A Little Wager

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Iori growled a little and slammed Kyo up against the wall before slanting his lips over the brunette's in a hard, hungry kiss. Kyo could do nothing but moan into it as his mouth was all but devoured. He'd never experienced a kiss quite so...violent. It was hot, it was passionate, it was one hundred percent Iori.

Kyo let his tongue tangle with the bassist's, giving as good as he got as his nails raked their way over Iori's back. Iori responded by grabbing Kyo's ass in his hands, giving the firm globes a rough grope before he hauled the brunette off his feet.

Kyo automatically wrapped his legs around Iori's hips, moaning a little louder as his bare legs slid against Iori's leather-covered ass. There was something incredibly erotic about the sensation of his skin sliding over the dark red material, not that he would ever admit it.

Iori broke the kiss a moment later, sucking in a harsh breath as he stared into Kyo's eyes. “Mine.”

“Yours.” Kyo agreed a bit breathlessly before he tightened his legs and yanked open the red-head's shirt. A couple buttons popped off and went skittering across the floor to land somewhere near the bed. Kyo mentally winced a bit at the damage, but the way Iori simply growled then attacked his throat made him pretty certain that collateral damage to his clothes was the last thing on his lover's mind.

Iori licked and nibbled at the smooth column of Kyo's throat, before he sucked hard on the patch of skin just below the collar. Kyo let out a sexy little mewl at the attention and the sound went straight to Iori's groin. He stepped back and peeled the trench coat off Kyo's body, leaving the fighter naked save the collar and his underwear.

The material was new enough to surround them with the scent of leather as it pooled at their feet and Iori made a mental note to take Kyo shopping for more...provided they ever got out of the bedroom.

Kyo blushed a little as Iori placed him on the bed then took a moment to simply look at him. Something about having such a smoldering look aimed his way just seemed to send the blood rushing to his cheeks...not to mention other areas.

Iori smirked a little as he watched Kyo's manhood stir to life under the tiny briefs he'd provided earlier. “Still getting hard after all that? You really are a hungry little slut, aren't you?”

Kyo grunted and averted his gaze. It still wasn't easy to admit just how easily Iori seemed to invoke his lust. The redhead let out a dark, little chuckle and hooked a finger under one side of the briefs. A quick tug was all it took to part the velcro holding it together. The material snapped away, revealing Kyo's entire hip and a small part of his erection.

Kyo sucked in a sharp breath and automatically tried to cover himself. Even after all that had happened, it was simple instinct.

Iori let out a tsking sound and trapped Kyo's hands in his own. “Ah, ah...Kyo-chan. I want to look at my new pet.”

>Kyo made a tiny sound of dissent, but obediently stilled, looking up at Iori from under his lashes.

Iori smiled and tugged open the other side of the briefs before he tossed the garment over his shoulder and let his gaze rake over Kyo's body. It never got old. He simply couldn't get enough of looking at Kyo. All smooth planes and hard muscle, the karateka was just built to to be lusted after.

Kyo bit his lip, fighting the urge to squirm under that intense scrutiny as his blush intensified. Somehow, that only seemed to make Iori's gaze heat up even more.

“You're beautiful.” Iori murmured as he touched his fingers to the side of Kyo's throat, then slowly trailed them down along the brunette's torso. Kyo shivered at the touch and arched into the attention, a low sound of need echoing in his chest.

“Do you have any idea how long I've wanted you?” Iori murmured as his fingers slid lower, brushing over the newly shaven skin at Kyo's crotch. The skin there was of a slightly lighter hue and baby soft without pubes getting in the way. Iori traced the area with something akin to fascination and decided there and then that he'd be keeping Kyo shaved for a good long time.

Kyo began to squirm a little as Iori continued with the light caresses and heavy staring. This was so unlike what he'd been expecting after that hard and hungry kiss. *Our first kiss.* Kyo thought to himself, and felt his cheeks flush even more as it sunk in that he'd sucked off not one, but three men, not to mention being shaved, coated in latex, and paraded around a club in nothing but a collar and he'd only just now gotten a kiss from his new master. *Oh God...I'm a pervert. It's not even a full day and he's turned me into a total pervert*

Iori smiled a bit. He could all but hear the wheels clicking in Kyo's head, and wanted to put a stop to it before the brunette mentally talked himself into a panic. If the man was too tense, what he had in mind next could very well send Kyo into lower orbit. So, he leaned forward and once again caught Kyo's lips with his own.

Whatever thoughts Kyo had going at the moment flew out the window at the first press of Iori's lips against his own. He let out a throaty moan and kissed back, letting his fingers slide into the bassist's blood red hair to drag him even closer. *Mine* Kyo thought to himself in the back of his mind. He might be Iori's love slave now, but that also meant that Iori was his Master. They belonged to each other.

Iori reluctantly broke the kiss and pulled away. “Put a pillow under your head and lay back, Kyo. I need to get a few things.”

Kyo swallowed a growl of frustration and nodded before moving to do as told. “Hai, Iori-sama.”

Iori shivered a little as he padded over to his dresser. Now that the walls had been torn down, Kyo seemed to have no qualms about letting his hunger show. It wasn't deliberately seductive, just honest, but that's what made it so hot. The bassist quickly pulled a pair soft velvet pouches and a tube of surgical lubricant from the drawer before he returned to the bed to spread them out. From there it was a trip to the closet, and finally one to the bathroom.

When he was finally done, the entire foot of the bed was covered in a variety of items, both familiar and completely alien. Kyo looked them over with a little bit of trepidation. He recognized the leather cuffs, although these were larger than the pair they'd used earlier, and of course the label on the tube of lube made it very clear what it was. Even the little syringe used to squirt the lube into small areas was vaguely familiar, but what was with all the little silver rods that were revealed when Iori had opened one of the pouches? They were long and slender with a slight curve at the tip. They almost reminded him of a crochet hook, but the end was longer, more tapered.

He definitely recognized the tuning fork however, and the fact the end was curved with a ball tip instead of round with a flat tip made him fairly certain just what IT was meant for. Kyo bit his lip at just the thought of it. He'd taken part in tonal therapy a few times to relieve the aches and pains of being a fighter, but he'd never had that applied to something inside his body.

Have you ever heard of sounding, Kyo?”

Kyo blinked and ripped his gaze away from all the toys and such. “Eto...”

Iori smiled a little and picked up one of the cuffs. He gently buckled it in place around Kyo's thigh, a couple inches above the knee as he continued to speak. “It's okay to say no, Kyo. It's not a common fetish, but it's one you're about to experience.”

Kyo blushed a little. “This isn't going to get too kinky. Is it? I mean, I know you like to play but--” The brunette cut himself off and averted his gaze with a tiny flinch, as if afraid he was about to get spanked again.

Iori ran a soothing hand along Kyo's inner thigh before attaching the second cuff. It seemed Kyo was taking his earlier lessons to heart and doing his best not to openly insult him. Still, he didn't want there to be fear between them, at least not TOO much fear. “Kinky is an extremely relative term, Kyo-chan. Some people would consider something as simple as oral sex kinky. When to a lot of societies it's odd not to include it.”

Kyo relaxed a bit when it seemed Iori had treated his question as just that, a question, and turned his gaze back to Iori's. “Knowing me the way you do, what do you think I would say?”

Iori let out a sinister kind of chuckle and leaned over the side of the bed to lock the chains dangling from the cuff to a cleverly disguised D-ring at the base of the bed. “I'd say, you'll be glad I'm tying you down once we start.”

Kyo blushed scarlet at that, too taken aback to so much as jump before Iori had both legs secured to the bed. He let out a small squeak of surprise and tried to close his legs, only to find they were securely splayed, with just enough give to let them lie flat, but not actually close. “I-Iori?!”

Iori just smiled and held up the cuffs from earlier in the evening.

Kyo scowled a moment, before he turned his gaze away petulantly and held out his hands. Iori once again buckled the leather cuffs over his pet's wrists, then bound them to the headboard before sitting back a bit to once again look his fill. He'd meant for them to end up in bed much sooner, but Kyo's little outbursts had derailed those plans. Still, the fact Kyo had responded so well at the club also meant he could go much faster through the brunette's training than he'd anticipated. He'd been certain it would take him days, possibly even weeks to get as far as they had. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that for all his fire, Kyo truly was a sub at heart. Not that Iori doubted for one moment that his pretty pet could have flattened them all if they'd truly done something that went over the line. Kyo just hadn't been truly aware of where those lines were until Iori had set about testing them.

“I take it sounding has something to do with the tuning fork?”

Iori blinked, he hadn't expected Kyo to speak just yet. He lifted his gaze to the brunette's and shook his head. “Iie. Although I could see how you'd think it would. The tuning fork for is for after I'm done with the sounding. A little treat for behaving...if you behave.”

“I think I've had enough spankings for one night, thank you.” Kyo muttered.

“Even though they turn you on like they do?” Iori teased as he picked up lube and the syringe.

Kyo blanched. “Th-that's not...I'm not...it's your fault you know! I would never react that way if it weren't you doing it!”

Iori smiled as he pulled down the plunger on the syringe, filling it with the lubricant. “I'm flattered.”

“Gyaaah! That wasn't supposed to be a compliment!” Kyo shouted.

“But it was, wasn't it?” Iori asked before he pressed a kiss to Kyo's cheek.

Kyo just growled before he opened his legs a bit more, assuming the lube was destined for his ass. He'd definitely learned his lesson in that regard. The more lube, the better. So, he was utterly shocked when Iori wrapped one hand around his cock then slid the tip of the syringe into the hole of his penis. “Wait a minute! What the hell are you doing?! That doesn't go--”

The rest was cut off with a sharp hiss when Iori plunged the contents of the tube into his now semi-rigid shaft. He could literally 'feel' the gel as it forced its way through his urethra. Kyo squeezed his eyes shut at the unusual sensation. It didn't hurt per se, it was just such an alien sensation that he wasn't sure what to think of it.

Iori gave Kyo's shaft a few light pumps to help ease any discomfort as well as to spread the lube along his inner walls. Satisfied that he'd used enough to begin, Iori eyed the size of Kyo's hole critically before he donned a pair of latex gloves. He snapped the plastic against one wrist, effectively bringing Kyo's full attention back to him as he lifted one of those little silver rods.

“This, is called a Van Buren sound.” Iori told him as he held it up for Kyo to see. “It's medical grade...and takes a practiced hand to use. Luckily for you, I've had practice.”

Kyo blushed, not sure he even wanted to ask just how the hell Iori got said practice.

“Do you want to guess what it does?” Iori asked.

Kyo eyed the probe warily, then shook his head vehemently.

Iori chuckled and touched the tip of the probe's j-curve to the head of Kyo's cock. “Well, I'll tell you. It's meant to spread the urethra, but a nice little side effect is that it can slide in deep enough to stimulate your prostate as well.”

Kyo thought about that magic little bundle of nerves buried deep in his ass and blanched. Iori expected to shove something deep enough through his cock to reach that?! “There's no way in hell that that's going to work!”

“Oh, but I can assure you it does.” Iori said as he held Kyo's cock straight up and gently inserted the rod into his slit. “But you're going to have to relax to let it do its job.”

Kyo grit his teeth, certain he was about to be in for a world of pain, but he did his best to do as told and relax. His breathing became a bit harsh as Iori applied a bit of gentle pressure, and then suddenly the rod was sliding through his cock, much more smoothly than he'd expected. It stung a little at first, but not nearly as much as it had to have things shoved up his ass. And the stinging faded a lot more quickly as well.

Iori pumped the rod a few times, then hummed. “Seems you can take a bit more than I expected.”

Kyo clenched his fists as Iori slowly slid the rod out of his cock. The feelings it created were indescribable, but he could already tell he wouldn't mind more. Iori set the used sound aside and ran his fingers along those remaining in the set, settling on one a couple sizes up. The difference was imperceptible to the naked eye, but once Iori began to slide it into his cock Kyo could definitely tell the difference. It was hard not to close his eyes as the feeling of the metal slipping into him sent little tendrils of pleasure skittering up his spine. This one was large enough to slightly distend his shaft. The sight was incredibly obscene, but somehow that just made it even better.

This time, Iori let it sink in all the way, until he had to guide it through the natural curve at the back of Kyo's urethra. A very small twist later, had Kyo trying to clamp his thighs shut as he felt a sudden urge to go to the bathroom, the sensation quickly passed before he could voice it however and Iori was rewarded with a long, low moan.

Kyo allowed himself to wallow in the sinful little sensation, moaning whenever Iori pulled the sound out partially only to let it slide back in, but Iori never stroked him and it was maddening. He felt himself begin to harden and had to wail when Iori began pulling the sound free. “N-no! Not yet! Please!”

Iori finished pulling the sound out and set it aside as well. “Sorry, Kyo, but if I'd left one that large inside you when you got hard it might have gotten stuck.”

Kyo whimpered and dropped his head back onto the pillow. Would this night of orgasm deprivation never end? Why couldn't Iori just let him come for once? Why all the damned teasing?

Iori wrapped up the rest of the sounds and set them aside as well before he leaned forward to whisper in Kyo's ear. “I want to know all of you, Kyo-chan. Inside and out. I want to touch and explore every inch of your body and claim it as my own. And I want to teach you all the dirty little pleasures your body is capable of, and believe me...there are plenty we haven't even touched on.”

Kyo made a choked sound. Well, that answered that now, didn't it?

Iori chuckled and leaned back again before he gave Kyo's cock a few gentle tugs to work out the excess lube before he got to work unlocking the chains. “Now then...let's take a little breather, shall we? I want you to take the used toys into the bathroom and give them a good washing off with the clear soap. I'll have a little treat waiting on you when you get back.”

Kyo blushed, but nodded and slowly got to his feet. Truth be told, now that the sounding was over he had a really strong urge to pee.

“Oh, and no removing the cuffs while you're in there.” Iori added as he made his way to the bedroom door. “I want them on when I get back.”

Kyo grunted in acknowledgment and quickly gathered up the rods, along with all the other sex toys they'd used earlier that night. It was a bit embarrassing to see the sheer variety of them and know that there was still at least one more left to go. What else could there possibly be? The brunette had a feeling he'd be finding out pretty quickly as time went by and the thought made him even more embarrassed but also aroused. Either way, he found himself smiling as he entered the bathroom and started filling the sink with warm water. He was actually looking forward to finding out.


A/N: Many thanks to my friend Jack for answering my questions about sounding. I may just forgive you for freaking me out with those cock vore pictures...MAYBE.