Okay, we're finally getting to the good stuff. Here's where it turns lemony. That means that you will get to see Richter and Alucard get it on. Which also means that you need to turn back if graphic depictions of male/male sex is not your thing, or the local laws forbid it.

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Alucard sighed as he entered the tiny village that served as Richter's hometown a few months later. He was hoping the hunter still wouldn't want to return here, that would make it the best place for him to go. It was a little more difficult to navigate without his fairy to scout the area and tell him where everything was, but he only had himself to blame. If he'd checked his things before he left she'd still be with him. He looked over some bread and cheese at one of the stalls. He really missed the convenience of meal cards, of course he'd never know what he'd be eating, but at least it would always be fresh. He couldn't put off eating any longer though, pretty soon his body would start demanding blood in place of food. If he ignored it he'd kill out of pure instinct, and he couldn't take the chance his prey might be human. A hand covered his own as they both reached for the same loaf of bread and he looked up at a very familiar face.

"Maria?" he whispered. It was her, but she looked so different, so haggard. She blinked a moment, "Alucard?" she whispered, then flung herself against his chest, "Oh Alucard! Please tell me...where is Richter?" The halfling shook his head, ashamed to admit he'd been dodging the man all this time. "I'm sorry, but I do not know my lady." Her face fell, and he knew she was about to cry. He pulled her into a secluded alley just as the tears began to flow. He awkwardly held her against his chest, he'd never had to deal with a crying woman before. At least...not one he was trying to comfort.

The tears quickly ran their course and Maria blushed over her lack of control. She hated tears, it made men loose all respect for her. Alucard didn't seem to have that patronizing 'ah it's just the foolishness of women' look on his face though. If anything he seemed a little uncomfortable. She sighed and pulled away. "So you have no idea where Richter is? He never found you?"

Alucard shook his head, he wasn't the type to lie. "No, we've met a few times since the castle fell. I have not seen him for a while however. I've actually been trying to avoid him." Maria bit her lip, and tried to control the wave of despair. "What is troubling you my lady?" asked Alucard. The young woman sighed and crooked a finger. "That is not a story I care to tell standing up. Please follow me." Alucard nodded and fell into step behind her.

Maria led him to a modest home two-story home far from the village in the deep woods. She nodded him inside and locked the door behind her, before sitting at a heavy marble table. Alucard noticed the air smelled of a Belmont. Maria lit a fire and told him, "This was Richter's home. He and my sister Annette lived here...." Alucard nodded, waiting for her to go on. "She....she didn't take the news that he had gone off to search for you very well. So, she gave the baby to our Aunt and left. I tried to explain, I tried to make her see...but..."

Maria sighed, "She wasn't willing to wait for him. She said she'd had enough of the whole fighting the demon hordes nonsense, and wanted to get as far away from Romania as possible. I never dreamed she felt that way. She boarded a ship for the New World, but it disappeared, we think she might be dead." The last was said with such a dreadful sense of despair Alucard couldn't help but take her hands in his. "It was her decision Maria, you could do nothing to stop her." Maria nodded and bit her lip, "I just need to tell Richter, I don't want him to come home and blame himself for driving her away. He's had it hard enough as it is."

Outside the window the fairy frowned, she wasn't able to see who the lady was talking to, but she knew she was dreading reporting what she did know. This sort of information could really hurt Richter, even drive him insane. Telling a master something he didn't want to hear was what had caused her to be trapped in a card in the first place. Every time a master died she'd return to the card until someone powerful enough to work the charm found it again, and controlled her again. She sighed, hoping the news would'nt make Richter too furious. She was beginning to like the hunter, he was a lot like her master. Strong, but kind. She could only hope he was as strong emotionally as he was physically.

Richter felt himself growing numb as the fairy repeated what she had heard. *Why can't I feel anything?* he thought. He searched for emotion, sadness, anger, guilt, something...but there was nothing but that numbness in his heart. *Why didn't you just tell me Annette? I would have let you go.* He stood up and began walking towards the house. He had spent the long months chasing Alucard trying to figure out what to say to her. How to explain the reason Shaft had been able to control him and why he wouldn't ever be returning to her. What was he supposed to do now? He couldn't help what he was, the Belmont blood was always intimately bonded to the very darkness they fought. It was impossible to ignore, and almost as hard to give up. He'd enjoyed the fight, that was all there was to it. The simple demons that inhabited these woods weren't even a challenge after the rigors of the castle.

He hesitated at the door, not sure what he was going to say to Maria. He was just about to turn away when the door opened. "MASTER!!" cried the fairy launching herself at Alucard. The half-vampire gave her an awkward hug, the difference in their body sizes making it look like he was clutching a doll. She sat on his shoulder and began playing with the long white hair. Alucard smiled, it was a gesture she would start anytime he sat still long enough. "It's good to see you again Fairie...Belmont." The vampire hunter nodded, still unable to find his voice.

Maria came up behind the halfling, then gasped. "Richter?" she breathed as she reached out and touched his chest, afraid to believe he was real. Solid warmth and strength lay beneath her hands. New tears came and she didn't bother trying to stop them. Richter reached up and held her hand, "I know Maria, Fairie told me everything." Maria stepped closer and looked into his eyes, "I'm so sorry Richter...I tried...I really did...I...." Richter shook his head. "I don't blame you Maria, or Annette. Perhaps this is my punishment for the sins I committed in that castle."

"I told you before Belmont, that was not your doing. Shaft was extremely powerful, you must not blame yourself." The other two looked at the halfling, surprised he had remained, and even more surprised he was talking without being prompted. Alucard looked into Richter's eyes. "I don't mean to sound cruel, but all know that your clan is called to fight the darkness anytime it rises. Annette knew it, so it was her own fault if she married you knowing she could not accept that. My mother...she did not agree with Father's old ways either...but she stayed by his side until the day she died. She loved him, and she told me that love makes all the difference." The halfling sighed, not certain the message was understood, but knowing he had to say it. Now that he had, there was no reason to remain.

He turned to go, only to be stopped by a hand on his shoulder. "Please stay Alucard." whispered Richter "The least I can do is offer you one night of hospitality after all you've done." The halfling met Belmont's gaze, and silently debated the wisdom of staying with a man who got more and more beautiful each time he saw him. The fairy sighed sensing that Alucard was thinking of refusing, so she did something she'd never had to do before. She preceded her master into the house. After all, her duty was to assist him, and make him realize when he needed to notice something. Alucard blinked and followed, still not certain it was a wise decision.

Maria sighed as he passed by and told them, "I'm afraid I can't stay gentleman, I need to return home before Auntie wonders where I am. I'll come by tomorrow, I'm sure you'll want to see your daughter after all this time." Richter nodded, at least that hadn't been taken from him. The two men wished her well, and stood in the doorway until she was out of site. Alucard jumped slightly when Richter closed the cumbersome metal door. It seemed to ring with the sort of finality one heard in the various traps of the castle. Richter smiled at him and indicated he should sit.

Alucard did so, watching as his fairy fluttered up to the top of the stairs and stretched out on the railing. Richter sat across from him and pulled out the last of his own meal cards, he dropped them on the table, and watched as the meal popped up. "A roast and cheese...I was hoping for something sweet." said Richter as he stood up to get a couple plates. He put a very nice set of china and some silverware in front of the halfling, before he turned to get some wine. Alucard wasn't patient enough to wait. He cut off some meat and began to tear into the food full speed.

Richter didn't comment. Instead he poured them both some wine, and began to nibble at the cheese. It appeared Alucard had been starving himself, because he ate half the meal without slowing down, then sat back. Richter nudged the rest of the meat towards him, and smiled when a subtle pink tint flowed across the porcelain complexion. "It's all right, I'm not very hungry. The wine and cheese will suffice." Alucard nodded as he lifted his own goblet and took a sip of the rich red liquid, sighing as it sent a welcome heat into his belly. He returned to the meal, eating with a little more refinement. The blush was still there though, he couldn't believe he'd eaten in such a crass manner. *I may as well have turned into a wolf and gulped it down, how embarassing.*

"Would you prefer to sleep upstairs or down?" asked Richter. Alucard paused with the last morsel of meat just in front of his mouth and lifted a slim eyebrow. "You are staying the night aren't you?" Alucard was nodding before he really thought about it. The fairy left her perch on the banister and hopped onto Richter's shoulder as he stood. Alucard blinked, it was interesting seeing what that looked like being on the outside looking in. "You two seem to be getting along quite well." remarked the halfling. The fairy giggled and began to put a small braid in Richter's hair. The brunette smiled, "How do you think I was able to track you?" Alucard shook his head, once again embarrassed. It should have been obvious. His fairy was extremely loyal, she would follow him anywhere.

"Now, about your sleeping arrangements..." began Richter. Alucard shook his head, "It matters not, put me where you wish me to be." Richter walked over to his guest, making the little lady on his shoulder fall off with a gasp. He stood before the halfling and looked down at those lovely features. He desperately wanted some companionship tonight, to have someone to hold on to, and this one was so very beautiful, so tempting. *Forgive me Annette, but I'm so very...hungry.* he thought, praying he would be forgiven.

"And if I want you to share my bed? What then Alucard?" The halfling blinked, he could smell Richter's arousal, so he knew he wasn't joking. Richter leaned over Alucard, and braced a hand on the back of the chair, brushing the knuckles of his other hand against one pale cheek. It caused Alucard's eyes to flutter closed. Alucard sighed, it was wrong, but he wanted this. Richter was asking him, the hunter was technically a widower, and he was a man so Alucard didn't have to worry about him getting pregnant. What were the chances that this sort of opportunity would come up again?

Richter leaned in until his lips were just a hairsbreadth from touching the demi-human's. "Well...Alucard?" The halfling met his gaze and whispered, "Then I would accept.", as he leaned forward, sealing their lips together. Richter sighed and deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue between the soft lips, enjoying the unique flavor of his companion. Alucard hesitantly pressed his tongue to the one teasing the roof of his mouth, feeling his blood start to boil. *All this from just a kiss!* His father hadn't been exaggerating, this was a heady experience, and he couldn't wait to see what the rest was like.

Richter pulled away and stared at Alucard's clothing. He pulled off the cloak, but was at a bit of a loss where to go from there. "You wear too many clothes my friend." he panted pulling at the lace cravat. Alucard shook his head pulled the hunter's hands away. "I will handle my garments, please...remove your own." Richter did so, but made certain to pay close attention to how Alucard disassembled the elaborate tuxedo. The hunter was able to work very quickly, his clothes were meant to be functional, not pretty (even though they were). He tossed aside the blue coat, listening as the silver buttons jingled musically against the floor. The simple white shirt was next, followed by his boots, and finally the breeches.

Alucard blinked, Richter didn't wear smallclothes, so he was standing there in all his glory. *And he is glorious.* thought Alucard. There was no doubting Richter was a warrior, not with that body. The muscles were tight and defined, covered by smooth supple skin that made Alucard think of apricots. The long hair hung over broad shoulders, and the halfling's fingers itched with the desire to bury themselves in the dark brown tresses.

Alucard felt a little inadequate, he was so slender in comparison. The halfling shook his head and finished removing his clothes. Vampires were relatively slim by nature, Richter would know that. So he stood in front of his companion, letting him look his fill. He gasped when Richter came up to him and slid a hand along his groin, fingers tangling in the silvery white hairs.

Richter smiled as Alucard's blush returned. "Mmmm, you're so lovely Alucard." he whispered as he dropped his hand to the hard length pulsing so tantalizingly close. "Ahh!" the cry erupted from the halfling as that hand began to stroke him. "Soo lovely..." whispered Richter as he dropped his head and pressed his lips against one delicate ear. Alucard panted, and began to thrust against Richter's hands, his hips moving with a with a will of their own. "I want to make you cry my name. I want to see you when you come. I want to taste it......" continued the vampire hunter as he began to lick the contours of the ear. Alucard hissed as the words and the tongue trailing along his ear made his head swim.

Richter started walking him towards the table. Once there he leaned forward, making Alucard fall back against the cool surface. "Moonlight on marble, that's what you are." murmured Richter, just before he lifted Alucard's hips and took the halfling's erection into his mouth. "Richter!" The hunter smiled at the cry, and decided to put everything he'd learned in that damned castle to good use. Thankfully, the sweet taste of Alucard's flesh made it a pleasure to do this.

Richter kept the head of the erection between his lips as his tongue snaked out to lap up the dew gathering at the tip. He made a low sound of pleasure, even Alucard's precum was sweet. He reluctantly released the member, long enough to whisper "Sweet as honey..." before he trailed his tongue from base to tip and back down again. Alucard bucked his hips, wanting the hunter to take him into his mouth as he had before. Richter slid up his hands to hold him still. "Patience, Alucard, you act as if you were a virgin." Alucard blushed furiously, then whispered. "I am."

Richter blinked as those two simple words completely changed his plans. He wasn't going to stop, that wasn't even an option, but he would have to be more gentle than he'd anticipated. *I won't be able to tease as much either...Damn! How did he manage to stay celibate so long?*

Alucard sighed as the silence stretched out, he'd been so close!! Now Richter was stopping, and all because he'd admitted the truth. *Of all the times to volunteer something....* He sighed and mentally shook his head. It was done, and he couldn't take it back. *At least I got a taste of what it's like.* he thought as he began to sit up.

Richter shoved him back down, and Alucard gasped as the wet heat of Richter's mouth once again took him in...all the way in. He watched as the hunter slowly swallowed his erection. The vampire moaned loudly and dug his nails into the surface of the table, feeling it crumble slightly under the pressure. It was so intense!! He felt something building within him, something that he wanted to hold off, but rush to all at once. Then Richter's teeth grazed him and it came bursting forth. Alucard screamed as his first real orgasm rocked his body, dimly aware Richter was swallowing what he gave as fast as it came flowing out.

Richter stood up as he drank down the last of Alucard's seed. It had a slightly bitter taste, but the sweetness that seemed to be intrinsic to the halfling was still there as an undercurrent. He pressed his lips to the demi-human's sharing the taste of his spent passion. Alucard groaned and returned the kiss enthusiastically, grinding his hips against Richter's, his erection still firm. "Ahh, Alucard...that feels so nice. Do you want me to make you feel nicer?" Alucard nodded, willing to try anything if it would repeat that experience. Richter called out "Fairie, would you bring me the blue bottle by the fireplace?" Alucard blinked, he'd forgotten his familiar was watching. *Well, it's too late for modesty now...*

The fairy fluttered over carrying a bottle that was almost as big as she was. Richter thanked her then pulled the cork as she returned to her perch on the railing. Alucard watched Richter pour some oil into his hands. The hunter warmed the liquid slightly by rubbing it between his palms, then spread it on the halfling's length. Alucard groaned and thrust against the hand that was lightly stroking him. It wasn't as nice as a mouth, but it did feel good. He made a low sound of frustration when Richter pulled away. He opened his eyes and saw Richter coating his fingers.

"Do you want me to take you Alucard, or would you prefer to enter me?" asked Richter. Alucard shuddered, either option made him hot with desire. "Take me first, so I'll know how to please you." whispered Alucard as he opened his legs. Richter nodded and pulled him towards the edge of the table, before he moved his hand to the halfling's entrance. "This may sting a little..." whispered Belmont. Alucard nodded, knowing that was to be expected. He felt the first finger trailing around the tight ring of muscle, before it plunged inside. It didn't really hurt, but then again it was only one digit. A second finger joined the first, it caused a small sting, but nothing too major. Richter scissored the two fingers apart, and Alucard grunted, that had actually hurt.

Richter began to open and close his fingers rhythmically, when Alucard started to relax, he slid in one more finger. It made the inner walls clamp down in protest. He waited until they once again loosened and began to search for the little area that should...."AHH!!" Alucard cried as he arched up, trying to increase the pleasure. Richter had touched something that made his body sing. He barely noticed the fourth finger that entered him, too focused on the new sensations to care. Richter continued to slide his fingers across Alucard's prostate, glad that part of his vampiric body reacted exactly the same as a human's.

Alucard whimpered when the hunter's fingers slipped out, it had felt so good, he wasn't ready for it to end. Then he saw Richter spreading some oil on his own erection. The hunter leaned over him, and the demi-human felt something very large, and very hard pressing at his entrance. Suddenly, it penetrated, making him hiss in pain. "Shh, only hurts more if you're tense." Alucard nodded and tried to think of how good this would feel once he got used to it. He felt the thick member slowly sliding in, and wondered dimly if he'd misjudged how large the hunter was. It felt twice as big as he remembered it looking.

Richter groaned as he finally got himself fully embedded in Alucard's heat. He looked down at where they were joined, and groaned louder. He wrapped the smooth milky legs around his hips, and once again took Alucard's erection into his hand. Belmont began to pump the length slowly as he gently rocked his hips against the demi-human. The pale white lips opened slightly, and Alucard began to whisper ancient words, that Richter somehow understood were meant to ask him for more.

Belmont slowly increased the pace, reveling in the pleasure that caused the other's wan skin to flush with color. This was bliss, and he thanked whatever god had made the halfling willing. Part of him wanted to stay like this all night, but another part was already anticipating being on the receiving end. Alucard was very impressive, and the way he moved his hips against the hunter's hand revealed he had more than enough strength and natural skill to satisfy.

Alucard let his head fall back and began to moan in earnest, it still hurt, but every stroke was hitting that magic area inside him. He started to sweat, as the heat inside his veins built up once again. That was an unusual occurrence, he hadn't sweated since he was a child. He began to wonder just why he was noticing such a ludicrous detail, but his mind seemed to short circuit as Richter began to thrust more aggressively. It felt so good, but it wasn't quite enough. Alucard tried altering the way his hips moved so he would meet the thrusts. The pleasure skyrocketed, and he bit his lip to keep from shouting at the wonder of it all.

The pair continued to move together, trying to get closer, harder, deeper before their climax came. Eventually, it simply got to be too much. Alucard went over the edge first, howling like his wolf form as he tumbled into the oblivion of pure sensation. Richter followed close behind, moaning Alucard's name as the hot tunnel of muscle began to milk him dry. He pulled the halfling against his chest as he fell back into a chair. He just didn't have the strength to stand any longer. They sat together a moment, still locked together, as their mutual shuddering slowly subsided.

Richter felt his spent member slip out of his companion and finally broke the silence. "Are you okay Alucard?" The halfling nodded, "Yes. At least, I think I am. I'm having a little trouble getting my thoughts in order." The brunette chuckled, "Is that your way of saying it was mind-blowing?" Alucard nodded again, he always had trouble with the vernacular. "Yes, that sounds appropriate. I do feel like something has exploded up there...not just down there." That made Richter laugh outright. "Has anyone ever told you how cute that formality of yours can be?" Alucard shook his head.

Richter smiled, and tilted the pale chin up so he could get another kiss. He meant for it to be gentle, but Alucard had learned from the first kiss and was returning the gesture with a fierce hunger he couldn't help but match. In a matter of minutes, Alucard was hard once more. Richter pulled his lips away and chuckled, "Your stamina is remarkable Alucard." Alucard smiled, "I have almost 400 years of unspent desire to work through." Richter let out a low whistle, "You're a better man than I am. I don't think I could last more than a month." Alucard replied, "I just want you to last long enough for me to try that on you." Richter smiled at the subtle joke, "Eager, aren't you?" Alucard nodded, "Very much so." he replied, as he began grinding his hips against Richter's.

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