Disclaimer: Kyo and Iori belong to SNK, but I'm still borrowing them for a little fun in the playroom. Although there's no lemon yet, there will be. So far I'd say an R rating because it's extremely suggestive, definitely yaoi, and allusions to bondage. (And yes it will be actual bondage later.) Enjoy!!

"Your turn Kyo-chan."

Kyo Kusanagi frowned at the cards in his hand, and felt his stomach plummet a little. *Kuso!! Nothing... not a damn thing!*

"Do you want to fold?" rumbled that deep voice again.

Kyo suddenly decided there were times he truly hated Iori Yagami, even if they were friends now.

"Iie!! No way!" Kyo grunted tossing out all his cards save one.

Iori smiled and dealt the top four cards off the deck. Kyo snatched them up and felt a small flutter of hope. He had two pair, not very good pairs, but it was a lot better than what he'd had before.

"I'll stand." said the flame-haired fighter.

Kyo set down his cards and waited for Iori to do the same. He gaped at the four aces and the accompanying wild card, then stared at Iori. "You're stacking the deck!!"

Iori pulled out a cigarette and calmly lit it with a quick burst of purple flame from his fingertips. "Prove it."

Kyo growled and grabbed the deck. "I'm shuffling this time."

His companion chuckled and reached for his drink. "Fine... just don't forget our little wager Kusanagi."

The brunette glared at him, as if he could forget. *I can't let him win this one.* he thought as he dealt the cards. It was an effort not to smile when he saw his hand. A straight flush! His luck was looking up. If he won this hand he'd have the four out of five necessary to claim his prize.

He set his cards down with a flourish and waited for Iori to do the same. Then he saw Iori setting down his hand one card at a time and felt his stomach knot tighter with each one revealed. Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace all diamonds. He'd lost.

Kyo sat there a moment trying to let the reality sink in. He'd lost the hand, he'd lost the game, and now he had to spend the next night doing whatever Iori said. He couldn't even claim the deck had been stacked, he'd shuffled them himself. *Oh god...what have I gotten myself into?*

He'd been so sure he could win. He'd won the first five hands they'd played and he'd been certain his luck would hold out. So he'd made the bet jokingly, never dreaming Iori would accept. Well he was in for it now, there was no way he'd give Iori the satisfaction of backing out. He could take whatever the bassist would dish out.

Iori began to laugh as he saw Kyo trying to come to grips with his defeat. He flipped his long fiery bangs out of his eyes and gave the brunette a hungry look. "Well Kyo-chan. I think I'll give my first order now."

Kyo blinked and clenched a fist. "Nothing doing baka-yaro! We agreed it wouldn't start until tomorrow, from eight until eight."

"And so it will Kyo, so it will. You're to arrive at my apartment tomorrow at precisely eight'o'clock freshly showered in nothing but a black trenchcoat, your gloves, and your headband." the red-head replied as he crushed out his cigarette and headed for the door.

Kyo's jaw dropped a moment. *What the fuck? Is he serious?* He looked at Iori and could tell that he was. "Do I get to wear shoes oh great Yagami-sama?" Kyo grunted voice thick with sarcasm.

"Iie." Iori replied simply as he glanced over his shoulder and exited the room.

Kyo growled as the door closed and slammed his fist on the table, effectively breaking it in two. "Chikusho!! What have I done?" he whispered wondering what the hell was going through Iori's mind. He began cleaning up the mess as he tried to figure out just how much a trenchcoat was going to cost him.

* * *

*50000 yen!! Do you have any idea what I could have done with that money Iori!?!* Kyo thought as he shrugged on the long leather trenchcoat he'd picked up that afternoon. He'd dragged Benimaru into going with him, knowing the blonde would know where to get such an item. The thoughtfully naughty looks he got as he tried on several different coats made him wonder if Beni had any idea what he was up to.

Kyo shook away the memory and shivered when he suddenly realized the enormity of what he was about to do. He thought about getting pulled over by the police on his way there and trying to explain the odd outfit. He thought about a stiff wind coming up and showing all his assets to any passerby. He thought about the fact all this thinking was giving him an unexpected hard-on.

Kyo moaned, he didn't have time to do anything about it, he wasn't going to be late either. He slid on his old white headband and his favorite black gloves before exiting the room. He cheated on the footwear however, wearing a cheap pair of flip-flops he planned to ditch as soon as he got to Iori's apartment. He didn't care to chance stepping on any broken glass or other nastiness.

It was 7:59 when he stepped up to Iori's door. He looked at his watch and waited until it was precisely 8:00 to lift his hand and knock. It was pulled open in the middle of his downswing and he blinked at his 'host'. Iori was clad only in a pair of well-worn black jeans, the cuffs trailed ragged threads as did the holes on one knee and the opposite thigh. *What's with the torn jeans? And where's his shirt? He's never this casual.*

"I'm impressed Kyo, right on time. Come in." the red-head said with a cheerful smile that managed to freak the brunette out more than those creepy laughs ever did.

Kyo stepped past Iori and tried not to jump when the door was closed and locked behind him.

"Turn around Kyo, and open the coat. I want to see you."

Kyo blushed and looked away, wondering why Iori would want this. He liked women, didn't he? The brunette sighed and undid the buttons of the coat letting the red-head look his fill, glad his erection had handled itself during the ride here. He was going to have to clean off the seat before he returned the car, but at least Iori wouldn't catch him hard.

"Very good Kyo-chan. You almost did everything right."

Kyo blinked and turned back to face him. "What do you mean almost?!?"

Iori pointed down at the flip-flops he'd forgotten to remove. "I said no shoes Kyo. I'll have to punish you for that one."

Kyo bit his lip and began to berate himself silently. *Baka, baka, baka...there was a trashcan right by the stairs!* Then the word 'punish' actually registered and he stared up at the powerful warrior that was stalking towards him.

"Come on Iori, they're flip-flops, a piece of plastic string and some rubber. You can practically see the entire foot." he said a little desperately, fighting the urge to back away. *Get a hold of yourself Kyo, you can win if it comes to a fist-fight. Why are you freaking like this?*

The red-head was right in front of him now. "We agreed on absolute obedience, Kyo-chan, you reneged. So I can demand more payment. We make it one full day. You're here from now until 8'o'clock tomorrow night."

Kyo blanched. Twenty-four hours? What about his training, his meals, his classes? Okay he didn't really mind missing that last one, but still!

"You object?" Iori asked tilting up the brunette's chin so he was forced to meet his gaze.

Kyo slowly shook his head. "Iie."

The bassist gave him a feral smile. "Good. Now...your punishment."

Kyo gasped, "Wasn't the extended time my punishment?"

Iori chuckled darkly, "Oh no Kyo. That was only the begining. Now... follow me."

The brunette let the coat fall closed as he snatched off the flip-flops, barely resisting the urge to fry them out of spite, and followed Iori into the kitchen. He saw a variety of objects laid out near the countertop and puzzled over them a moment. Two large white buckets, a few sponge brushes, and what appeared to be a pile of black rags. For a moment he wondered if Iori planned on having him paint the kitchen in the nude. That might help explain the plastic on the floor.

"Get onto the counter and spread your legs." Iori said as he checked to make certain the towels in one of the buckets were still warm.

Kyo blinked a moment, not certain he'd heard right.

"Oh, and you might want to remove the coat. It looks new, and this could get messy."

"You're damn right it's new!" Kyo grumbled glad for a quick reprieve from the odd order as he slid off the trenchcoat and tossed it over the back of the one chair in the living room. "I could live for a week on what I spent on that thing Iori!"

The red-head chuckled, "You aren't on the counter Kyo, do I have to demand even more time?"

Kyo blanched and quickly climbed up on the counter. "Iie! I'm up, already!"

"Your legs?" Iori asked with a lift of one slim eyebrow.

The brunette sighed and spread them as ordered, refusing to look at whatever the bassist was doing down there. Until something hot and wet was plopped down on his groin. He gasped and looked down, wondering why on earth Iori
would do such a thing.

Iori tucked the towel under the other fighter's bottom and pressed the steaming terry cloth against the skin underneath until the cock stood out in sharp relief. "Now, we have to leave that a few minutes to soften the hair." It was then, that Kyo saw the other fighter setting out what appeared to be shaving equipment.

Kyo's mouth worked but no sound came out as he suddenly realized what Yagami was up to. He saw the redhead picking up a razor to change the blade and his voice suddenly returned. "Onore!! You think I'm going to let you anywhere near my nuts with a sharp object?!?"

"Hai." came the deadpan reply.

The brunette growled and clenched his fists. Iori was right, he'd agreed to do anything, but Iori hadn't said he couldn't suggest alternatives. "Look Iori, can't you think of something else for me to do? I'm not into this kind of kink!"

"Hontou? Then how do explain this Kyo-chan?" Iori said running his long fingers over Kyo's rapidly rising erection. There was nothing he could really say to that so the brunette settled for a death glare that only got him one of Iori's smug smiles.

"Admit it Kyo-chan. You're excited."

Kyo didn't admit it, but he didn't deny it either. He just gritted his teeth and tried to concentrate on not reacting. Iori wasn't fazed by the seeming reluctance. He simply pulled aside the towel on the brunette's groin and began to spread some shave gel over the area, watching the hard length twitch despite Kyo's efforts to control himself.

The bassist began to move on to the rest of the brunette's body coating him in the cool gel. He left the erection alone however, as well as the hands, feet, and head. Satisfied with his handiwork, Iori stood back to admire his prize. "Have you ever been shaved before Kyo?"

Kyo shook his head. "Well, there's only one thing you have to remember." Iori said as he picked the razor up again.

"Don't move."


A/N: When I hit 500 hits on my old website, I created this PWP to celebrate. At the time Iori and Kyo were the two newest additions to my bishies. Little did I know that they would also go on to become one of my most noisy and kinky couples.