This is my first bit of fanfiction in a long, long time. So, please, forgive if I'm a bit rusty. Warnings will include drug use, light bondage, oral sex, and questionable morals depending on how you view sex when highly intoxicated.

*text* = thought
/text/ = telepathy

Disclaimer: The characters herein are from Weiss Kruez, and remain the intellectual property of Project W. I make no profit from the writing of this story.

Brad Crawford was a man who rarely took chances. He was the type to lay down his plans meticulously and make sure of the outcome with or without his powers. Hence, it frustrated him to no end when his best laid plans went awry. He couldn't tell just when things had gone wrong with this one. In his vision he had specifically seen himself pleased at the conclusion of this meeting and saying he was looking forward to the next time they spoke, which in turn should have meant he'd be getting the whereabouts of a certain client as well as payback on a loan.

So far he only had one of the two and he really didn't give a damn about the client, that information was for Eszett and had quickly been obtained by Schuldig when they had first arrived. The money however, could only be obtained from the overstuffed badger at his side.

Brad pushed his glasses up and tried not to give into the urge to throttle the sick bastard as he went on and on about the costs of running such an establishment, choosing instead to display feigned interest in the parade of beautiful bodies crossing the stage down below. These were the willing ones. Men and women that paid to be temporary toys to a master with a carefully matched profile. It was an excellent cover for the darker part of the club. The one that catered to those who wanted the real thing, not an illusion. The one that stole people based on those same profiles and handed them over to serve life as little more than a possession. Brad saw Schuldig slink off with a particularly lovely blonde with skin the color of caramel and shook his head slightly. This was why he hated bringing Schuldig to places like this, now he would have to wait for the telepath to satisfy his sensual appetite before they could go, and he knew all to well that could be a long time indeed.

The man at his side mistook the gesture. "I assure you there are more than this in our 'other' stock. We got in some beautiful new dolls that are certain to bring in a high price."

"If you think they'll sell so well you should be able to pay me now." Brad murmured, his voice as frosty as an arctic winter.

“'s not that simple, Mr. Crawford.” the man replied. “I promise you...I'll have your money. I just need a little longer.”

“That sounds quite familiar.” Brad said, turning his gaze on the cowering man. “I have given you time, Mr. Hirumato. Now it is time to collect. You have until the end of the night or you may find yourself missing a few extremities.”

Hirumato shuddered and quickly dropped to his knees to bow, a gesture Brad always found rather disgusting. “I swear to you, just a few more days.” the squat little man simpered. “I will give you all I can now, I just need a month, no, a week to get the rest.”

Brad just turned away and walked towards the door. “For your sake you'd best hope your customers are generous tonight. I will be there to see precisely how much you get from them.”


Two rooms away, but what may as well have been a world away, Ken Hidaka groaned as he stretched out on a simple bed and struggled against his bonds once again. He was in a jail cell, arms bound wrist to elbow behind his back, body trussed up in silk ropes that were as beautiful as they were functional and left nothing to the imagination. There was just enough slack in the ropes to ensure his circulation wasn't cut off, but aside from that there was no getting free. Whoever had tied him up definitely knew a thing or two about traditional Japanese rope bondage.

Ken supposed he could have fought a little less when they were abducting him and skipped the entire getting beat up, bound and drugged thing, but once he'd been jumped, assassin mode had kicked in and he was defending himself before he knew it. Still, the fact he was in a caged cell was confirmation enough things had gone according to plan so far. He'd been 'kidnapped' and brought into the miniature fortress that called itself a sex club.

Sadly, whatever drug they'd given him had also made him next to useless. He'd expected knockout drops, maybe even the bindings. What he had not expected was something that made his entire body ache to be touched. Coupled with the ropes binding him Ken was quite incapacitated. The few times he'd tried to get to his feet and walk around, the ropes had begun rubbing against places that made him weak in the knees. He would have collapsed before he got to the stairs without any effort on the part of his captors at all.

Ken's eyes hardened as he thought of the crime scene photographs of some of the young men and women who had undoubtedly suffered the same fate he was now. Almost all of them had been runaways, but two of them, fraternal twins who'd just begun high school, had been abducted. It sickened him to think of those poor kids, stolen from their family, raped, abused and finally murdered because some psychopath with too much time and too much money had a fetish they'd wanted fulfilled. Even the nickname for those that passed through these walls made it clear how little disregard their target and his clientele had for life. Dolls. That's what they were called. Living dolls to be bought and sold as toys to the highest bidder. *You're going to die a very messy death when I get out of here, Hirumato.* Ken thought to himself. *I'm going to cut your heart out and feed it to you.*


/Don't look now, Bradley, but you're about to be a very happy man./

Brad tilted his head at the feel of Schuldig's mind doing a breathy sing-song in his own. It wasn't like the telepath to contact him during sex. /Dare I ask for clarification?/

Schuldig's chuckle was audible even over a psychic connection. /Just look in the last cell, you'll see./

Brad frowned and walked past the converted jail cells lining the wall.

Hirumato smiled as he followed along. “The doll down here is my pride and joy. It took quite a bit of effort to get him, but he's going to bring in top dollar. I just know it.”

Brad listened with half an ear. He was just nearing the end of the cell block when he felt a particularly hard gaze directed at him and turned to lock gazes with the one he knew as Siberian. *Weiss.*

Hirumato followed Brad's gaze and smiled. "Exquisite. Isn't he?"

Brad smirked a little as he watched Siberian get to his feet to prowl the cage, much like the tiger he was named for. "Indeed he is. However did you come by him?"

The other man smiled. "He was a special order for one of our female clients. She wanted cute, toned and corruptible. I saw him making a delivery from a local florist shop and just knew he was a perfect fit."

Brad looked Ken over once more and the smirk turned into a grin. "I'll take him."

"Pardon?" Hirumato asked, eyes widening owlishly. Brad Crawford never indulged in the pleasures his business had to offer. Not like his red-headed companion.

"I'll take him." Brad repeated. "This pretty plus, oh, 100,000¥ should buy you that extension you so desperately need. I'll even make it month."

Hirumato put a hand in his pocket. “Are you certain? If you want a brunette I have several others with a much more pleasant disposition. Surely you want--”

“The only sure thing here is the fact that I don't have to give you an extension at all.” Brad said, his eyes hard like flint.

Hirumato gulped and quickly abandoned any thoughts of negotiation. He would find a way to explain the loss of this doll to his other client. The refund was going to hurt, but not nearly as much as trying to pay back what he owed to Ezsett. “The doll is yours.”

Brad smiled and held out his palm expectantly. “The key to his cell if you please.”

Hirumato handed it over. “Do you need a room? The gold suite--”

“No.” Brad said, cutting him off. “I'll be taking him home. I just want a sample before I go.”

Inside the cell, Ken suddenly stopped pacing and started to tremble slightly, shaking his head as if to clear it. Brad frowned and turned to Hirumato. “What's wrong with him?”

The other man shrugged “We gave your new doll an aphrodisiac to ensure he'd be ready to go immediately after sale. You'll want to keep him hydrated. Not doing so could kill him, but that's quite rare.”

Brad quirked an eyebrow. “Do you use it on all your dolls?”

Hirumato shook his head. “Only the feisty ones.” A sly sort of smile crossed Hirumato's lips “Right about now he should be ready to fuck his worst enemy for release. He's going to make for quite the interesting ride.”

“Thank you.” Brad murmured, although inside he was thinking that if a client needed to drug their new toy they obviously weren't doing their job right.

Hirumato bowed and quickly vacated the room, but not without glancing at the security camera hidden in the corner and making a subtle signal to the camera room to ensure they switched to high quality video for the coming show. He doubted he could use the footage as blackmail, Brad had no reputation to defend and four florists couldn't possibly make enough money to make it worth his while to bother with Ken's associates. No, this was for eye candy pure and simple.

Ken growled as he watched Brad watching him, and grit his teeth as his body throbbed at the proximity of another body in the room with him. *No weapons, no communication, drugged to the gills and stuck in a room with the leader of Schwarz. Could this be any worse?* The youth's cock jumped a little as Brad slid his gaze over his body in a blatantly sexual way and a traitorous little voice in Ken's mind piped up that the American was pretty damned attractive in that cream colored Armani suit. *No, No, NO! Oracle is NOT attractive, he is not sexy, and he is, he smells good.*

Brad chuckled and held up the key. “Now that we're alone...are you ready to negotiate?”

Ken shook his head, breathing picking up a little as the desire for contact began to build.

“Now, now, you haven't even heard the terms.” Brad purred as he tucked the key into his shirt pocket.

“I'm not telling you shit about my friends or my mission.” Ken hissed.

Brad made a derisive sound. “If I wanted that, I'd just have the information ripped from your mind. This is about lust, pretty kitty. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Ken glared at Brad, eyes narrowed in mistrust.

Brad moved on, knowing he had the assassin's attention. “You want the key. I want my cock sucked. Do we have a deal?”

Ken turned a brilliant shade of red at the offer, but found himself taking a few steps forward before he could stop himself. *No! I gotta stop this! I can't. I won't...*

Brad smiled as he saw Ken fighting with himself and grabbed one of the bars on the cage before slowly lowering his zipper. “That's it. Just a little closer. I know you want it, whatever he gave you saw to that.”

Ken bit his lip. *That's right, it's the drugs. That's why I'm willing to do this.* The brunette came to a stop in front of the bars, but didn't look at Brad's face as he slowly dropped to his knees. *It's okay if I just play along until I can get the key, right.*

Brad let out a soft sound as he watched Ken kneel, then drew out his cock and ran the tip around Ken's lips through the bars. The assassin's eyes slid closed as he licked away the precome left behind then opened his mouth. Brad grabbed hold of Ken's hair with his other hand and slowly slid between those lips, his voice low as he issued a warning. “If I feel teeth you will regret it.”

Ken let out a sound that could have been argument or agreement, then began to suck. Just a few bobs of his head over the long, thick flesh and it was like opening a floodgate. Suddenly, Ken went from the burn of desire to all out animal hunger. He didn't know why, but something about the feel of Brad's cock in his mouth was making him hotter than he could ever remember being. The youth shifted his knees slightly and moved even closer, making small mewls as he sucked more eagerly, trying to coax more of the salty liquid leaking from the tip onto his tongue. Brad gasped as he felt the change. He'd been expecting a few reluctant licks, maybe even a suck or two. In short, the piss poor kind of job that would have allowed him to justify all out fucking Ken's face, but that was proving to be quite unnecessary. While the Weiss kitten badly needed a bit of work on technique, his eagerness was enough to balance it out. “Hungry, aren't you?” the precog whispered huskily.

Ken moaned and tried to take in more of Brad's cock, gagging a bit when it hit the back of his throat. Brad took the opportunity to quickly pull free. Ken whined at the loss and leaned forward, trying to capture it again. Brad smirked and took a tiny step back, running his own hand up and down the shaft. “No more unless you ask for it, kitten.”

Ken whimpered and leaned his head against the bars of his cage. As if it weren't humiliating enough to be stuck on his knees, stretching to get just one tiny taste of his enemy's cock, now he was expected to beg. In another time and place...actually in any other time and place he'd be ready to gut Oracle just for being so damned smug, but with his lust burning white hot in his veins Ken just couldn't drum up enough energy to care. The feel of the American's cock in his mouth had been good and he wanted more. “Please.”

Brad's smirk grew even more smug as he gave Ken's lips a quick brush with the tip of his cock before holding it out of reach again. “Please, what?”

Ken's whimpering grew a little louder. “Please, let me suck your cock.”

Brad considered demanding the word 'Master' as well, but decided he was more interested in finishing his sample before he took Ken home. “Good kitty, here you go.”

Ken didn't bother saying anything and just sucked Brad in again, the action just a bit harder than it had been before. Brad gasped softly as he began to thrust, groaning in frustration when it made Ken gag again, but it wasn't too much of an interruption, after a few small coughs the youth went right back to sucking. *He 'definitely' earns points for eagerness, the lack of technique is a little frustrating though.*

/Mmm...I could teach him by example if you like. Want me to come down there an make it a threesome?/ Schuldig purred into Brad's mind, mental voice laced with sensuality. /My doll is dozing after just two rounds, but yours looks like he could run all night./

/No, I have another job for you./ Brad sent back as he used his grip on Ken's hair to pull him off his cock as he took hold of his own shaft and began to pump his fist over the shaft. /You need to make your way to the control room to get the recording of what's happening here and make sure Hirumato and whoever else has seen it forgets Ken even existed./

/Already on it./ Schuldig sent as he began working on Hirumato's memories, supplanting Ken with another doll before he headed to the control room to get the recording.

Ken groaned and stretched out his tongue when Brad moved out of reach again, trying to get a few more licks. His dark blue-green eyes had gone indigo with lust, his lips parted in a silent demand for more. Brad moaned at the expression and let himself go over the edge, coating Ken's face and tongue with thick white ribbons of come. The assassin swallowed what had landed in his mouth then licked his lips, savoring the liquid lust, before looking up at Brad expectantly. Brad took out the key and knelt down to put it on the ground, just in front of the cage. Well within reach...if Ken had use of his arms.

The assassin looked momentarily crestfallen then whimpered for a whole new reason. Brad watched the emotions flitting across Ken's face as the Weiss kitten realized he was still trapped before purring. “If you behave, I could be convinced to take off those ropes once we're away from this place. I bet you're nice and tight”

Ken blushed again, this time a dark red that seemed to reach his toes.

“You'd better make your decision fast.” Brad murmured. “I don't have all night.”

Ken gnawed on his lower lip before nodding.

“Good.” Brad replied, bending to pick up the key and open the cage. “Then let's go.”

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