This is the fifth installment and it's a collab with Mish-chan. I just couldn't resist a chance to bring Terry and Andy back to help train Kyo. So that in mind...yaoi, group sex, kink and bondage will follow.

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Kyo fought the urge to dig in his heels as he was dragged towards the huge building. This was insane...it was bad enough he was humiliated in the privacy of Iori's apartment, but in public? He watched money exchanging hands with the doorman and then it was into the club.

Kyo stared openly at the interior of the converted warehouse. The majority of the space was taken up by a dance floor where bodies were writhing together in unmistakable reenactments of various sexual acts. Upon closer inspection he suddenly realized many of them really were doing those acts. In fact, one of those couples looked just like.... *No way!!! It can't be them*

Leaning down, Terry licked the side of his companion's neck as he held him tightly, soothing the red welt he'd left with his teeth. His loose hair fell over his shoulder, tantalizingly close to the lovely face, "Hmmm... You taste good tonight, Andy."

Andy let his arm curl over Terry's neck. "You taste good every night Niisan... will you allow me to taste you soon?"

Kyo blinked and rubbed his eyes as best he could with his bound hands. *It...it really is them...but why?*

Iori noticed his pet was staring at something out on the dance floor and followed his gaze. His eyes widened slightly before he smiled slightly. *Hmm, they do make a very attractive couple.*

"That will depend," Terry purred into his little uke's ear, "on how well behaved you are tonight, Andy-chan." His right hand rubbed over his ototosan's bulge, stroking and squeezing with light teasing pressure.

Kyo's jaw dropped in pure shock. *Oh...my...GOD!!* He looked at Iori who seemed mildly amused for some reason and gestured towards the Bogard brothers. "Th...them...they...but...they're...."

Iori chuckled. "What of it Kyo?"

Kyo gritted his teeth and dropped his hands. "How can you take it so lightly? Those are the Bogard brothers...and they're making out! I mean...." he trailed off, Iori's expression still hadn't changed.

Terry's eyes rose to find Kyo watching them and he smiled as he pressed his lips to Andy's ear, "Take a look near the door, little slave." His other hand slipped down into his brother's slacks and began to fondle the hard member nestled in golden curls, "Want to give him a show?"

Andy looked where directed and chuckled as he saw Kyo's shocked expression. "Hai... I'd love to."

Kyo stared at his 'master' a moment, then shook his head. "I should have known it wouldn't bother a hentai like you."

Iori shrugged. "They're grown men, they can do as they please. It's not as if they're blood relations."

Unbuttoning Andy's pants, the older Bogard drew them down off the narrow hips so that the hard cock was visible to everyone. Terry's fingers trailed over the tip, gathering the moisture there and then came up to his brother's lips, "Taste yourself, Andy... Find out how sweet you are."

Kyo noticed the pants being opened and turned back around just in time to see the younger Bogard licking his own juices off his brother's fingers. He felt a small twinge in his belly at the display, one that he recognized as desire once the shock faded.

Iori slid behind the brunette and whispered against his ear. "Do you like what you see Kyo-chan? Would you like me to invite them to play?"

Andy bucked his hips against his brother's hand, moaning lowly. "Mmm, I think he's enjoying the show Niisan."

Swift fingers unbuttoned the pale blonde's shirt and opened it wide, showing off the golden nipple clamps that Andy wore. Those same fingers flicked the heavy weights before moving up and wiggling the shells from side-to-side, "I think you are too, slut."

Andy moaned again then chuckled. "I do love to entertain..."

Kyo blushed and tore his gaze away from the enticing site. "I'm not into that sort of stuff...the only reason I'm even here is because you dragged me you baka." He regretted the words before they even finished tumbling off his lips. *Kuso!! Why can't I keep my big mouth shut!*

The older karateka nudged his younger brother in their direction, "Let's be polite and go say 'Hi." He bit Andy's shoulder hard, "But don't you dare cover yourself..." Andy nodded, pausing only to fasten the button so he wouldn't trip over the pants if they slid down.

Iori nodded to Terry over Kyo's shoulder, but then he heard the last part of his slave's little comment. "Hmm 'baka' is it? You seem to enjoy invoking my anger Kyo..." He dragged his disobedient charge towards an empty table. Kyo gagged again, he was really starting to hate that collar. His breath came out in a whoosh as he was forced belly-down over the round surface. "Don't move a muscle Kyo, or I'll make it worse on you."

"Looks like Kyo has gotten himself in trouble," Terry observed with an evil grin. He flicked his tongue over Andy's ear, "Go get that bag I brought with us, slut." With that, he gave his brother's ass a slap to help him get moving.

Andy grinned as well and quickly left to retrieve the requested item. It was roughly the size of a gym bag, and he could feel items shifting inside it, but he had no idea what it might contain.

Meanwhile, Terry approached the other pair, "Not very well trained yet?"

Iori lifted one red brow and chuckled as he yanked Kyo's bound hands over his head by the chain of the handcuffs. "Yes, Kyo-chan is quite disobedient. He's about to be punished for his disrespect, aren't you naughty boy?" Kyo's skin flushed but he managed not to growl out what he was thinking.

"Andy learned his lesson in that regard," Terry said and leaned down to Kyo's face, "You should know better, Kyo-chan. Good slaves do as they're told without any lip." He stood back up as his own little uke returned, "I need to give my own another good taste of humiliation... Want to combine our efforts?"

Iori slid a knee between his captive's legs and dug his fingers into the latex across his back, peeling it off in one large sheet. "It could prove quite...amusing." Iori said as he continued to pull away the rubbery material.

Both Andy and Kyo shivered at the exchange, but for totally different reasons.

The smooth back of the Kusanagi heir was slowly revealed to Terry's hungry eyes, "Nice choice..." He turned to Andy and stroked the side of his slave's face, "Undress, little slut... Show everyone how perfect you are."

Andy shrugged off his shirt and folded it quickly, before undoing the button of his pants. He let out a soft moan as he bent to remove the slacks, and the weights on his nipple clamps were sent dancing. He stood up again and put the pants on top of his shirt, before turning to watch Iori finish 'undressing' Kyo.

Iori gave Andy an appreciative glance as the toned body was fully revealed. "You have excellent tastes as well." he said with a smile as he flipped Kyo over to get the last traces of latex covering the brunette's chest.

Unzipping the bag, Terry dug around its contents for a few moments before finally settling on something, "How bad do you want to torture him?"

Kyo felt his cheeks burn as Iori laugh rumbled deeply in his throat. He'd never expected a little wager to get so out of hand. "I think Kyo needs to get accustomed to being used. I'm going to give the crowd a chance at him. Virgins are quite the treat... but only I get to enter him." Iori let his eyes rake over his new toy's body. "Otherwise it's open season as long as he's not permanently scarred."

The familiar sound of Andy's leash being secured to his collar was heard and the older Bogard smiled, "I have the same rules for my toy." Terry leaned down and blew softly against Kyo's organ, "Andy, straddle yourself and show the unruly slave what you learned about pleasuring yourself."

"But you can't come," Terry warned lowly, "There will be dire punishments if you do." He left the threat hanging.

Kyo blanched. "Now HOLD ON!!! I agreed to do what you told me Iori, not an entire club!!"

Iori slashed the end of the leash over Kyo's chest, as he reached down and pressed his fingers against the dildo that had been hidden beneath his pet's thong. Kyo hissed even as he arched into the blow. "Behave Kyo-chan....it's rude to refuse such a generous offer." He turned to the Bogards, "He's ready now."

Andy slowly crawled over Kyo's body and straddled the brunette's chest. "You'll learn to love it..." he whispered soothingly.

Terry sat down in the booth and ordered drinks for both himself and Iori, "Tell him about the things you love, Andy... Make sure to go into lots of detail, too."

Kyo wanted to tear his gaze away as the younger Bogard began to stroke himself. He really did but.....

"I love it when my Niisan humiliates me. When he makes me taste my own juices..." Andy ran his fingers through the fluid dripping from his cock and lapped them up. "I love it when he brings me here and shoves his thick cock up my ass where everyone can see."

Kyo blushed even more at those words.

"Show Kyo how sweet you taste, Andy," the slave was commanded just before Terry took a sip of his whiskey.

Iori chuckled and swirled his drink. "You do have him well trained don't you?"

Andy wiped his fingers through the fluid once more and held them up to Kyo's lips. The brunette pursed his lips...This wasn't part of the agreement...he wasn't going to...

"Do it Kyo." Iori rumbled, eyes narrowed.

Kyo whimpered and opened his mouth, sucking away the sticky precum. Andy smiled at him. "See...it's not so bad."

"Good boy, Kyo," Terry said as he leaned forward and stroked the slave-in- training's forehead, "You're learning... Give him more, Andy."

Andy scooted forward a little tracing Kyo's lips with his throbbing organ. The brunette blushed furiously and opened his mouth to give it access with an almost pained whimper.

The older Bogard studied the scene intently, "You seem to have him fairly well cowed... despite his mouth."

Iori leaned back and took a sip of his drink, smiling as Andy let his head loll back and began thrusting lightly. "Hmm, he thinks he'll be free after a day." Another chuckle. "He has no idea he's mine already."

"Don't go lax with him - he'll run." Terry winced at the memory of his little ototosan disappearing to find a new master, "Will you allow someone to stroke him inside with their fingers?" He asked this as he looked at Iori.

Iori considered it a moment, he wanted to claim his Kyo-chan's virginity, but he didn't see the harm in the request. "I could allow that, but you'll have to remove my little gift first."

"Good," Terry purred, "Andy loves to torture other ukes." He watched his slave as he began to thrust a little more enthusiastically into Kyo's whimpering maw.

Kyo slowly found himself getting into the fact his mouth was being fucked. Andy did taste good, not as good as Iori, but.... *Kuso!! Did I just admit I liked swallowing Iori's come?*

"Stop, Andy."

Andy ceased his thrusting immediately, his breathing ragged.

"Tell me what you want to do to him now," Terry asked his poor slave, "What does your perverted mind think would do him the most good?"

"He needs to feel a little pain, so he can know how good it can be." Andy answered smiling down at Kyo. The brunette shivered again, Andy had always seemed like such a peaceful soul, fierce at times, but ultimately innocent. Where had such a lustful gaze come from?

One of Terry's hands opened, revealing a second pair of the tormenting nipple clamps, "Do you think these will help serve that purpose?"

Andy nodded enthusiastically reaching for the familiar toy, even as Kyo's lips worked silently. *Oh God! Ohgodohgodohgod!*

"Be still Kyo." Iori said giving his pet a sidelong glance.

Kyo bit his lip and forced himself to relax slightly. He moaned as one of his nipples was twisted roughly. "Do you like that Kyo?" Andy whispered.

Terry leaned over towards his redheaded companion, "Andy has the most amazing mouth... His blowjobs are mind-blowing."

Iori smiled, "Does he now? I'm still teaching Kyo...but he's quite skilled for a beginner. Would you care to trade for a moment?"

During the exchange Andy had clamped the nipple he'd twisted, and was working on it's twin. Twisting it almost cruelly.

With a grin, Terry handed Iori the leash he held, "Sure, but I'd like for Kyo to come off the table for it... He needs to get used to being on his knees." The twinkle in the older Bogard's eyes spoke volumes of what he'd learned in keeping his little uke behaved.

Iori chuckled and quickly removed the handcuffs, then held out his pet's chain as well. "You heard the man Kyo...on your knees." he gave a slight tug on the new leash. "Give him a bit of room Andy-chan." Andy finished attaching the last clamp and abandoned his perch on the brunette's chest. He immediately knelt at Iori's side and smiled up at his temporary master.

The tug on Kyo's leash was much more firm, "Get down from there - *now*." Terry's voice held no room for arguments.

Kyo almost fell off the table as he moved to follow the order. *It was just supposed to be with Iori...why is he making me do this?* his shoulders shook slightly as he knelt in front of Terry. From the corner of his eyes he could see Andy was already unzipping Iori's pants and removing the flesh within. He looked back up at Terry, apprehension clear in his eyes.

Terry leaned forward a little, looking right into those dark eyes, "You're a slave, Kyo. You exist to serve your master's every will, whim, and wish. Eventually, you'll learn to anticipate them, like Andy does for me." His strong hand went around the back of the youth's neck, "Unzip my jeans and get started."

Kyo shook his head. "No...it...it was just a bet. It wasn't supposed to go this far...it...."

"Really? Then why did you listen when he told you to do with Andy?" Terry gave another tug on the leash, "You could have fought him, Kyo, if you didn't really want this... Now, get to work and suck me off."

Kyo's breath hitched, hadn't he been thinking exactly the same thing? He swallowed back his fear and reached up to unzip Terry's jeans, his skin burning with embarrassment and an odd sort of anticipation.

Iori's fingers dug into the back of the booth, as Andy swooped down on his erection. Terry had said his brother was talented, but sweet heaven!! Then he heard Kyo stammering even more denials. He was about to growl out another order, but it appeared Terry already had the matter well in hand.

"That's better," Terry said soothingly and let his eyes stray to where Andy worked on Iori, "If you model yourself after my toy, you won't be so lost, Kyo."

Andy let Iori's cock slide partially out of his throat so he could greedily suck away the fluid that had gathered at the tip. He reveled in the low moans this coaxed from the normally stoic fighter. He trailed his tongue along the thick cock, tracing the veins, before plunging back down.

Kyo watched on a moment. *My god!! How can he just swallow it all like that?* He looked down at Terry's cock, it wasn't nearly as thick as Iori's but it was definitely longer. *Kuso! How do I even start?* The brunette sighed and settled on licking it like an ice cream cone.

"Take it into your mouth, Kyo," Terry demanded harshly, not impressed with how this was starting out.

Kyo took a deep breath and did so. He took in the tip and swirled his tongue over it a few times before he began to move down. He let his tongue lead the way circling each inch of Terry's cock before it was taken into the moist heat of his mouth.

That was much better and the older Bogard settled back in the seat to enjoy the improvement in the blow he was getting, "Yes... much better..."

Encouraged, Kyo began to bob his head, sliding his hand over what he couldn't handle. His other hand came up to massage the soft sack below the firm length.

Iori was finding it harder and harder to keep up his impassive facade as Andy swallowed his cock and moaned loudly, vibrating the turgid flesh. He gave in with a roar and began thrusting forward, amazed at how easily the pale blonde adapted.

The strong hand at the back of Kyo's neck began to sift through his dark hair, "Mmmm... Very good... for a beginner..." Kyo pulled back up with the barest scrape of teeth and sucked away the sweet nectar his ministrations had produced, before fluttering his tongue along the slit.

Iori was getting closer and closer to his own release. The feeling of that amazing mouth combined with watching Kyo sucking off Terry was wreaking havoc with his control.

"Need to get past your gag-reflex, Kyo," Terry moaned lowly, "Then you'll really please your master..."

Kyo thought about it a moment, then suddenly slammed forward, suppressing the urge to gag by a mixture of shock and pure stubbornness. His eyes watered slightly as he forced himself to stay down, nose buried in the soft golden curls of Terry's groin.

Seeing that did it for Iori, who drove forward one final time and filled Andy's mouth with his liquid desire. Andy swallowed deeply, and sat back, letting the flame-haired karateka watch him lick away the last traces of his offering with a smile.

Hips pitching up a little, Terry's hand tightened on the back of Kyo's head as he let loose a primal cry, "AHHHHH!" This was much more to his liking...

Andy lay his head on Iori's thigh, sighing as he felt a hand begin running over his hair. He smiled and nuzzled the leather clad leg as he watched Terry receive his own blow job. He made a metal note to tell Kyo a few tips before they parted ways.

It was too much for the older Bogard; his control vanished as both of his hands went into the short, dark hair and held it still. He fucked Kyo's mouth, unable to stop himself from it all, "Oh, yes!"

Kyo moaned slightly and just let it happen, swallowing every few moments on reflex rather than design. It was actually a bit of a turn on to know he was capable of it now.

Finally, Terry came with a shout, his seed pouring into the hot cavity as he held tight to the sides of the young fighter's head, "OH FUCK!!!"

Iori continued to sift Andy's silken hair through his fingers as he watched Kyo's throat working frantically to swallow the elder Bogard's essence. He was a little jealous the golden-haired karateka had been the first to experience his pet's throat, but he still had claim on the main prize and that was enough. Besides...he smiled down at Andy. He'd gotten the best blow job of his life in return. Now all he had to do was train Kyo to do the same.

The golden blonde fighter's arms fell bonelessly to his sides, "God... I love that..." His eyes flicked over to Andy, "How did he taste?"

Andy looked up at Iori. "Sweet, smoky, quite good actually." Then he swung his head toward Kyo. "What did you think of my Niisan, Kyo-san? He's quite tasty, neh?"

Kyo blushed and nodded, not really trusting what might fly out of his mouth at the moment.

With a contented sigh, Terry handed back Kyo's leash, "Once he learns, I think you won't have any complaints. The stubborn ones make the best slaves... Isn't that right, Andy?"

The paler blonde nodded with a slight blush over the reminder of his past indiscretion. "Hai, Niisan..." he replied as his leash was given back to his master as well. He bit his lip as his groin piped up a reminder of its condition. "Are we going to play anymore?"

Terry chuckled at his toy's obvious discomfort, "Kyo... I like seeing Andy writhe in sweet agony... Be a good boy and do something for him."

Kyo nodded and began to crawl over to Andy, he wasn't really certain what they wanted him to do, but he'd give it a go. He let out a little gasp as he realized exactly what those weights on his chest were capable of when his sudden shift in position sent them spinning. He smiled a little, that gave him an idea...

He pulled the young Bogard over to a free section of the booth and leaned him against it. Andy watched the dark head duck down to suckle at his chest gasping as it was combined with a sharp tug on the nipple clamps. Kusangi was certainly a quick learner!

Slamming his drink back, Terry grinned, "See? You're learning already, Kyo- chan... Make him scream for it."

Iori smiled and propped his ankle on his knee, not at all concerned he was still open for the whole world to see. "Hmm, the clamps are a nice touch....I'll have to get a set for him."

Kyo grinned around a nipple and began to lick his way over to it's twin. He gave another tug on the chain at the exact same moment he took it between his lips. Andy moaned and arched forward, running his fingers over the brunette's chest.

Kyo let out a small gasp when he felt the weights on his own nipples flicked into motion. Andy chuckled and flipped them both over. On top once more he began rocking his hips forward, grinding their erections together.

Terry let out a smile and sipped his drink, "Isn't a collared Andy beautiful?

Iori nodded, laughing at how quickly Kyo had lost control. "Quite enticing."

Reaching down, Terry ran his fingers through his slave's pale gold tresses, letting one finger trace the outer lobe of Andy's ear, "And he's so well behaved... Especially now that he knows *who* his master is."

Andy let out a small purr of contentment as he let his hands roam over the skin of Kyo's chest, and nuzzled his master's hand. Kyo stared at the display, moaning softly at the feel of Andy's cock against his own. *Am I going to end up like that?*

Terry leaned down and looked into Kyo's eyes, "Watch how he behaves. Andy is perfection, Kyo. He never hesitates to do his best to please me and my pleasure is his pleasure. He gets his reward at my leisure and he knows it."

Iori smiled at the way Kyo's eyes grew a little darker as he fought to keep his tongue. *Five....four....three...two....*

"I'm not like that!" the brunette shouted.

"May I," Terry asked Iori seriously. His hand went into the short dark hair and he roughly tilted Kyo's head back.

"Feel free." Iori chuckled, loving the way Kyo looked trying to battle his own desire.

Blue eyes shot down to Kyo, "You're out of line. Now, get up!"

Andy moved aside quickly to allow the brunette movement and curled up near his brother's side. *Oh my...he's even more stubborn than I was.*

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