectedly. The ensuing splash soaked everything in the area, including the towels. Alucard broke the surface of the water, he'd been wrong, the water was neck high and a lot warmer than what had been in the buckets. "What the 'hell' did you do that for?" roared Alucard. Richter grinned, then broke into long gales of laughter. Alucard glared at him, and Richter laughed even more. "I fail to see what you find so amusing Belmont." replied the halfling gritting his teeth.

"It's just..." began Richter, only to be interrupted by some giggles. He took a deep breath and tried again. "It's just that, I've never heard you swear before." Alucard blinked, he wasn't even aware the vulgarity had slipped out. "oh" said the halfling in a small voice. Richter lifted Alucard's chin and stared into the twilight eyes. "You're so cute sometimes. It almost makes me wish I didn't have to punish you."

Alucard blinked, not certain he'd heard right. "What?" Richter gave him a smile that reminded him of the times they fought in the castle. Alucard shuddered, wondering if Richter was under another spell. "You didn't think I'd forget that little stunt you pulled in the tavern, did you Alucard?" The halfling shook his head, he hadn't expected Richter to forget, but he hadn't expected retribution after what they'd shared earlier either.

"The little dunking was just a start." whispered the hunter. Alucard started to back away, and Richter yanked him back again. "You're going to scream before the night is done Alucard." he whispered leaning closer to the demi-human. "And you're going to enjoy every second of it."


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