Yeah...I'm stretching the idea of gluttony a bit on this one, but I'm trying to see if I can make a complete story with each chapter dedicated to one sin.
It's been an interesting ride thus far.

*text* = thought
/text/ = telepathy

Brad opened the passenger door to his coupe and carefully set his new toy in the bucket seat. The trip from the dungeon had been a mini adventure, Ken was getting more and more agitated as time wore on and more than once the younger man had began rubbing against things like Brad, the wall, the stairs and pretty much everything else seeking relief. It was making Brad eager to continue their play time before the high ran it's course, but first they actually had to make it home. Brad climbed into the driver's seat and put the key in the ignition, only to jump when he suddenly felt Ken's head in his lap. He looked down and groaned as the young assassin began nuzzling the growing bulge in his slacks. “You want more already? You're a hungry little slut, aren't you?”

Ken groaned at being called a slut, cheeks going pink with shame, but he tried to suck Brad's cock through the slacks all the same. The American glanced around the garage, making sure they were alone, before reaching down to pull down his zipper. Ken let out a pleased sound and swooped in again, drawing the hard shaft into his mouth. Brad groaned and let his head fall back against the seat, eyes cast downward at the vision in his lap. It made no sense, Ken wasn't all that good, but he couldn't get enough of seeing the Weiss kitten sucking him off. Brad was being a glutton and he knew it, but even he deserved to be hedonistic once in a while. Although, Ken not being all that good meant he might be able to concentrate enough to drive while the kitten had his fun. Brad had barely finished completing the thought when Ken discovered there was something else he could suck on down there. Suddenly, Brad was extremely grateful they were still in the garage because the sensation of one of his balls being drawn into the moist heat of Ken's mouth would have been enough to make him slam on brakes if they'd been driving. “Fuck!”

Ken may have been green, but even he could tell that expletive meant he was doing something right, so he began bathing the small globe with his tongue, purring a little as he thrust his hips against the air. Brad threaded his fingers through Ken's hair, gripping the sable strands firmly as he let himself enjoy the sensation. “Once we get home I'm teaching you another way to use that clever little tongue of yours.”

The youth purred a little louder and let Brad's ball slip from between his lips so he could lap at the other. “Yes...teach me.”

Brad smirked a little and slid his hand down to grope Ken's ass. “Oh, I'll teach you. I'll teach you and then I'll fuck you senseless, Siberian.”

Ken froze momentarily, reason trying to make a shaky comeback as he began to realize just what he was offering up and to who.

“Never been with another man, have you?” Brad teased he moved his hand from Ken's ass to his long neglected cock, giving it a few soft caresses. The young assassin all but melted and began to writhe in an unconsciously sensual manner. *A on earth did he keep his cherry this long? I can hardly wait to take it.* The American looked around the garage again before smiling. *Actually, there's no reason why I should.*

Ken whimpered when Brad took his hand away. “Please, Oracle...please touch me.”

If Brad hadn't already been planning to speed things up, that soft entreaty certainly would have made him. He slid out of the car and spread his jacket over the hood before going to the passenger side to help Ken out as well. “Come with me, kitten. I'm going to give you what you need.”

Ken stumbled a little as he was pulled along, but with a little help from Brad he was able to get onto the hood of the car. Brad immediately forced himself between Ken's thighs and began to run his hands all over his new toy's skin. Ken arched eagerly into the attention, wrapping his legs around Brad's hips to draw him even closer. “Oracle...need you. Need you so bad.”

Brad groaned at the sound of Ken's voice begging for his touch and ran his hands over the kitten's lean form. Ken had a simply glorious body, all smooth skin and taut muscle. A little too smooth actually, there wasn't a hair on Ken's body, not even at his groin, indicating he either shaved or had been shaved in anticipation of being sold. It wasn't an entirely unheard of practice, but Brad would have preferred to shave Ken down himself. In fact, there was so much he wanted to do it was hard to decide where to start. Actually, maybe it wasn't....

Brad growled and leaned in to nip at Ken's throat, before he began to suck hard, dead set on leaving a mark of ownership that would last for days. After a few moments Brad pulled back to inspect his handiwork as he reached into his pocket for a sample packet of lube he'd swiped from the club's 'candy' bowl. A livid red mark stood out against the kitten's throat. Brad smiled at the results an gave the tender skin another nip. Ken moaned and tightened his legs a bit more. “Harder.” Brad quirked one eyebrow at the request and bit down on a new spot along the smooth column of Ken's throat, earning a throaty moan. *A virgin and a masochist. I must have managed to do something right to earn this one.* The packet of lube was quickly opened and slathered over Brad's shaft before he traced Ken's opening with the dregs still coating his fingers.

Ken gasped at that first touch of the cool, wet gel, only to moan as a finger worked it's way into his body. It didn't hurt, but it did feel a little odd. A few pushes in and out, and the finger was joined by a second. That made Ken grunt, but it still wasn't all that bad. Then Brad scissored the digits apart and Ken let out a tiny hiss of pain. That, had hurt, but in a twisted kind of way it felt good at the same time. Ken began to moan as the fingers made their way deeper, until they were curved inside of him and he was suddenly seeing stars. “Oracle!!”

“Brad.” the precog corrected, deciding he wanted to hear that throaty voice screaming his name when he finally granted the kitten some release.

Ken looked momentarily confused, but nodded. “Brad.”

“Good kitty.” Brad purred before he drew out his fingers, and began pushing into Ken's body.

The youth gritted his teeth at the invasion. There was almost no pleasure this time. In fact it felt remarkably like someone was trying to stuff a beer bottle up his ass, but somehow the pain was only turning him on more. Brad paused once he was fully seated, moaning himself as he felt Ken's body spasming all around his shaft. “You're mine, now Ken.” Brad grunted as he took hold of Ken's hips and slanted his lips over the younger man's, sealing off Ken's question before it could even form. *How do you know my name?*

A low rumble of pleasure began somewhere in Ken's chest as the kiss wore on. He could feel the heat of passion spreading straight down to his toes. Damn, but the man knew how to kiss! The American's mouth was as sweet as sin. The kind that made a person long for just a taste, even knowing it was going to burn them in the end. Some tiny spark of reason that had managed to survive the flames of Ken's lust made it a point to say they weren't just going to burn when this was done. They were going to go nova, but Ken still just couldn't make himself care. He was a slave to his desire, and that desire made him a slave to Oracle. Ken rolled his hips, trying to get just a little more sensation.

Brad was more than glad to provide it. He shifted Ken's hips into a more accessible angle then slowly pulled back until only the tip of his cock was still in Ken's body. He remained like that for a long, long time, ignoring his own body's desire for consummation as time ticked on. Finally, Siberian rocked back, trying to force himself onto Brad's cock. The precog took that as his signal and slammed into Ken's body. The younger man threw his head back as Brad started hitting the right spot almost from the get go. It shouldn't have felt so good, it should have hurt, which it did, but no matter how much it hurt there was twice as much pleasure. It didn't take long at all for him to be reduced to screaming as he fell back against the hood of the car and rocked his hips to meet Brad thrust for thrust. The precog watched Ken with glittering eyes. The young assassin looked glorious in the throes of passion and Brad already knew this quickie wasn't going to be enough. In fact he wasn't sure an entire night of fucking Ken in every way imaginable would do the job either. He was becoming a glutton for Ken's body and he didn't mind it a bit. Brad reached down and drew one of Ken's legs over his shoulder before he reached for the youth's cock again, not to stroke, but to free the small knot of rope that had been serving as a cock ring of sorts. The result was instantaneous. Ken once again went from smoldering to all out flames. If the youth's arms had been free Brad had no doubt he'd be clawing at his back as he slammed himself against Brad's cock.

Ken whined and whimpered, he moaned and screamed, and finally all out begged Brad to jerk him off. “Please! Please touch me! Oh god, Brad! I just need a little more. I'll do whatever you want! Just touch me!”

Brad could be a sadist, but even he couldn't resist a request like that. Especially not when he was so close himself. He took hold of Ken's cock and began stroking. It only took a few passes of his hand before Ken was coating himself, Brad, and amazingly a part of the windshield with his seed. *A shooter? Wonder what other surprises he's hiding behind that sweet face of his?* And that was Brad's last cognizant thought for several moments as he went over the edge himself, flooding Ken's ass with his release.

They stayed like that for a while, breathing slowly becoming more even, before Brad lifted his head to rake his eyes over Ken's body. It was a divine sight, the lithe young body coated in a thin sheen of sweat, dotted here and there with his own seed, and looking absolutely delectable. The kitten blushed a bit at the scrutiny, but his shaft was already rising again under that heated gaze. Brad chuckled and shook his head. “Definitely a hungry little slut.” He was about to say more, but he was getting a vision that made him swear softly. About the same time he got a mental tap from Schuldig. /Might want to leave now if you're leaving. The kitten's friends are on their way./

/I know. Have you managed to get a ride yet?/
Brad sent back.

/Nope!/ Schu replied a little too cheerfully. /Hirumato didn't come up with all the funds so I'm gonna stick around to feel Ran shi-ne his ass. Though I will be sad to see the club go. The legit side was really fun./

/Right. Just be sure to keep a low profile./
Brad sent back as he reluctantly pulled out of Ken's body and ran his fingers over the young man's cheek. “Afraid I have to cut this short, kitten.”

Ken blinked then whimpered and leaned into Brad's hand, trying to rub his erection against the precog's thigh. “No, please. I need more.”

“I know you do kitten.” Brad murmured. “Just a bit longer, then I'll make what you just had pale in comparison.”

Ken licked his lips at that. “Promise?”

“I don't need to promise.” Brad replied. “When I say I'm going to do something I do it. End of story. Now no more talk, or you wait even longer to feed that gluttonous appetite of yours.”

Ken shut up.


A/N: Believe it or not, I never planned to adopt Crawford. He just kind of invaded my headspace and scooped out a little place for himself. I was pretty peeved at first, but he kind of grows on a fungus.