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Cloud's breath caught in his throat as Sephiroth's words played over and over again in his mind. 'I want you Cloud. I want to make love to you...' There was no mistaking the meaning, but he just couldn't quite believe it. Sephiroth was asking him to have sex! No, not just have sex, to make love.

He had no clue what to do or say. The closest he'd ever gotten to a sexual encounter was talk amongst the other soldiers that often made his ears red. The only good thing was that some of that talk let him know same-sex partnerships were more common than one might think. Still...this was Sephiroth! Sephiroth of the long silver hair and the wicked green eyes. Sephiroth, the strongest, and quite possibly the most beautiful man in the world...*and he wants me?*

Sephiroth sensed Cloud's internal struggle and wondered if he'd been too forward. *Perhaps I was over eager?* He waited long seconds, simply holding Cloud against him. His heart thudded frantically in his chest as he did his best to prepare for a refusal. When the blonde nodded slowly, he didn't bother to cover his sigh of relief. He lifted Cloud into his arms and carried him and the candles into his bedroom.

Once there he gently set his precious burden on the bed and set to work placing the candles on the bedside tables. Both of them blinked in the sudden flare of a struck match as Sephiroth lit a thin white taper, which he used to light all the others. He smiled down at Cloud, taking in the slim body still wrapped in the large white towel.

He loved Cloud's body, part of him felt it would be a shame to change it, but eventually the training would bring out the muscles he knew lay beneath the smooth skin. His smile took on a naughty glint. Then again, with training Cloud would gain power and stamina, all the better to spend long nights tangled together. Sephiroth braced his hand above the headboard and leaned forward to place a soft kiss on the younger soldier's forehead, then to each eyelid, and finally....

Cloud moaned when Sephiroth's lips touched his own. He did his best to return the kiss, gasping when he felt a tongue trail over his lips. His open mouth gave it access and he moaned even louder as it slowly explored the inner walls.

Sephiroth sighed as he felt Cloud's tentative response to his kiss. He pulled away a moment, gratified when the blonde whimpered in protest. He leaned forward a bit and nuzzled Cloud's cheek, as he whispered in his ear. "Mmm, you taste very sweet my little warrior. Tell I your first?" He was certain Cloud had never been with a man, but the hesitancy in his response... Was it possible nobody had touched one so lovely?

Cloud blushed from his ears to his toes. *Is it that obvious?* He nodded slightly, and his eyes went wide when he felt a light nip on his earlobe. "Good." said Sephiroth with a sultry smile. "That means part of you will be mine forever." He had no doubts Cloud would be an adept student in the ways of lovemaking and he was eager to be the teacher.

Cloud shivered slightly as his leader slowly ran a hand along the length of his body from cheek to hip. The other hand followed the same course, then each gripped a corner of the towel and pulled it from his body along with the thin boxers underneath. The blonde's skin took on a decidedly pink hue as Sephiroth set aside the pile of cloth and simply stared at him.

"Beautiful, you're absolutely beautiful Cloud." he whispered reverently.

Cloud blinked then looked away. "No, I'm not, not like you."

Sephiroth's hands paused in removing his own towel as those words sank in. He'd been called beautiful before, but none of the fawning had affected him the way Cloud's shy declaration did. He tossed aside the towel and once again leaned forward to place a breathy kiss on one blushing cheek.

"I'm happy you find me so, but Cloud... You are beautiful. You have to see that. Don't you see that?" The last part of the statement was accompanied by the older soldier's long slim fingers circling a nipple before moving ever so slowly downwards. The blonde let out a shaky breath he hadn't even been aware he'd been holding.

They both glanced down as the fingers finished their journey and cirlced the teen's glistening shaft. Cloud let out a loud gasp as he saw Sephiroth's arousal hovering just inches from his own.

The blonde went a little pale. He'd expected Sephiroth to be well-endowed, but not that well-endowed!! The erection jutting from the smooth almost hairless crotch was literally twice the size of his own. Granted, he was a growing boy,but still!!

Sephiroth sighed and released his hold as he saw fear enter those ocean-blue eyes. He was used to the reaction, but he couldn't help the way he was put together. He brushed his knuckles over Cloud's cheek, and the teen's eyes lifted from his groin.

"It's okay Cloud. We don't have to go that far yet. I just want to be with you."

Cloud looked back down again, then up into the bright green eyes that glowed with a combination of mako and hunger. He gnawed his lip, fear was still there, but...*I want this.* He nodded firmly and haltingly reached up to rest his palm on the chiseled chest of his superior. "I want this." he said aloud and realized it was always true.

Sephiroth gave him a smile that made the blonde feel like he was melting into a little puddle of desire. The older soldier put his hand over Cloud's to keep it in place as he slid onto the bed. "I'm glad to hear you say that Cloud. I want this too...very much." Then he stretched out over the young soldier and once again claimed the soft lips in a gentle, but heated kiss.

As Sephiroth had expected, the blonde was a quick study and before long he was kissing him back with a skill beyond his years. He felt a hand shyly moving from his chest to graze delicate fingers over his stomach and moaned lowly. The general hissed slightly as the hand went even lower and brushed over the tip of his erection.

"Yes...that's good. Touch me Cloud. I want to feel you touch me." he whispered as he rolled onto his back to give his lover room to explore.

Feeling bolder with permission granted Cloud took the pulsing member into his hand and gave it a few experimental tugs. The reaction was more than he'd hoped for... Sephiroth moaned and thrust against his hand. The blonde grinned and continued to stroke his leader, feeling a little giddy at the whispered encouragement.

Sephiroth panted slightly as Cloud kept up his stroking. The hands weren't very skilled, but they felt wonderful. He reached down and guided the teen, showing him what he liked. Cloud nodded and set to work, he spread some of the fluid gathered at the tip over his palms, then laced his fingers basket-style over the shaft. He drew them down with a slight twisting motion, then back up again.

The older soldier closed his eyes and began to buck into the hands, he was becoming unbearably aroused, but it felt too good to stop just yet. He continued like that for a few moments, memorizing the feel of Cloud's hands surrounding him, before he decided to try for something more.

He reached down and gently pulled the hands off his erection, before kissing them in thanks for the pleasure they had provided.

Cloud blinked, nobody had ever kissed his hands before. Actually...nobody had kissed him at all before Sephiroth. Well, there was the quick peck Tifa had put on his cheek the day he left and of course him Mom, but those weren't like this. He felt large hands brush over his shoulders and gently push him against the mattress.

"I want you to pay attention Cloud. If you're willing, I'd like you to do something like this for me."

Cloud nodded. He already knew he'd be willing to do anything Sephiroth asked for. Not because he was his hero, but because...

The thought shattered when he felt and saw Sephiroth take his erection into his mouth. Cloud gasped and arched up. He'd heard the stories, but he hadn't really believed people did this sort of thing. He certainly hadn't imagined it could feel so good.

"AHH!!! SEPH...eee!" the last part of his name was cut off as Sephiroth took a deep breath and plunged down on Cloud's cock, taking it all the way in and down his throat. The silver-haired man chuckled and slid back up.

"Mmm, I think I like the way you just said my name Cloud. Why don't you call me that instead?"

Cloud blinked, it took a moment for the meaning of the words to work themselves out through his jangled system. When they did, he blushed slightly. The truncation had caused his cry to sound like a pet name. He smiled shyly and replied, "Okay...Sephy."

Sephiroth smiled and began to lick the blonde like an ice cream cone, paying special attention to the 'drips'. Cloud writhed under the ministrations panting as he whispered the new nickname softly. "Sephy..." He liked the way it rolled off his tongue, but not as much as he liked what the tongue between his legs was doing.

This time Sephiroth took his time going down, making certain Cloud saw himself disappearing inch by inch into his mouth. The bright blue eyes almost glowed with desire and the older soldier began to imagine just how they'd look after the intensified mako treatments of a SOLDIER. He'd have to wait to find out, Cloud was still a recruit, and as such had only gotten a cursory dose. Just enough to boost his immunity and mental reflexes.

The image dissolved as his lips closed around the base of Cloud's penis, his nose touching the light dusting of down that would eventually become pubic hair. *Mmmm...he's tastes so good!* The silver-haired man swallowed a few times to coax out a few more drops of the delectable fluid then began to bob his head.

It didn't take very long for Cloud to start screaming again. The cries even covered the sound of thunder rumbling overhead. The blonde's climax coincided with a loud crack and a lightning bolt that left the air outside sizzling with ozone. Sephiroth swallowed the flood of hot sticky seed and sat back up to inspect his handiwork.

He chuckled when he realized Cloud was still hard despite his orgasm. "My, appears you have quite a bit of stamina my little warrior." Cloud blushed and mumbled something under his breath.

Sephiroth frowned. "What is it Cloud? You can talk to me... Did I do something you didn't like?"

Cloud shook his head. "No, that's not it. Everything you did was wonderful." He blushed a little deeper and said. "What I said was...I can't help it if I'm little." He nodded to indicate his erection.

Sephiroth chuckled. Cloud pouted. And it caused the silver-haired man to burst out laughing at the adorably petulant look.

"I wasn't referring to your cock Cloud. I've seen grown men with less. I meant the fact that you pack an amazing amount of power in this gorgeous little body of yours."

Cloud's smile almost made Sephiroth's heart stop. "Really?"

Sephiroth nodded. "You know I don't lie Cloud. If I say it, I mean it."

Cloud couldn't help it. He sat up and glomped onto Sephiroth's chest, sighing happily when he felt a hand smoothing his limp spikes away from his face. They sat just that way for a while, listening to the storm that continued to wail outside. Cloud jumped slightly as another loud crack of thunder boomed loud enough to rattle the windows.

Sephiroth groaned as the motion caused Cloud's erection to bump his own. He didn't feel like getting up to activate the storm shutters, but he didn't want to have to vacate to the hallway to finish this either. *I should have let them give me the remote.* He thought as he untangled himself from Cloud's embrace.

"I'll be right back. I just need to make certain a tree doesn't come crashing through the window."

Cloud nodded and watched as Sephiroth crossed over to a small control panel he hadn't noticed before and punched in a code. There was a metallic rattle as shutters slid down over the windows, cutting off all the lightning flashes, and dulling the sound of thunder significantly.

The blonde openly gazed at his new lover as he strolled back to the bed, moving with the sinuous grace of a great jungle cat. Sephiroth smiled at the scrutiny and stopped at the foot of the bed. He tossed his long silver hair over his shoulder and adjusted his stance slightly to let Cloud look his fill. "Do you like what you see?"

Cloud nodded and scooted to the foot of the bed to trail a finger over the tip of Sephiroth's weeping member. He glanced at the fluid that stained the digit when he pulled it away, and tilted his head curiously before sucking it off. The decadent smile that followed made Sephiroth's knees feel like water.

"Hey... not bad. I like it!" He gave Sephiroth an angelic smile and asked. "Is it my turn now?" Sephiroth nodded, then gasped when Cloud grabbed his cock and began to lick away his precum with relish. He stood and enjoyed the attention for a while, letting Cloud explore at his own pace, and being pleasantly surprised at just how much the young soldier was able to accomplish on a first try.

When he felt his orgasm approaching he reluctantly grabbed Cloud's head and pulled him away. The look of disappointed hunger almost made him want to give Cloud the freedom to finish the job, but he wanted to be inside his little warrior when he came. After all, it was their first time, and they still had the rest of the night for exploration.

"Are you ready to let me take you Cloud?"

The hungry look vanished, replaced by a mix of anticipation and anxiety. Cloud wasn't certain how they were going to do this, but he certainly wanted to try. He took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes Sephy, I am."

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