Okay, here we go...last installment. Warnings are the same as part two; yaoi, lemon, minor. Let's hope the conclusion pleases.

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Sephiroth kneeled on the bed and drew Cloud against his chest before lowering his head for another kiss. He sighed as their lips met and slowly leaned forward until they were stretched out on their sides. His hands roamed the lithe young body beside him until he had the blonde squirming with desire.

Keeping one hand sliding along the teen's smooth skin, Sephiroth began to suck the fingers of his other hand. Normally, he'd have real lubricant ready, but this hadn't been planned, and he'd lost his appetite for anybody else since he'd met his little warrior. When he felt they were slick enough, he bent to take one of the blonde's nipples into his mouth, and nibbled on it as he began to massage the puckered ring hidden between the taut buttocks.

Cloud sighed as he felt himself being suckled and stroked, it felt so very nice. The slick digits at his entrance moved around pressing a little harder with each circle until one finally penetrated. The blonde gasped as it slid in. He'd had a finger put up there before during a physical, but that hadn't felt good. This however, Cloud threw his head back exposing his neck as he let out a throaty moan, this felt absolutely wonderful.

Sephiroth tore his gaze away from what he was doing to the younger soldier's gorgeous bottom as he heard the low sound of pleasure. He looked up and noticed the newly exposed throat. Grinning, he kissed his way up the smooth chest and began to lap at the delicate skin above Cloud's pulse. He nipped the area lightly just as he introduced a second finger.

Cloud hissed and arched against the silver-haired general, causing their cocks to rub together deliciously. Both men moaned at the sensation and began to grind together as Sephiroth continued to prepare his precious bishonen.

Cloud was amazed at how good this felt. Then, those probing fingers brushed across his sweet spot and good turned into outright ecstasy. "AHH, SEPHY!!"

Sephiroth smiled and continued to lightly tease the area. He wanted Cloud to enjoy this as much as possible without coming. He planned on making this a mutual orgasm. A third finger joined the first two and the young teen suddenly began move against them, trying to get them deeper. Taking that as a sign Cloud was ready, Sephiroth withdrew his fingers, drinking in the loud groan of protest.

"Don't worry Cloud, we're almost there." whispered the older soldier as he brushed his knuckles over the smooth cheek and positioned himself for entry. "This is going to sting a bit, but you tell me if it hurts too much, okay?"

Cloud nodded.

"And try to relax my little warrior. It hurts more if you lock down on me."

Another nod, as the teen forced down the fear that had cropped up once he felt the tip of his lover's shaft seeking access. It pressed forward ever so slowly, until the head and the first few inches popped through and began to slide in smoothly. He got about halfway in before Cloud whimpered softly.

Sephiroth immediately froze, terrified Cloud was going to make him to stop now. He'd honor the request if it was made, but then he'd crawl into the corner and die.

"Why are you stopping?" Cloud asked in a voice thick with desire.

Sephiroth felt relief flood his body. Cloud was still willing!

"I thought I was hurting you. I don't want to hurt you."

Cloud shook his head. "It stings a bit, but I don't mind, I want you Sephy." He wrapped his arms around the older soldier, so his slim hands could tangle in the long silk of the shiny silver hair. "Take me?"

Sephiroth moaned and started forward again, his entire body took on a fine sheen of sweat as he fought the desire to speed up and slam into his lover. He wasn't going fast enough for Cloud who suddenly shoved himself against the member invading him...hard.

The loud scream that followed the impulsive action tore at Sephiroth's heart. He'd tried so hard to keep the pain away. He rolled onto his back so he could hold Cloud against him and rubbed his back soothingly. When the soft pants of anguish faded he started sliding his hands up the teen's spine.

Cloud shuddered as Sephiroth's hands slid over his upper back. The gentle touch had caused electric shocks of pleasure to course through his body.

"Umm Sephy?"


"Could you touch me there again? I like the way it feels."

Sephiroth hadn't really been paying attention to where his hands were roaming, so he just started to slide them back down again until Cloud let out a soft moan and wiggled against him. Smiling, the general continued to stroke the newfound sweet spot as he gave an experimental thrust.

"Ah! Again!"

Sephiroth blinked at the loud encouragement, but a second thrust followed. When it got the same reaction, he grabbed Cloud's hips and began to pump up into the welcoming heat of his body.

"Mmm, you feel so good Cloud. Are you enjoying this?"

Cloud nodded, not really capable of speech just then. He let out a grunt of protest when Sephiroth's hands slid from his hips to his shoulder's forcing him away from the silken steel of the chiseled chest. Then he realized the shift in position was forcing the rod within him to go even deeper.

Sephiroth lost himself in the sight and feel of Cloud straddling him, riding him. Even for a virgin, Cloud was exceptionally tight. If the teen didn't have a look of absolute bliss on his face, he would have been certain he was hurting him.

Cloud slowly got to the point where he was slamming himself down. Each time he met his lover's hips, he would grind slightly before lifting almost off the throbbing organ, only to drop right back onto it. He could feel a tight heat curling in his gut, and knew this must be the beginnings of the infamous orgasm. He tried to speed up, but Sephiroth's hands were back at his hips, forcing him to keep up the agonizingly slow pace.

"Ungh! Sephy, please....I need....I need more!"

Sephiroth chuckled and yanked the blonde against his chest, so he could roll over and pin the sleek body under him. He looked down, memorizing every detail. The face flushed with desire, the blue eyes narrowed to cobalt slits with lust, the swollen lips turned red from their kissing, the thin sheen of sweat shimmering on smooth peach skin, and the proud young cock dripping with
desire. He used his thumb to gently lift and massage the heavy testicles, so he could see where they were joined.

Cloud squirmed slightly under the intense scrutiny. The attention and the pleased smile on his superior's ethereal features were making him throb with need. He needed what his silver-haired idol could give him, and he needed it now. A thumb brushed his sack and it almost made him loose it right then. He gritted his teeth against the onslaught. He wanted to come, but he wanted to hold out for Sephiroth to do it with him.

The older soldier smiled tenderly as he saw Cloud's struggle for control. He would have loved to tease a few more screams out of his little warrior, but his own desires were growing stronger by the second. He braced his arms over Cloud's shoulder's and looked into his face.

"Are you sure you're still okay?" he asked.

Cloud nodded the affirmative. "Yes Sephy. Take me, show me what it's like... I want you to fuck me." The last was accompanied by a bright red blush and a wiggle of the tight young butt.

The combination of the innocent face and the vulgar words shattered the last of Sephiroth's control. He pulled out until only his tip remained within the young soldier then slammed forward again.

"AH!! YES!! MORE!!"

Sephiroth moaned at the enthusiastic cries. He'd been hoping to remain gentle but Cloud was making that impossible. He kept pummeling the hot young body, driving forward with abandon, all to the loud cries of passion spilling from his lover's lips.

Cloud felt the tight ball of lust in his lower body growing larger and more intense with each thrust. He was certain it was going to kill him if it got any stronger. Then Sephiroth began to stroke his erection in time with his pumping hips and it was all over. His entire body shook as his come exploded out, spraying Sephiroth's stomach with the sticky fluid.

Sephiroth followed soon after. The look of rapture, the hot fluid splashing onto his skin, and the feel of Cloud's orgasm was too much for even him to resist. He thrust hard and deep one final time, roaring as he filled the tunnel that had given him such ecstasy. His arms visibly shook as he lowered himself onto Cloud's chest, riding out the intense pleasure.

They lay tangled together, gasping softly from the force of their orgasms. When he felt his body trying to shut down, Sephiroth groaned and used the last of his energy to roll over and pull Cloud against his chest.

Cloud sighed happily and snuggled closer. He kissed a nipple, since he was too tired to lean up for lips, and promptly fell asleep whispering his lover's name.


Sephiroth smiled and increased his grip slightly. He was feeling extremely tired himself, but he wanted to enjoy the warm glow in his heart a little longer. He stared up at the ceiling contemplating the unfamiliar sensation. He'd liked all his previous lovers, and was still friends with most of them, but none of them had caused him to feel like this. *Is* He looked back down at Cloud, and the warm feeling increased at the serene smile on the teen's lips. *I think....I think that it is.*

Sephiroth sighed and let sleep drag him down, the sex was enough for now. He'd explore the strange feelings again later. After all, they had time... that trip to Nibelheim was coming up soon and it would be the perfect chance to find out more about his little warrior. He could wait until then.


A/N: I'm actually a bit sad that seeing Advent Children ruined these two as a couple for me. It's kind of hard for romance to bloom when my current Cloud wants to dismemeber Seph on sight. Ah well, I still have Reno. None of my Final Fantasy VII characters hate him.