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Kyo winced slightly at the fingers tangled in his hair as he slowly stood up with a soft growl.

The older Bogard smiled sadistically, "Deny him, Andy. Let him know the true frustration of a slave. Let him understand just what a master is." Terry pushed Kyo back against a support pillar and growled at him lowly, "Don't move from that spot. If you do, it will be much worse."

Kyo watched Andy crawl forward and settle down between his legs. The pale blonde gave him a smile that made the Kusangi's gut clench right before taking his cock between his lips and plunging down without preamble.

The feel of being taken so suddenly into that moist heat tore a cry from Kyo's throat. His fingers dug into the support bannister as his hips shifted forward. Andy chuckled, sending vibrations all along the length as he grabbed the other slave's hips and held them steady. *No moving for you, Kyo... my Niisan wants you tormented and that's precisely what I'll do.*

The older fighter leaned down to Kyo's ear, "This is your first lesson. A slave gets his pleasure at his master's convenience. Since Andy has been mine longer than you've been Iori's, Andy can show you just what it really means."

Kyo whimpered as Andy continued to simply hold him in his throat, only swallowing when necessary.

Iori leaned forward a bit. "I'm impressed Terry, his training is exceptional."

"I had to polish his training... I wasn't his first master." Terry ran his hand down Andy's back, "His original master taught him to love having the hard and fast treatment when it came to pleasure."

Andy moaned softly as he was stroked, and Kyo mirrored the sound as he was treated to another little glimpse of pleasure thanks to the vibration. Too bad those hands at his hips were driving him insane.

Iori rested his chin on his fingers. "A pity...one like yours should be savored. I certainly plan to savor my own."

Terry smiled, "I'm teaching him how to savor the sensations... Isn't that right, Andy-chan?" His voice was hot in the slave's ear. Gently, the older fighter reached around and began to stroke the hard length of his ototosan, "Aishiteru..."

Andy moaned again and slowly pulled back, until only the tip of Kyo's member remained between his lips. He let one hand fall from a hip to grip the member so he could whisper. "Aishite Niisan." before plunging back down again.

Kyo was too shocked at the obvious tenderness between the two to take the opportunity to buck forward.

Looking up at Kyo, Terry smiled, "Maybe someday, you'll be able to control that mouth of yours long enough get a few rewards, Kyo." He leaned down and licked his way up Andy's spine, "This one does..."

Iori noticed Kyo's obvious confusion and said "A good master cares for his slave Kyo, it can be a lifelong commitment."

"If a slave is good, it can be difficult to know just who the real master is," Terry said as his teeth nipped one of Andy's powerful shoulders.

Kyo was too busy enjoying the fact that Andy had begun to work his throat muscles in undulating waves to acknowledge either of these comments. The brunette's whimpers of pleasure were growing louder. It was so so good, but it wasn't quite enough.

One hand worked open his jeans and then Terry stroked his engorged member against Andy's ring, teasing his ototosan with slow circles, "Do you want this?"

Andy nodded and pulled back to lap away the new drops of dew at the tip of Kyo's cock. "Hai...take me please Niisan. Show him how you fuck me."

Carefully, the thick cock slid in to the tight channel and then stilled. Terry took a few breaths to let his brother adjust then began to slowly push in and out as he knelt on the floor behind his slave, "Like this, Andy-chan..."

Andy moaned lowly, "Oh yes Niisan...just like that." He took a quick breath and once again plunged down on Kyo's length, but this time he bobbed his head in time with his brother's thrusts.

Iori felt his groin throb as he watched the trio. He'd never seen anything quite so erotic. He flicked his gaze to Kyo's face, and smiled at the slight blush. *Still shy, Kyo-chan? I can't have that now...*

Kyo forgot all about trying to thrust as he watched Terry surging into Andy's body. He had a perfect vantage point and could see every inch as it disappeared and reappeared into that tight tunnel.

Iori could tell Kyo was fast approaching the edge, he'd have to work on his new pet's stamina. "Don't come Kyo...not yet...I'll punish you if you do."

Terry simply moaned as he continued to drive into the hot body under him. To see his little brother and slave sucking off the upstart of the KoF was almost as much of a turn on as Andy was in general.

Kyo's growl at Iori cut off into a moan when Andy deliberately moaned to vibrate his flesh. "Oh God...please...I can't take it..." The brunette's hands dug into the beam behind him in an effort to stop the inevitable. He had no doubts Iori would make good on his promise to punish if he let himself go, but oh how he wanted to.

With an evil grin, Terry gave a hard thrust so that Andy's mouth drove all the way down the erection he was suckling. The older Bogard knew that his ototosan's gag reflex could handle the sudden intrusion into his throat, "All... All of it, Andy..."

Andy nodded taking what remained of Kyo's cock into his throat in one smooth motion, swallowing it to the hilt. He could dimly hear wood splintering and knew it wouldn't be much longer. Guessing what Terry wanted he let the muscles in his throat quiver against the rod lodged within.

Kyo gritted his teeth doing his damnedest not to give in. "Onore!"

Pulling Kyo forward, Terry bruised his lips with a fierce kiss, "Your mouth... runneth over, slave-boy."

Kyo whimpered and returned the kiss hungrily, his body was screaming for his release, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Growling, Terry pinched a nipple roughly as he sank his teeth into Kyo's bottom lip, "Hold it back..."

Andy fingers slid up the brunette's thigh and toward his entrance. Finding the end of the object nestled inside it he began to slide it out, only to thrust it forward again. Kyo's sudden jerk caused Terry's teeth to tear into his lip, drawing a trickle of blood. The brunette's whimpering grew in volume. "Please...I need it....don't make me wait anymore."

"Iori," Terry grunted, "I think he's ready for you now. Taking him here will drive home who's boss..."

Iori was already up and moving. He stopped beside Kyo and licked away the tiny trail of blood. "You understand Kyo...if I give you what you want...you'll belong to me. Not just tonight but from here on out. Do you accept that?"

Kyo took a moment to answer and a few tears spill from the corners of his eyes as he nodded. "Hai...Iori-sama...."

"Then say it....Kyo."

The brunette whimpered and replied softly. "I'm your slave..."

Moaning, Terry drove deep into his ototosan, burying himself to the hilt, "Who am I, Andy?"

Andy pulled back to answer with a loud moan. "My Niisan, my master, the one who owns me mind, body, and soul!"

Iori chuckled, "Well Kyo?"

The younger Bogard was pulled up and moved closer to Kyo, "Once he answers, kiss him to help with some of the sting, Andy."

Kyo took a hitching breath, tears still falling, and silently kissed his old life good-bye. "I...I belong to you Iori-sama. My heart, my body, everything is yours now."

Andy gave him a serene smile and pressed his lips to Kyo's for a gentle kiss. "You see? It's not so hard....getting past your pride is the hardest part."

There was a sharp upward thrust into the submissive blond's cavity, "Cry out for me, Andy..."

Andy arched back with a sharp cry. "AHH!! Niisan!" He slammed his hips back, craving his own release.

Iori took the opportunity to slide behind Kyo's body. He nipped the skin of the brunette's throat lightly, reveling in the low moan it produced. "That's a good boy Kyo-chan... I'll turn you into an excellent pet."

The younger blonde was pulled back against Terry's chest, "I love you, Andy..." His hips worked against his brother, driving them higher and even more insane with pleasure, "Only you..."

Andy let his arm curl around Terry's neck as he managed to pant out. "Aishiteru Niisan, I always have, and I always will." He let out another loud moan of pleasure as he worked his inner muscles along his brother's pistoning member, wanting to give his master as much pleasure as he was receiving.

Kyo shivered as he was pulled into a similar postion against Iori's chest. He dimly noted he could feel bare skin, but he craved the contact too much to care when Iori had removed his shirt and jacket. He could feel his master's lips against his ear as he whispered. "You see Kyo? It's not just about control... If that was all I wanted I would have just taken it." Iori's had slid over his slave's thigh and down to the phallus buried inside him. Kyo let out a small gasp with each thrust of the dildo, his gaze locked on the brothers in front of him.

Reaching around, Terry took hold of his brother's neglected, lonely cock and began to pump it rhythmically. It was almost time for them to share the ultimate expression of their "forbidden" love. "Come for me, Andy-chan..." He wanted his beloved brother crying out for him with all the love that had been proven and professed, "... now, Andy..."

Andy drove back one last time, shouting his brother's name so loud even people at the bar turned around to look. "TERRY!!" His body grew as tight as a drawn bow before his seed flowed forth coating his lover's hand and splashing against Kyo's belly.

Kyo blinked a moment, a bit shocked at the intensity of Andy's orgasm. He could see the younger Bogard's entire body trembling with the force of his release. He felt a hand moving over his stomach and glanced down to see Iori running his fingers through the creamy fluid spalttered over his abdominals. The brunette watched transfixed as Iori lapped at the dew and smiled.

"Your slave is very sweet Terry." the flame-haired karateka said as he held the damp fingers up to Kyo's lips. "Don't you agree Kyo-chan?"

The older brother bucked his hips one final time and let loose his own release into the hot haven of Andy's body, "UGN!" Once he was spent, Terry wrapped his arms around his love and sat him down with him. "He's the sweetest... Aren't you, Andy?"

Andy chuckled and curled against Terry's body as he watched Kyo sucking Iori's fingers clean. "Mmm...almost as good as you Niisan. You'll always be my favorite."

Strong arms curled around the slave protectively, "What do you think about Andy's taste, Kyo-chan?"

Kyo finished cleaning away the last traces of Andy's offering with a slow lick. "Can I come now Iori-sama?"

Iori pulled the dildo most of the way out, leaving only the tip embedded. "Answer Kyo....or you stay like this even longer."

Kyo looked over at Andy and Terry, and replied with a sigh. "It is sweet. I'd take more if it were offered."

Iori looked at Kyo's face, and judged by the blush he was sincere. "That's the way Kyo-chan." He pulled the dildo free, ignoring Kyo's soft moan of protest. "Shh...you'll get your reward soon."

Terry held out his hand, which was still coated in his brother's essence, to the brunette, "Relax... It's not so bad, the first time...at least Iori's taking the time to prepare you well." With that, he kissed his brother's temple, but continued to hold his hand out for Kyo.

Kyo shivered as Iori hands moved over his body and began to lick Terry's hand like a puppy.

Terry's other hand trailed down Andy's chest, and he smiled at the way his eyes fluttered closed, "Never be ashamed of what you're becoming, Kyo... Just obey to the best of your abilities and you'll be a pet to be proud of."

The brunette nodded and even whimpered like a puppy as he was pulled into a kneeling postion. He felt Iori's cock at his ring and began to tremble in anticipation. When the red-head began to push forward it parted easily thanks to the careful preparation and Kyo pressed his cheek against Terry's hand as a low moan escaped his lips.

The older fighter leaned in and gave Kyo a gentle kiss, "How does it feel?" His other hand pinched the nipple of his own slave teasingly.

It took a moment for Kyo to answer. "Oh...God...it's...it's unbelievable." He let out another moan as he felt Iori's hips settle against his own. A small hiss filtered down to the brunette and he realized it had come from Andy, who was rapidly growing hard again.

"Niisan." the pale blond whispered as he let his head loll back onto Terry's shoulder.

"Yes, Andy?"

Iori closed his eyes, taking a moment to savor the feeling of Kyo's body spasaming around him. He'd never experienced one so hot and tight. The fact it was his Kyo-chan made it even better.

He gave Kyo a bit more time to adjust as he leaned forward and licked the back of the brunette's neck. He glanced up and saw Andy giving Terry a look that should have been angelic.

"I'm getting hungry again Niisan."

"I guess," Terry began huskily, "that you'd better find something to clean me off then." His lips caressed the blond slave's, "Or your hunger can wait."

Andy nodded and lifted off gracefully, before walking over to the bar completely unconcerned about his state of disarray.

Kyo saw him getting what appeared to be a washcloth, but then his vision went fuzzy as Iori gave him his first thrust. The brunette's head snapped back, a cry that was a cross between shock and pleasure bursting from his lips.

Long fingers brushed Kyo's forehead and cheeks, "Much better now, isn't it?"

Kyo nodded, a loud cry robbing him of coherent speeach. "GAH!" The brunette's fingers dug into the padded seat as another wave of pleasure rocked his body.

The older fighter continued to caress Kyo's face reassuringly, hoping it would help his shift into his new role in Iori's life. His most tender smile, however, went to his brother, "He reminds me a little bit of you, ototosan... All that pent up passion..."

Iori contiuned the slow and steady pace, taking care to aim each thrust at the spot that would give his pet the most pleasure.

Andy handed Terry the moist cloth and finger bowl he'd managed to retrieve. "I have many years to make up for Niisan....I should have given into my desires sooner."

"Saying that doesn't change it, Andy." Terry's voice was soft and gentle, "It's all worked out now... Why can't we be happy with that?"

Kyo seemed to hear all of this at a distance, his blood was humming with the burning desire for completion. Iori's rhythm was deliberate, giving enough to keep him on edge without pushing him off.

Andy kneeled down and put his head on Terry's lap. "I am happy Niisan, I didn't mean to make it seem as it I wasn't."

The older karateka's eyes were shining with love for his brother, "I know... I'm just happy that you chose me to be your master... And that you came back when you did." Terry smiled to take away the sting of the bad memories as his hand sifted through the spun gold of his uke's locks, "I won't ever stop loving you, Andy."

Iori glanced down at Kyo as the tender scene spun out. What would he do if Kyo ever tried to run? The flame-haired bassist pulled his pet up against his chest dragged his nails over Kyo's chisled stomach, smiling at the way it quivered. He'd just have to make the brunette feel so good he'd never want to leave. He glanced back at the Bogard brothers and saw Andy smiling up at Terry with glistening eyes.

"I know Niisan, and I'll never stop being your willing slave. I love you too much to be anything else."

Wiping away the tears, Terry smiled at his slave, "I know... I trust you. That makes all the difference, even if I haven't told you." He leaned down and kissed the soft lips of his brother.

Iori shifted his position a bit, sitting back and dragging Kyo with him. Hooking an arm under each knee he began to lift and drop Kyo onto his throbbing organ, reveling in the gasps and soft moans it produced, but hungering for more. His Kyo wasn't being very vocal....He looked at his face, saw the brunette biting his lip, and chuckled as he realized his pet was trying to hold out.

Terry noticed too, "Let it go, Kyo... There's no point in holding back. You've given yourself over to him....Let him know that you are enjoying what he's doing."

Iori nuzzled Kyo's throat. "Go on Kyo...you can come now." It was like opening a floodgate. Kyo's moans tripled in volume and he managed to wiggle his hips enticingly despite his awkward postion.

"AH AHH IORI!! More....harder....faster...fuck me...Fuck Me...FUCK ME!!!"

A bit shocked at the sudden change Iori did just that thrusting up into that tight heat like it was his last haven in a maelstrom.

The older blonde fighter's eyes went wide at the sudden shift and he shook his head, "Poor thing."

When the present position failed to satisfy Iori stood up, keeping himself expertly imbedded and tossed Kyo across the table. That seemed to be more to Kyo's liking. The Kusangi heir snapped his hips back driving himself down forcefully as Iori surged forward into his cavity.

"Looks like the feud's over," Terry chuckled to his brother as he stroked the pale gold hair, "Don't you think?"

Iori felt his own resolve crumbling away under his pet's new enthusiasm. He let instinct take over, growling like a caged beast as he slammed home with enough force to rock the table depite the fact it was bolted down.

Andy laughed a bit. "Oh yes....I think it is, but something tells me that table isn't going to last much longer."

"That was the same thing you said about the kitchen table, if memory serves," Terry laughed back. He couldn't hide the tender looks he was giving his slave, "Still hungry?"

Kyo felt his aching cock taken into Iori's large hand and let out a howl of ecstasy. One stroke....two...and his seed was spreading over the table, coating the surface in a flood of hot sticky fluid. The sudden vise-like grip of his inner muscles milked a similar fluid from his seme, and the Kyo shivered at the oddly pleasant sensation of being filled with Iori's essence.

Andy laughed again. "After a show like that? Who wouldn't be hungry?"

"You never bothered to clean me off, though," Terry reminded him.

Andy blushed for the second time that night.. "Gomen nasai Niisan, I guess I got caught up in the show." He took one last glance at the couple that was still draped over the now bent table panting softly. Smiling at the way they just seemed to fit, he picked up the cloth and dipped it into the water of the finger bowl before leaning in to lovingly cleanse his otosan's member.

"Don't let him go, Iori," Terry said lowly, trying to fight how his cock was beginning to rise again, "You won't find another one so perfect for you for a long time."

Iori lifted his head and gave the elder Bogard a possesive smile. "Oh I don't ever plan on letting him go. He's mine and he'll stay that way from this day forth. Isn't that right Kyo-chan?"

Kyo nodded and replied a bit breathlessly "Hai, Iori-sama."

Andy grinned and began to deliberately stroke his master in a way he knew would make him hard. "You're going to love being his pet Kyo. You're both too well suited not to."

"I'm sure Andy could help you, Kyo, if you want it," Terry offered as he took his brother's hands and removed the cloth from them, "He is one of the most sought after pets here." The older Bogard smiled at his slave, "Impatient?"

Kyo blushed a little bit, wondering how the younger Bogard could possibly help him with something like that. Andy meanwhile gave his niisan another of those seemingly angelic smiles. "For you? Always."

He was pulled up into his brother's lap, "Glad to hear it." Terry's hands began to tease at the strong body, "And Hauer said you were insatiable... What a wuss."

Andy laughed, "Well, at least now I know why he made me tease myself so much...and he did help us get together in an odd sort of way. I'm just glad I'm with you now Niisan."

"I just like watching you tease yourself," Terry almost purred into his ear.

Kyo blushed a bit more, feeling a bit embarassed he'd come into all this without so much as a blow-job under his belt.

"And I like it when you watch me Niisan." Andy hummed twirling a piece of Terry golden blonde hair.

"Something wrong, Kyo," Terry asked as he hauled his brother up into his lap.

Iori gently withdrew from Kyo's body and picked up the cloth Terry had set aside. He dipped it, wrung it out and began to clean away the fluid trickling down his pet's thighs. Kyo's cheeks burned even redder. He struggled to answer Terry's question without stammering. "I feel a bit out of my league...."

"That's why I offered Andy to show you what you need to know."

Kyo sighed a little as Iori finished cleaning him up and began on himself. "...I think I'll need it." the brunette replied, hating to admit this was something he couldn't do himself.

The older Bogard smiled and nuzzled his slave's neck, "Don't be ashamed... Everyone has to learn." His hands began to play with Andy's lonely cock, "Just don't be afraid to show how pleasure makes you feel - that's very important."

Andy shivered at the touch then reached out to run a gentle hand over Kyo's damp sable hair. "Niisan's right Kyo, we're all virgins once. You're a slave now, there is no need for shame. You'll learn...and eventually you'll be able to anticipate what Iori will want of you."

Terry nodded slowly, eyeing the side of his brother's neck and licking his lips, "It's actually easy to make guys like us happy... Right, Andy?"

Andy nodded and gave his brother a knowing smile tilting his head to give him easy access. "That's right...the main rule is obedience, which will be easier now that you've acknowleged Iori as your master. Just keep doing as he asks without question."

Kyo sighed and curled up on the bench, as he watched Iori return the cloth and bowl. "Obedience....got it."

Nibbling and biting, Terry left a few slight marks on the smooth flesh, "And don't hold back your responses... We love to hear those screams and gasps and moans." Every other word was punctuated by a soft bite to the side of Andy's neck, "Right?"

Andy hissed and panted softly. "Hai. Don't fake it though...Iori seems to be a considerate master. If you hate something, don't pretend to like it. He'll want an honest reaction."

Hands feathered up the insides of the quivering thighs, "Do go on, little slut." Terry's mouth stayed busy at the side of the strong neck.

Andy let out a low moan, and took a deep breath to get the next part out. "Don't be afraid to try new things. You never know when you'll find something that makes you shiver in delight."

Kyo bit his lip and nodded, feeling another bit of embarassment. He'd already been shown he was into things he never dreamed he would be.

Terry held one arm out for Kyo, "Come here." The other fighter seemed to need some comfort in the new storm that popped up. Kyo glanced at the bar and saw Iori was still there, but occupied trying to get a drink. He sighed and scooted over to Terry's side. The arm tightened around him, "I know you're confused right now... So was Andy at first, but it gets better as long as you don't fight it." His lips brushed the cheek of his brother briefly, "And... you've GOT to watch that mouth of yours."

Kyo opened his mouth, then shut it quickly. "I can't seem to help it....I don't even mean to say half the things that fly out." He absently rubbed his hip, remembering his spanking.

Terry smiled, that was a good start. His other hand was absently playing with Andy's hair, "If you don't love him yet, you will... And he will feel the same for you, if he doesn't already." Terry looked at the redhead by the bar, "I honestly think he does, though."

Andy snuggled against his brother. "I think so too." he said with a smile. "As long a you try to think about what you're going to say before you say it, you'll adjust faster than you think I made the mistake of talking before I thought once....It wasn't pleasant."

Kyo sighed a little. "It's just so new....I don't even know where to begin."

Terry's lips touched Kyo's temple, "You'll be fine. Just take it day by day."

Andy smiled and kissed the other one. "You can start by telling him thank you for the drink."

Kyo looked up to see Iori holding out a glass filled with amber liquid and ice cubes. He accepted it with a slight bow. "Arigato Iori-sama."

Iori smiled and ran a hand over Kyo's soft sable hair as his pet began to swallow the drink. *Mine!! He's finally admitted he's mine!* He could feel his blood humming with the knowledge and he couldn't wait to take Kyo back to his apartment and get to work driving that fact home.

* * *

Kyo stared out the window as Iori's car sped along the city streets. He was so lost in his thoughts that it took him a moment to realize they were heading out of the city. He sat up a little. He knew this area! This led to his home, his real home. Had Iori decided against keeping him? The brunette felt his heart sink at the very thought. *He can't just toss me aside after all that! He just can't!!*

There was no denying where they were headed though. Kyo stared up at his apartment building and had the sudden urge to scream.

"You have fifteen minutes Kyo. Gather what you want to keep with you and leave the rest. You won't be coming back."

Kyo let out a small gasp, then nodded. "Hai Iori-sama." He checked to make certain his coat was closed and got out of the car. Just before he shut the door, Iori spoke again.

"Oh...and I wouldn't bother with clothes Kyo-chan. You won't need them."

Kyo blushed at the implication and quickly ran up the stairs. He didn't have much time...

Ten minutes later Kyo stood staring at his room. It still looked very lived in, but he really didn't have that many things that couldn't be replaced. He'd packed his photo albums, his poetry, and his King of Fighters belt. The majority of his time after that had been spent in writing a note each to Yuki and Benimaru explaining what had happened. He'd never valued his flair with words more than he had at that moment.

He bit his lip as he set the envelopes in a prominent location and decided on impulse to pack two outfits despite what Iori had said, his former and current fighting regalia. That done, he tossed the bag over his shoulder and headed back downstairs.

Iori was waiting for him, leaning against the driver's side door. The red- head glanced at his watch and dropped his cigarrette, crushing it out with the heel of his boot. "Three minutes to spare...are you certain you have everything you want Kyo-chan?"

The brunette nodded, feeling a bit odd that most of his life could fit inside a single canvas bag. Iori smiled and tilted up his chin. "Then it's time to take you home."


A/N: This is where I stalled out many a moon ago. These two never really left my thoughts though, so I was eventually able to keep on going, even though more than three years had passed.