Well, it was supposed to be a little PWP, but it's rapidly turning into a huge PWP. Iori isn't ready to come out of the playroom and I'm not about to argue with him. (Would you?)

Anyway, this is an NC-17 fic containing male/male sex, bondage, much kink and a few questionable words. You should know that but rules and all... Please don't look if you don't like that stuff or can't view it due to your local laws.

The characters are the property of SNK and this fic was written without their permission with no intention of making a profit.

Unlike most people, Iori Yagami's living room was extremely spartan. He didn't even have a television. A simple table with one drawer and a huge armchair of buttery soft black leather were the only things in the room. The flame-haired fighter sat down on this chair and pulled Kyo onto his lap. He ran his hands over the soft sable hair, then over the brunette's back.

Kyo's moan was muffled by the headband stuffed in his mouth, but Iori heard it just the same. "Amazing... isn't Kyo-chan? The way it feels to be touched through latex. The way it lets everything through, and intensifies it."

His hand twisted in the dark brown hair, just short of causing pain. He pulled back to expose the fighter's throat and licked it, slowly tracing the flesh around the collar. "Mmm... I'm going to make you scream Kyo. I'm going to make you scream, then make you beg for more."

Kyo shuddered and let out another moan, shifting his hips against Iori's, trying to show him he was already begging. The moan turned into a confused sound as Iori shifted his position, and jerked the chain, sending the brunette sprawling across his lap. His erection ended up pressed against Iori's thigh and he wiggled slightly trying to stimulate himself. He froze however when he heard Iori's next words.

"It's time to punish you now."

Kyo's chain clinked musically as he looked over his shoulder and saw Iori pulling a couple objects out of the drawer. It was a tube and something that looked like a slim silver cylinder. He could guess what the tube was, but what on earth was the other thing?

Iori coated the slender little vibrator with the lubricant, then wound the chain around his hand pulling it tight as he rested it on Kyo's back to keep him steady. The brunette gasped as he was penetrated and fought the urge to pull away, knowing Iori meant him to take it without complaint. He shook slightly as it was forced deep into his body, trying to get used to the odd sensation. Then it brushed something inside him that made him moan.

Iori heard the sound and knew he'd hit the area he was searching for. He left the vibrator in place, then reached down to slide the switch to on. Kyo let out a strangled cry, suddenly glad he was gagged. The pleasure that hit him was fierce and intense. He began to grind against Iori's thigh, knowing a little more stimulation was all he needed to get off. The stinging swat that landed on his butt took him completely by surprise. It also pulled him back from the edge of orgasm.

The blow was quickly followed by another and another. Kyo moaned pitifully as Iori continued to tear into his backside. It wasn't so much the pain, which was nothing compared to the feel of being hit by orochi flames, it was the shame. He was being spanked like a naughty child and thanks to that buzzing presence deep inside him he was enjoying it. He was almost to the brink when the spanking ended and the vibrator was suddenly yanked from his body.

Kyo wailed slightly at the loss, but it quickly turned into a moan as he felt slick fingers replace it. He whimpered and began moving against Iori's hand, letting out a small grunt each time those slim fingers hit the magic spot deep inside his body. He let out a muffled howl of frustration when they were removed as well and Iori yanked him into a sitting position, straddling one thigh.

"I think that should be sufficient." Iori said softly, running a hand over the abused area, soothing what he'd hurt. "You'll be a good boy from now on, won't you Kyo- chan?"

Kyo nodded and blinked tears out of his eyes. Iori wiped them away with his thumb. He hadn't meant to tease him quite that far, but it was done now. In an attempt to make up for it, he reached down to grab hold of Kyo's need. He gave it a few firm strokes and smiled when the brunette arched up and sprayed them both with his seed after only a few tugs.

Iori reached up and undid the gag, keeping the headband in the same fist as the leash. The creamy white of Kyo's release stood out vividly against the glossy black latex, and Iori wiped up the pearly drops. Once again he held them up to the brunette's mouth, but this time Kyo took them into his mouth and sucked away the offering. The red-head's eyes narrowed slightly. The suction, and the flushed glow of Kyo's face was about to push him over the edge.

"Onto the floor and open my jeans. I want my cock in your mouth."

Kyo felt his cheeks burn at the blunt order as he slid to the carpet. He looked at the bulge pressing against the tight black denim covering Iori's groin and licked his lips nervously. He wasn't certain how to proceed. "How do I get it open without my hands?"

Iori chuckled, "Think about it Kyo, I'm sure you'll come up with something."

Kyo frowned and puzzled over the not so little problem, "That's not much help Iori." The red-head just laughed again, he could almost see the wheels turning over in Kyo's mind as he tried to find a solution. Kyo bit his lip, there was only one thing he could think of, and it was going to be delicate work with such tight material. He leaned forward and bit the button off the jeans, spitting it into the corner.

Now he could see the wet tip of Iori's erection straining against the zipper that was putting up a valiant effort to contain it. His own essence hadn't tasted so bad, and he wondered if Iori's was anything like it. He let his tongue sweep over the weeping slit, before dipping it in to get at the fluid within.

Iori gritted his teeth and hissed slightly. "All of it Kyo, not just the tip."

Kyo blushed even more, but nodded and moved away from the sweet trickle to grab hold of the zipper. It took a few tries to get it without using teeth. He didn't want to chance biting something down there. He highly doubted that kind of pain would put him in Iori's good graces. Luckily it only took a light tug to set the thick organ bursting free. It caught Kyo on the cheek with a wet slap, that left a glistening trail on the flushed skin. He flicked his tongue out to lick away what he could reach and stared at Iori's manhood.

He felt his own erection returning as he gazed at the spire of flesh. *Wow, so big... how am I supposed to fit it all in my mouth?* Kyo gnawed his lip a moment, then leaned forward trailing little kisses from the base to tip. When he reached the tip he let his lips rest against the weeping slit as he took a few calming breaths. *Okay... I can do this...I know I can do this.*

"NOW Kyo!!" Iori growled, the feel of those lips so tantalizingly close was making him impatient.

Kyo jumped slightly at the order, and quickly opened his mouth, taking in almost half the turgid flesh before he gagged slightly and pulled back. He took another breath and tried again, getting about a millimeter further. He made two more attempts before he pulled completely off and let out a frustrated huff.

"It's too big." Kyo said frowning at the offending organ. "I can't do it."

Iori swallowed his laugh with effort. "I'll take that as a compliment Kyo-chan... We can practice that later, just do what you can for now."

The brunette nodded and wrapped his lips around the member once more, sucking more enthusiastically now that he didn't have to try and force it into his throat. After a few minutes of bobbing his head, he pulled back once more and slurped at the flesh, changing the angle of his head every now and then to ensure every inch got some attention at some point or another. He took a quick breather and looked up at Iori, giving him a small smile, before opening his mouth to try again.

Iori stared down at his pet, drinking in the look of outright passion on his face. The flushed cheeks, the lust-filled gaze, the little sounds of satisfaction he'd made while sucking him, and now this look. It finally got the better of him and he came with a low grunt, spilling his seed against Kyo's face, a few spurts landing between the open lips.

Kyo swallowed the small offering, licked them clean, then leaned forward once more to do the same for the softening flesh. When he'd gotten all he could he nuzzled Iori's thigh with his cheek, and froze, appalled at the submissiveness of the gesture. Iori hadn't even asked him to do it. Then he felt that hand large but slim, running over his hair again and he forgot about being upset letting out a happy sigh.

"Excellent job Kyo, now let's clean you up a little before we move on." Iori rumbled, pleased at the way the brunette curled against him like a good little slave. "I promised to make you scream after all."


Damn and I thought Richter was bad... at least he was willing to have a bit of story involved... *The glow of purple flames is seen in the background.* ... but smut is good. Smut is always good! *sweatdrop*