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Kyo scooted back to allow Iori to stand, and began shifting around to do the same. He stopped at the light tug on his chain.

"Just a moment Kyo-chan." the flame-haired fighter said moving behind the brunette and freeing his arms.

Kyo winced as blood rushed back into the slightly numb limbs. He shook them slightly and massaged his shoulders, before snapping them out a few times to get the circulation going. Iori gave him a few moments, then gave another tug on the leash.

"On all fours Kyo, I want you to crawl."

The brunette's jaw dropped in disbelief, before snapping shut again. *Onore!* he thought to himself as he leaned forward onto his palms. *Baka!* as he shifted his knees apart. "Kisama." under his breath as he began to crawl as ordered.

When Iori stopped short and looked down, Kyo realized he'd let that last thought slip out. His stomach did a few more of those little flips as he saw the red-head towering over him frown.

"G-gomen, gomen nasai, Iori-sama. I didn't mean that. It... it just slipped out." he stammered.

He gagged slightly as he was dragged into the bedroom by his chain and tossed across the bed. He'd barely caught his breath again when he noticed Iori was standing over him with a very familiar belt. The one he wore between his knees on a regular basis. Kyo began to pull back instinctively before he heard the command.

"Dame! Don't even think it, Kyo-chan. You're going to sit there and accept your punishment for that."

Kyo bit his lip, cursing himself as he did just that. He watched the taller man coil the thin strip of red leather with dread. *He-he's going to beat me.* Kyo thought to himself. He closed his eyes, waiting for the blow. It didn't sting as bad as he thought it would and he almost smiled, *Hmph, that was nothing. I can handle it no problem.* he thought...that soon changed

It didn't stop with the single strike. Iori kept slashing the belt across Kyo's body. His chest, his thighs, even his cock suffered the blows. When it finally ended Kyo's front was burning as hot as his butt had during the spanking, but this time there were no tears. He was too turned on for them. Somewhere in the hail of blows the pain had turned to pleasure, and he was hard all over again.

Iori smiled down at the man quivering on his bed. The small patches of exposed skin that had gotten glancing blows were already a bright shade of pink. He knew the skin hiding under the latex where he concentrated his attacks must be a beautiful cherry red.

He let the fingers of his free hand curl up like a claw and ripped a few furrows through the latex on Kyo's chest. He was right, it was the bright ruby of a candy apple. *And every bit as sweet.* he thought as he leaned forward to lick the warmed skin before biting a nipple. The brunette moaned and arched up, hungry for the contact. Iori smiled and gave Kyo's cock a light slap.

"You like pain, neh?" he whispered against the brunette's ear.

Kyo jerked his head away with a small growl..He'd be damned if he was going to admit such a thing out loud. He suddenly gasped as he was flipped onto his belly and pulled into a semi-kneeling position, his butt turned up and open for whatever Iori had in mind. He waited breathlessly, afraid to look, anticipating more abuse, more of the weird twist of agony and ecstasy.

Fingers once again pressed at his entrance, plunging through with no preamble. Kyo hissed slightly and fisted the sheets. *He could have at least used some lube!* The teasing from earlier had served it's purpose however, and he stretched instead of tearing. It still stung though.

"Try to relax Kyo." Iori grunted as he set about trying to loosen up the tight ring.

"Easy for you to say! You aren't the one about to be used like a sex toy." Kyo growled, wishing he could take back the words before they even finished leaving his lips. *AUGH!! Kyo no baka!! Why can't you just shut up?!?*

The smack to his butt was enough to take his breath away. *Itai!* He blinked away the stinging tears, gasping when the fingers were removed and he felt something hot and throbbing settle into the cleft of his ass. Even though he'd never felt it before, he didn't need to look back to tell it was Iori's cock. *Kuso...he's just going to shove into me now! Why didn't I keep quiet and let him prepare me?*

"Do you really think I'm using you Kyo-chan?" Iori whispered swiveling his hips slightly to brush his length against the brunette's puckered entrance. It was taking all of his control not to give in to the desire to simply slam into the tight tunnel and take his own pleasure, leaving Kyo hungry. It was a tempting punishment, one he could accomplish with ease. He wouldn't though, because he wanted Kyo to beg for it, to earn it, there would be no regrets or mistakes for the brunette to fall back on later. That, and he really didn't want to use the brunette, he wanted his pet to enjoy it too.

"I don't think you have any idea what it is to really be used." the red-head continued almost thoughtfully running the handle of the leash over Kyo's spine.

The brunette moaned softly. It felt good to have that thick flesh rubbing against him, and he knew from the vibrator and Iori's fingers that it could feel good to have something inside him. *Would it really be so bad?* All the pain and fear he'd had so far was always quickly followed by pleasure. *So why am I so upset?* It was simple really, he had no control. If he didn't protest, it would mean he really was a slave, and that was something that he wasn't quite willing to accept.

"Maybe I should show you what it's like though, neh?" Iori continued softly "Perhaps then you'll appreciate what I've been trying to do for you Kyo-chan."

Kyo felt Iori pull away, and braced himself for the feel of being slammed into with only minimal preparation. When long seconds passed and he didn't hear or feel anything he opened his eyes and looked around. Whatever he'd begun to imagine, it certainly wasn't seeing Iori setting neat stacks of folded clothes across the dark cherry wood dresser.

He watched the red-head nod in approval over his selections then enter the bathroom. The sound of the running water soon followed. Kyo stayed in his position trying to figure out what on earth the red-head was up to. Iori came back out after a few minutes, obviously freshly showered. A thick black towel was wrapped around the bassist's hips and one hand held a wet washcloth. Kyo began to feel his annoyance bubbling up again.

Then Iori flicked off his towel and tossed Kyo the washcloth. The brunette caught it somehow despite the way he gaped. It didn't matter that he'd already seen most of that glorious body, seeing it all together, covered in little drops of water was enough to make anyone stare.

The brunette's mouth felt extremely dry suddenly, making him want to go and lick up the moisture on his seme's body. He blanked out a moment...*Did I just think of him as my seme?* Kyo groaned, it hadn't even been two hours and he was already overwhelmed. What was going to happen with almost a full day?

Iori began sliding on his favorite outfit. Red leather bondage pants, an oversized white-shirt left partially open and untucked, his black jacket with the crescent moon on the back, and finally the belt that he'd thrashed Kyo with earlier. He looped it around his knees leaving a good bit of it to swing between his legs and bent to put on his boots.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Iori chuckled at Kyo's outburst. He'd known it would be coming sooner or later. He was actually beginning to enjoy them, they gave him the perfect excuse to keep up his torment, and if need be, request more time.

"I'm getting dressed, Kyo-chan. I would think that would be obvious."

The brunette growled and jerked into a standing position. "We aren't done yet! You can't just leave me hanging like this."

Iori chuckled again. "I never said we were done, Kyo-chan... though I must say your sudden enthusiasm pleases me."

A delicate shade of pink flowed across Kyo's cheeks as he realized he may as well have shouted that he wanted Iori to fuck him. *Shitmatta....what has he done to me?* The brunette looked up just in time to see a fully clothed Iori approaching him with what appeared to be a thong. Something seemed to be missing and it took him a moment to realize Iori wasn't wearing his collar. Kyo's hand instantly reached up to touch his own, but it wasn't the same one. Iori's collar had no ring for a leash.

" Wash up, then put this on, Kyo." Iori said tossing the brunette the thong. "We're going out."

*Out?* Kyo thought as he looked at the skimpy underwear. *What the hell does he mean by out? He can't really be planning on taking me out in this stuff can he?* He fingered the waistband, it wasn't quite normal. *Is this Velcro?*

"Speed it up Kyo." Iori said as he turned away and put a few items into his jacket pocket.

Kyo sighed and gave himself a quick rubdown with the cloth, then slipped on the underwear. He was amazed that they managed to keep everything covered. *Well at least he isn't dragging me out in nothing but the latex.*

Iori smiled at the finished effect, his pet did look divine. He hadn't planned on showing him off quite this early, but Kyo needed this lesson, and the club was the perfect place to provide it. He crossed back to the bed and lifted the leash once more.

Kyo sighed as he was led out the door, they'd only paused long enough for him to don the trench coat. He was still aroused by the thought of going out in public with next to nothing under the long leather coat, and by the time he was sitting in Iori's sleek black sports car his arousal had grown positively painful.

The entire ride was torture, every bump in the road reminded him of his need, but he wasn't allowed to touch himself. This was one of several little rules Iori had gave him during the trip. He wasn't allowed to touch himself. He wasn't to touch anybody else in the club except on the dance floor. He wasn't even supposed to speak to anyone but Iori except to answer a direct question or request.

He blinked as they pulled into a rather seedy looking parking lot. This certainly didn't appear to be the kind of club he'd expect Iori to frequent. He automatically opened his door and got out to stare at what appeared to be a converted warehouse. He was just about to close the door when he felt Iori come up beside him.

"Bend over Kyo, and brace your hands on the seat." Iori rumbled, feeling in his pockets for the tube he'd placed there earlier.

The brunette froze a moment then did as ordered. *So this is where he's going to take me? Anybody could see. Anybody could watch us. This is so humiliating.... Why am I excited?* He let out a small moan as felt one side of his thong pulled open and the cool gel was spread around his entrance. The fingers finally penetrated and he rocked back against them, trying to coax them deeper.

"Getting eager, Kyo-chan?" Iori said with a smile as he gave the brunette's pleasure center a glancing stroke. Kyo moaned louder and nodded his head before he really thought about it.

"Too bad."

Kyo gritted his teeth as the fingers were removed. *Kisama! Just take me and get it over with!* He wasn't stupid enough to say it out loud this time, but thinking it helped him feel better. At least until something hard and unyielding was suddenly thrust into his body. The brunette let out a surprised yelp.

"Like my little gift, Kyo-chan?" Iori chuckled, pulling the phallus out slightly then thrusting it in again. Kyo let out a groan, it felt so good but it wasn't quite enough. Iori refastened the Velcro and stood up, the dildo wasn't very big, but it should keep his pet from tightening up again. "Stand up, Kyo, and give me your hands. We're almost ready to go inside."

Kyo shifted his position. Squirming as the dildo pressed against his prostate fleetingly. He was looking decidedly uncomfortable as he faced Iori and held up his hands. The brunette stared as his wrists were secured in a set of satin-lined, leather handcuffs. The chain connecting them shone mirror bright, making him wonder if they were new.

Iori considered a moment, then decided to leave the trench coat on. Kyo would need something to wear when it was time to return home. "Let's go, Kyo-chan." he said giving a tug on the leash. "I can't wait to show you off."


Man...it's been a while, but my muse, Violet, has once again turned my attention to this couple. She's been whacking me most painfully for leaving the story dangling, so I'll do my best to keep it going this time.