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*Don't move he says...* Kyo almost jerked up to yell he wasn't that stupid, before he realized that would only prove he really was that stupid, but he still couldn't help shivering when Iori grabbed his erection to pull it out of his way. The first swipe of the razor combined with the feel of the red-head's hand on his cock pulled a soft gasp of fear and desire from Kyo's throat. Iori's smug smile let him know the sound hadn't gone unnoticed.

The red-head deftly slid the razor over his new playmate's balls, whisking away the hair in it's path. He repeated the motion ever so gently over the next area. He didn't want to chance nicking the delicate skin. It would ruin what he had planned.

Kyo whimpered slightly as the removal of his hair continued. It was maddening having his cock held without being stroked, and he couldn't thrust because of the sharp blades sliding over his testicles. His entire body felt like it was on fire by the time Iori pulled away a moment to rinse the blade.

Iori chuckled at the naked desire on Kyo's face and stroked the hard flesh in his hand a few times, earning a loud moan. "Do you want more of this Kyo-chan?" The brunette nodded and began to shift his hips to increase the friction. "I thought you might..." he stopped stroking and Kyo whimpered in frustration. "...if you're a good boy. I'll make you feel even better."

Kyo panted softly "...Iori, please."

Iori touched a finger to the brunette's lips then resumed his work, "Shh... I'll be done soon."

Kyo bit his lip as the shaving continued. Finally, his pubes had all been whisked away and Iori moved on to the rest of his body. The bassist was able to move much faster over the brunette's long muscular limbs since they weren't nearly as delicate as the groin. That was good, he'd had no idea just how appealing his Kyo-chan would look spread out on the counter, eyes filled with a hunger he'd only dreamed of until now. Iori was growing more and more impatient to get to the true prize, but he wanted to savor this as much as possible. He picked up a new towel. It was barely warm now but it would do for rinsing away any traces of shave gel that might remain.

He rubbed the towel over Kyo's groin quickly, before he could give in to the temptation to stroke him to completion and get a taste of his companion's essence. There was time for that later. He finished the wipe down with a quick, almost clinical efficiency, telling himself he was polishing his boots to keep from getting too into the act.

Kyo waited until he was done, then lifted his hips suggestively. "Iori?"

"Don't worry Kyo, I haven't forgotten. The wait is part of your punishment." The brunette opened his mouth to protest, then shut it again, turning his head away petulantly. Iori smiled and brushed his fingertips against one of the smaller man's cheeks. "That's a good boy, you're learning Kyo..."

Kyo felt an odd glow of pleasure, that he quickly squashed out with anger. *What am I thinking? I hate being called a boy.*

"Now, come stand on the plastic. You should be dry enough for the next part." Iori said as he began to pry the lid off the second bucket.

"What next part?" Kyo asked as he slid off the counter to stand in the middle of the plastic.

Iori didn't answer readily, as the lid popped off and the smell of whatever was inside the bucket filled the air, both strange, yet somehow enticing all at once. Kyo watched him stir the murky contents with a slim wooden spatula until it was an even glossy black.

"What is that Iori?...tar?" *Is he going to tar and feather me then? Is that why he didn't want me to wear clothes?*

"Iie, it's liquid latex." Iori answered after a long pause as he looked over his brushes. He settled on the widest to begin.

Kyo watched him dip the brush, and suddenly had a short fantasy of rolling around on the floor with the flame-haired karateka. Their bodies smeared with the latex as they moved against each other, biting, rubbing, scratching... as they fought for dominance. Iori's solid presence pressing into his back as he prepared to... Kyo forced aside the fantasy with a shake of his head. *No... I can't want him to do that do me ... I just can't...*

Iori could tell Kyo was lost in his own thoughts for the moment, but he didn't really mind. If all went as planned the other wouldn't be able to think of anything but him once he got started in earnest. He moved behind the brunette and painted one thick stripe directly down the center of the sleek back.

Kyo gasped softly, the latex was cool, slick, and just a little sticky. Iori painted on another stripe before he kneeled down to get some more latex. Kyo felt the other man's breath fanning over his thigh as the brush was swirled through the thick black liquid, and his cock throbbed in time with the slow even breathing. His own breathing was anything but even, growing more and more ragged as Iori stood back up to paint on another stripe of color.

Iori paused as he finished off the fighter's back. He ran a hand over Kyo's shoulder then down his arm, taking a moment to appreciate the soft, smooth, and now hairless skin. So many years fighting Kyo, obsessed with him, tumbling with him over the ground in countless battles and only now was he really touching the man. *You're so beautiful Kyo, so strong... I just have to make you mine.* He gripped the brunette's wrist and pulled his arm up and out, coating it to the elbow. A good bit of latex dripped off the sides and he reluctantly released his hold to switch brushes.

Kyo kept his arm out, assuming latex was like paint, best left undisturbed until dry. Iori returned with the medium-sized brush and continued to slide the substance over his skin. The process was repeated for his other arm, then it was on to his legs.

The brunette began to tremble slightly as the brush slid over his hip and down towards his ankle. It was getting closer and closer to his neglected erection. He began hoping Iori would touch him now. No such luck, he was left throbbing once more as the bassist picked up the smallest brush.

Iori dipped the sponge in, getting it nice and wet then pressed it to the skin just above Kyo's nipple. It dribbled over the hazelnut nub of flesh, causing it to bead up even more than it already had. He changed the motion of his wrist from the long sweeps he'd used on the rest of Kyo's body to short quick strokes directly over the points.

Kyo took a shuddering breath, it was almost like they were being licked. Disappointment was clear in his face when Iori swiped the brush upwards to curve along his collar bone then down between the nipples that now begged for more attention. Then it began to go lower and his breath caught in his throat. Once again Iori took his erection in hand and delicately coated the heavy balls underneath with the latex. He still wasn't stroking though and Kyo wanted to beg him to do so, but his pride was already smarting from letting it go this far. It refused to give up that one final step.

Iori set aside the brush and stood back to admire his handiwork. Kyo's body glistened under the fluorescent light of his kitchen, each line and plane of the tight muscular body was accentuated by the latex. The red-head ran a couple fingers over the erection he'd left untouched, trailing them through the clear liquid leaking from the slit. He looked at the glistening fluid a moment then touched the fingers to Kyo's lips.

"Lick them."

The brunette's eyes narrowed slightly, but he did as ordered, flicking out his tongue to lap up his own precum.

Iori made a low grunt, even that subtle sweep of Kyo's tongue was enough to make him throb. He pulled away and picked up a hair dryer, which he put on full blast to speed up the drying process.

Kyo blinked as he felt the latex tightening on his skin. It was such an oddly pleasant sensation, almost like a full body caress. A sensation that he wouldn't mind repeating if he could skip the infuriating teasing.

Iori shut off the blow dryer and took in the final effect. If it weren't for the spire of hard flesh jutting from his groin, it would appear Kyo was wearing the world's most form-fitting catsuit. The term 'second-skin' definitely applied. Just a couple more finishing touches and he'd be ready to get down to business with his new toy.

Kyo was still staring down at himself, amazed at how the latex accentuated his physique, when he noticed Iori picking up what he'd thought was rags. Now he could see they were scarves.

"Turn around and put your arms behind your back." Iori said as he ran the satiny material between his hands.

Kyo froze a moment, then turned slowly. He shook visibly as he put his arms behind his back, elbows to wrists. He felt the scarves being looped over his arms, binding him. He knew he could rip free if really necessary, but somehow... somehow he didn't want to. *Kire. I... I'm getting into this.* He was pulled out his thoughts by the feel of his headband being removed. He opened his mouth to speak, and found it promptly filled by the white material. *Kuso! He's gagging me?!?*

Iori tied a loose knot in the headband, then circled Kyo slowly. "Yes...very nice. Very nice indeed... but something's missing." The red-head pursed his lips in thought and Kyo's stomach began doing little flips. Iori smiled and held up a finger. "Don't move a muscle."

Kyo blinked and watched the other man disappear into his bedroom. He came back a moment later with what Kyo instantly recognized as a leash and collar. He blanched slightly and stepped back. Iori's narrowed eyes made him step forward again immediately.

Iori smiled slightly, and tacked on another point to Kyo's punishment, as he walked up to the brunette and tilted his chin up. "I said not to move Kyo-chan." The slight trill of fear that entered Kyo's eyes made his blood hum with anticipation, he'd take that fear and use it to intensify the brunette's pleasure.

He slipped the collar over Kyo's throat, pleased at the way it looked on the fighter. The thick black leather seemed to absorb the light glinting off the silver buckle, standing out intensely against the smooth tan skin of Kyo's neck. He attached the accompanying chain and gave a sharp tug that pulled the brunette against his body.

"You're mine." he growled, "You're going to do exactly what I say the minute I tell you to do it. Understand?"

Kyo nodded slowly, the fear was still there, but now it was twisted with an odd sort of anticipation. Iori's smile sealed it, he wanted this, he wanted Iori, and he wasn't going to fight it anymore. He felt another tug on the chain and quickly followed his new master into the living room, wondering what would come next.


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