A Little Wager

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Kyo blushed a little as he gently laid the last of their toys out on a nice fluffy towel. He'd scrubbed them all until they literally squeaked, making certain to use plenty of soap. That done, he left the toys to air dry as he washed his hands. It would have felt almost domestic if the toys in question hadn't recently come out of his body. Still, he supposed he'd best get used to things like this. He wasn't naive enough to think that Iori wouldn't be using them again. In fact, it was fast getting to the point that he was fairly certain 'not' having a toy of some sort would be the unusual thing.

He dried off his hands and plucked another towel from the shelf before heading into the bedroom. He may not have been very experienced, but he'd heard enough about Benimaru's exploits to know about the dreaded wet spot and he had no intentions of falling asleep in one if he could help it.

As promised, Iori was waiting for him when he returned. The red-head sitting on the bed, holding a large mug of what smelled like hot chocolate. He'd even turned off the lights and lit a couple candles. It wasn't exactly your typical candlelit dinner, especially not with the tuning fork still waiting on the end of the bed. Still, it was unexpectedly sweet.

Iori smiled and patted the bed, indicating that Kyo should sit.

Kyo smiled back and padded over, laying the towels down near the headboard before he crawled onto the mattress. “For me?”

“For us.” Iori replied as he took a small sip from the mug, then passed it over.

Kyo took a curious sniff of the contents, and was able to pick up on subtle hints of coffee along with the chocolate. He took a tiny sip, pleased to find the drink wasn't too sweet. If anything, it was a hint bitter, but that was how he liked it. He took few more swallows, then passed the mug back. “Arigato.”

“Aa.” Iori murmured as he took another sip himself then set the mug aside.

Kyo bit his lip and glanced towards the tuning fork. Part of him really wanted to experience it, but another part of him wanted nothing more than to rest. Iori slid his arm around Kyo's shoulders and drew him into his embrace. “Relax, Kyo. I told you...we're taking a breather.”

Kyo nodded a bit and slowly relaxed against Iori's chest. After everything that had happened that night, it was hard to believe they might actually be winding down. Iori reached out and picked up the tuning fork as he kept Kyo trapped in his embrace. He didn't miss the sharp intake of breath that came from his pet at that, but he didn't address it just yet.

Instead, he rapped the tuning fork against the nightstand and held it up, simply letting it ring for the moment. It was virtually silent when it was simply being held like that, but once Iori brought it close to Kyo's ear the brunette was able to hear the soft, clear tone. It was a slightly sombre sound, but a pleasing one nonetheless. The fork continued to vibrate for several seconds after the sound had faded, but Iori continued to simply hold it near Kyo's ear. When the shaking had almost stopped, he gently ran the ball shaped tip on one of the tine's against the shell of the brunette's ear.

Kyo gasped sharply. That subtle, tingling sensation was playing havoc with his system, making him writhe, though if it was from pleasure or simply being ticklish he couldn't really say. When the last of the vibrations died down, Iori shifted the fork to the front of Kyo's chest, simply resting the tines against his skin for the moment. “Easy. You'll like this.”

“It tickles.” Kyo murmured, reaching up to touch his ear.

“I know.” Iori replied as he once against struck the fork against the nightstand and brought it close to Kyo's ear. “But try to give it a chance.”

The brunette flinched away, but Iori didn't touch the tine to his ear this time. Instead, he pressed the ball on the end of the handle against a spot between his shoulder blades that made Kyo all but melt. The brunette let out a low moan as the vibrations seemed to radiate from the point of contact and on through his chest.

Iori left it in place a moment, then lifted away to touch it to another spot, slightly higher up near the base of his pet's neck, just below the collar. This earned him another squirm before Kyo was able to relax and simply enjoy the sensations. “See? It feels good once you relax.”

Kyo just purred. He simply couldn't find his voice at the moment. And if Iori kept that up much longer he just knew that he'd turn into a little puddle of goo.

Iori smiled and continued his ministrations, rapping the fork against his nightstand whenever the vibrations faded, before he pressed the handle to some new pressure point on Kyo's body. It didn't take long at all for his efforts to have the brunette lying limp on the bed, fast on his way to total relaxation.

Iori struck the fork one more time and held it near one of Kyo's ears while he whispered in the other. “Do you want it inside you, Kyo? Do you want to feel it thrumming inside your tight little hole, sending those delicious little shivers throughout your body?” He lowered the tines, and let them glide down along Kyo's spine to rest at the small of his back. “It's your choice this time. I'll only put it in if you tell me you want me to.”

Kyo blushed a little and bit his lip. That was the thing that was hardest for him...actually voicing his desires. For all his complaining, it was actually a lot easier for him when Iori just tied him down and had his way with him. Because he knew that Iori wouldn't listen to his halfhearted denials, not until 'No' really meant 'No'. His Master shouldered the responsibility of making him feel all that he felt, and Kyo liked that. If he actually had to say it though...then he was the one having to take responsibility and acknowledge that he wanted, no...needed Iori's touch.

“Well then, if you don't want it...” Iori murmured as he slowly lifted the fork.

Kyo shook his head. “No! I mean--” The brunette's cheeks went from pink to red as he closed his eyes and parted his legs a little. “I want it. Please, put it in me.”

Iori smiled and leaned down to kiss Kyo's shoulder as he set the tuning fork down and picked up the lube. “Good boy. I like it when you're honest.”

Kyo screwed his eyes shut a bit more. That had been a lot harder than Iori seemed to be giving him credit for. Still, when he felt those familiar fingers spreading a generous coating of lube around his hole he couldn't help but moan and open his eyes a little.

Iori continued to press light kisses over Kyo's back as he slid a couple fingers into the brunette's clenching heat. Even after a full evening of play Kyo was as tight as ever, the only real difference was how quickly he was able to loosen him up. Now that the brunette wasn't fighting him, that part went much more smoothly. It wasn't long before he felt Kyo was ready to accept the fork. He gave the ball tip on the handle a generous squirt of the jelly then began working it past the loosened ring. He felt his own cock twitching back to life as he watched the handle disappear into Kyo's body.

Kyo panted a little as the metal slid into him. It had been warmed slightly from Iori's own body heat, but it was still noticeably cooler than the previous toys had been. He felt the ball on the end press against his prostate and forced himself to whisper what he was thinking, knowing Iori would want to hear it. “There...right there.”

Iori growled a little. That hoarse little whisper made him swell even faster, and he gave Kyo's buttock a playful nip before he pulled a small plastic mallet out of the bag the tuning fork had been in. Kyo let out a tiny gasp of surprise at the nip, and automatically lifted his ass a bit higher by shifting to his knees.

Iori purred and spread Kyo's cheeks open with his fingers before he leaned forward and licked the outer rim of the brunette's opening, sampling the skin clenched tight around the tuning fork. That earned him a strangled cry as Kyo's entire body tried to surge forward. Iori didn't let him get far, however. He hooked his arm around Kyo's thighs and continued to tongue his cute little hole as best he could around the toy buried inside him.

Kyo whined and fisted the sheets, his cheeks glowing red hot at the sinful sensation of Iori's tongue touching his most private area. “N-No! Don't lick there! Please! It's too--It's too--”

Iori reluctantly pulled away, giving the ring one final little lick before he kissed the curve of Kyo's ass instead. “But it tastes so good...and you sound so cute when I do.”

Kyo whimpered and buried his face in the pillow. Would Iori never get tired of embarrassing him?

Iori gave Kyo's skin another kiss, then lifted the little mallet and struck the tines of the tuning fork. Kyo's reaction was instantaneous, and Iori was fairly certain that the karateka would have sent himself through the wall if he hadn't been holding on tight.

Kyo let out a hoarse cry, his entire body arching up as the vibrations tore through his prostate. It was nothing like the vibrator. This-this he could feel spreading out in waves that seemed to engulf his entire lower half and it just kept going. It was still ringing when he felt Iori release his hips.

The red-head sat back and simply enjoyed the view. Kyo was unconsciously rocking his hips, simulating the motions of sex as the pleasure consumed him. Once he felt Kyo was in control enough not to jump out of his skin, he reached out to roll Kyo to his side. “Sixty-nine.”

Kyo panted a little, he'd heard Iori speak, but the words didn't make much sense. At least, not until he was staring at Iori's dripping cock dangling right in front of his face. At that point he didn't need to be told twice. He wrapped his lips around that hard spire of flesh and sucked it in hungrily.

Iori hissed softly. He didn't know what his pet had been told between the club and home, but it was a completely different experience than the blow he'd gotten just hours before. If he'd been a lesser man he wouldn't have had a prayer of concentrating enough to roll onto his back before drawing Kyo in as well.

Kyo moaned yet again, vibrating the shaft between his lips. Iori's pace was nothing like Andy's had been. It slower, deliberate...and oh so good. It also made him suck on Iori's need with renewed hunger.

If he'd been told just a day before that he would enjoy sucking cock, Kyo would have turned the person telling him it into flambe. Now that he'd gotten a taste of it though, he knew he'd be doing it a lot more, with or without being told. There was something viscerally appealing about the feel of Iori's member throbbing against his tongue as he sucked away the juices gathering at the tip.

Iori growled a little and worked his tongue a bit harder against his lover's shaft before he began to thrust his hips up into Kyo's mouth. The fact he could do so without the earlier gagging made him make a mental note to do something, very, VERY nice for the Bogard brothers. He waited until Kyo pulled off for a second to catch his breath, then used the tiny mallet he'd been holding to rap the side of the tuning fork one last time.

Kyo made a strangled sound as the vibrations sent him tumbling off the edge. His vision went white as a shudder moved through his entire body. That trembling was the only real warning before the organ Iori was sucking on seemed to swell a little. The red head had just enough time to let Kyo slide free of his throat before his mouth was flooded with the brunette's seed. Iori swallowed the thick, sticky fluid with relish, finding the mixture of salt and smoke to be very appealing.

Kyo slumped his breathing harsh and ragged. Iori smiled a bit and nuzzled Kyo's thigh. He was still hard as a rock himself, but this had been more about giving Kyo pleasure than getting his own. He was about shift away so he could finish himself manually, when he felt hesitant fingers tracing his hole. He was a bit shocked that Kyo would be that forward, but he decided to wait and see just where the other man was going to go with it.

Kyo tapped the tiny red pucker of Iori's asshole and let out a tiny gasp when it twitched visibly. He worried his lip a moment, then slowly leaned forward to give it a hesitant lick. Iori gasped at that, and Kyo immediately stilled, but the only other reaction he got was to have the tuning fork slowly withdrawn from his body. It pulled free with a tiny pop that made the brunette wince. Now that it was gone he was a bit shocked to discover he ached inside, like he wanted to be filled again. <i>*Shimatta, I'm definitely becoming a pervert.*</i>

Iori let the tuning fork drop to the floor before he gently massaged the small of Kyo's back. “I can change position if you want to explore.”

Kyo let out a sound that could only be described as a meep and shook his head. Now that the glow was fading a little he had no clue what had possessed him to lick Iori where he licked him.

The red-head chuckled a little and gently rolled Kyo onto his back. “Thought yourself out of it, didn't you?”

“I wasn't thinking at all when I did it.” Kyo muttered.

“And that's the idea.” Iori murmured as he stretched out next to the other man and brushed his knuckles against one flushed cheek. “You need to learn to let go of your inhibitions and let your passions guide you. Life is far too short for limits.”

That sobered Kyo a little. It was far too easy at times to forget that Iori wouldn't always be there. The Orochi curse meant that he'd be dead before forty if Iori couldn't break the cycle. Kyo forced away the sense of melancholy the thoughts brought out and curled against his Master's chest. They'd find a way. No matter what the cost. And in the meantime...

“I suppose it can't hurt to give it another chance. I still get to suck you off in the end, right?”

Iori shivered a little, the way the brunette said that last part, like sucking his cock was a treat not a chore made him throb. He already knew he was dangerously close to coming from that alone, but he still had to play the part of Master. So, he gave the brunette's ass a possessive squeeze before he growled against Kyo's temple. “Then start by moving between my legs and putting my legs on your shoulders...I want to be able to watch while I teach you.”

Kyo nodded and slid into position between Iori's legs. His blush was still firmly in place, and a part of him still couldn't believe he was even considering putting his tongue up another man's ass, but he wanted to please Iori. <i>*I'll just have to buy him a new bottle of mouthwash when this is all said and done.*</i>

He hesitantly pulled Iori's thighs up onto his shoulders. The position gave him a very up close and personal view of Iori's cock at a totally new angle. Now he could actually see the large vein running along underneath the shaft. It was a dark shade of blue, almost purple, that stood out vividly against the pale skin of his shaft. Kyo blinked at the sight and leaned forward to give it a long lick.

Iori hissed softly. “Rimming first, head later...unless you want a face full of come.”

Kyo blinked, then pulled away, his voice still a bit shy as he teased. “What? Not a gansha fan--sensei?”

Iori smiled, glad that Kyo was relaxing enough to tease, even if hearing the word 'sensei' made him ache even more. He was definitely going to have to add role-play to the list of things he wanted to do with his new pet. “Oh, I am...but right now I want that cute tongue of yours put to better use.”

Kyo's blush darkened a little, but he abandoned the licking and shifted his gaze lower. Seeing that tiny hole made him marvel that something as thick as a cock could possibly enter it.

“Don't think about it too much.” Iori murmured as he shifted a bit, dropping his knees back and using Kyo's chest for support. “Start with licking.”

Kyo bit his lip and nodded before he touched the very tip of his tongue to the puckered ring. This was followed by a longer, more lingering lick. He could feel the muscles twitching a bit with that one, so he repeated it, before tracing the ring with the tip of his tongue.

Iori moaned and gripped the sheets. “Good. Now...press in a bit.”

Kyo hummed in acknowledgment and wiggled his tongue a bit to work it into the cavity beyond, only to moan a little himself as he encountered the molten heat beyond. Just imagining what that would feel like wrapped around his cock was enough to make his manhood give a weak little twitch. Thankfully, it didn't rise to the occasion. He was spent for the evening, but that didn't mean he wanted to leave Iori hungry.

Iori began breathing a little harder as he looked up between his legs, the look in Kyo's eyes as he worked that tongue worked its way into his body had the bassist quite literally dripping. He could see the slow shift from embarrassment to desire as Kyo let himself get into the act and knowing he'd brought that out of the pretty brunette was a rush.

Iori swallowed a few times, trying to wet his throat enough to keep his voice somewhat steady for his next order, but Kyo seemed to anticipate it. The brunette wrapped his hand around Iori's shaft and began pumping it in time to the thrust of his tongue.

Iori had a lot of stamina, but he didn't have THAT much stamina. He fisted the sheets and threw his head back as he started to come, unaware he was shouting Kyo's name as pleasure flooded his body.

Kyo pulled his tongue free with a small gasp. He hadn't really gotten to see Iori's expressions when he'd come before. Seeing the bassist as he was right then, with his normally stoic face locked in orgasmic bliss, it was.... “Breathtaking.”

Iori slumped as he came down from the high, his breathing labored, and his limbs boneless. /Definitely a fast learner./ he thought a bit dreamily as he waved a hand to indicate he wanted Kyo to come closer.

Kyo smiled and slowly lowered Iori's hips back onto the bed before he leaned forward to lick up the creamy spatters of fluid dotting Iori's stomach and chest. That earned him another moan as he made his way back up Iori's body and finally into a kiss.

Iori purred into that kiss, enjoying the taste of himself on Kyo's tongue as he drew the brunette against him. When they finally had to come up for air, Kyo sighed and curled against Iori's chest, nuzzling his master's throat affectionately. “So, did I pass, sensei?”

Iori chuckled and tightened his arms. “Absolutely, but you still have a lot more to learn.”

Kyo groaned. Even the thought of doing anything more made his entire body ache, and not in a good way. “Not tonight, please. I'm exhausted.”

Iori pressed a kiss to Kyo's temple. “Relax, Kyo-kun. I'm tired too.”

Kyo relaxed a bit more at that and let his fingers roam Iori's chest as he glanced at the alarm clock glowing away nearby. It was 4 AM, just eight hours since he'd first walked through Iori's door in nothing but a trench coat and flip flops. It might as well have been eight years. He didn't feel anything like the man that hadn't even recognized a vibrator when he saw it.

“I'm not letting you go.” Iori murmured as he followed the direction of Kyo's gaze. “Not when we wake up, not when the twenty-four hours ends, never.”

Kyo blinked, then chuckled and gave Iori a hug. “I know that. Believe me, I'd kick your ass up and down this penthouse if you tried to tell me this was all about our little wager. You're stuck with me now...hentai.”

Iori gave Kyo's ass a light slap at the insult even as he smiled and leaned over for a quick kiss. “So, just out of curiosity? What would you have asked me to do if you'd won?”

“No clue really.” Kyo murmured, watching as Iori leaned over to blow out the candles, plunging them into semi-darkness. “I had some half formed notion of putting you in a dress, but that was about it.”

Iori blinked a few times. “A dress. Me?”

Kyo shrugged. “I thought it might make you blush. I've always wanted to see you blush.”

Iori shook his head and reached between the bed and nightstand to retrieve a light blanket, which he draped around them both. “I'll tell you what, Kyo. If you can pull that off, I'll do it.”


Iori smiled and once again pulled Kyo into his arms. “If you can get me to blush, I'll wear a dress.”


Really.” Iori murmured before kissing Kyo's temple. “Now, get some rest.”

Kyo nodded and snuggled closer, letting his eyes drift closed, thinking of a dark plum dress with fishnets and lace. He had no clue if he would ever be able to actually win that particular wager, but it was always fun to dream.


A/N: Wow...I can hardly believe this monster is actually complete. Don't worry though, the end of the story doesn't mean the end of me writing for this pair. I'm not sure where I'll find the time to write, but I already have an idea for a continuation.