Okay, okay....I know it's been done before, but I just couldn't resist. Here's my take on what happened between Vincent and Hojo after his little experiment. You should know this, but for safety's sake.....this is a work of erotic fanfiction that contains graphic depictions of male/male and non-censual sex. The characters involved are the property of Squaresoft as is the game Final Fantasy VII that I borrowed them from. I didn't ask permission to write this, didn't get paid to write this, etc., etc., yada, yada

Casual Otaku

* - indicates thought.

Simon Hojo pushed his glasses back up his nose, then leaned back, trying to stretch out the kinks from spending so many hours stooped over his work. He glanced at the man who continued to doze on the examination table nearby. *Hmm, the sleep materia was much more effective than I could have ever imagined.* He got up from his chair, wincing as the blood rushed back into legs gone numb from too much time curled under a desk. He stomped his feet to get the blood flowing, then laced his arms behind his back and strolled over to his latest acquisition

He checked the sutures on the gaping wound in the arm, it had not been his intention to damage it, but it did produce and intriguing dilemma. Smiling he looked up at the beautiful face. *My lovely Vincent Valentine, you will be one of my finest accomplishments. I'm going to make you a truly remarkable creation.* He picked up a syringe from the nearby cart and irrigated the area, he wanted the attachment to be as flawless as possible. Satisfied that the injury was clean and disinfected, he went back to his desk.

He lifted the cybernetic limb he'd been working on for the past two hours. The factory standards did not suit his tastes, so he'd made a few modifications, increasing the tactiles and replacing the hydraulics with a special solution containing Jenova cells and Vincent's own DNA. The arm was not as aesthetically pleasing as before, however it would be able to truly 'feel' now. If his simulations were correct the Turk would be able to catch a grain of rice midfall if he so desired. *Yes, only the best for you my precious specimen, only the best.* He held the metal claw up to the light, pleased by the way it glinted off the smooth shiny metal. It was time to get to work on his latest pet project.

Vincent tossed his head as he started to pull away from a dream filled with blood and horrific creatures. His eyes popped open and he continued to lay there a moment, panting from the power of the nightmare. He blinked a moment letting his eyes adjust to the odd greenish light. *Where am I?* He shook his head and the memories came flooding back.

He'd come here looking for Lucrecia. She had kept in touch despite her relationship with Hojo, but the letters and calls had suddenly ceased. When the company refused to give him any information he had started to panic. He'd tracked down Hojo, and followed the scientist to Nibelheim. He'd watched the other scientists leave for the weekend, and as expected Hojo had opted to stay. He'd found his way to the basement. He'd confronted Hojo. The scientist had shot him....

He gasped and lifted his arm, expecting to see blood, or maybe bandages. He did not anticipate seeing a large metallic claw. *What the fuck?!? What the hell happened to me?* He sat up, clutching his hands to his head as the room began to spin. He moaned as pain burned through his veins. He looked down at his normal hand and felt true terror as he watched it change. It was growing in size and the nails were getting longer. *Oh God!! What.....what's happening?!?"*

Hojo snapped awake as he heard a low animalistic growl. *Huh?* He groaned and put a hand to the back of his neck as he rolled his head, popping the vertebrae. *Tsk, tsk Simon. It's not at all becoming of a scientist to fall asleep during observations.* He slid away from the desk and moved down the hall. His jaw dropped when he saw the Galian Beast curled in a ball on the floor. The transformations weren't supposed to start quite that soon and that form was totally unexpected. He watched in fascination as the large purple creature slowly changed back into human being. He looked over at a clock, he'd only been that way for a few minutes, it appeared Mr. Valentine was not yet able to retain his other form.

Vincent began to cry as he felt himself returning to normal. *Normal? I'll never be normal again.* He felt as weak as a newborn, he wasn't certain he could even stand up right now. He'd remained aware during the entire ordeal, and although the other form was short-lived, it was also completely out of his control. He'd had no power over his body when he was that, that creature, and it terrified him. A set of shiny black shoes stepped into his field of vision and he looked up at...."Hojo." he whispered.

The scientist jumped a little when the man said his name. He'd been mesmerized by eyes that had changed from a golden whiskey brown to a deep ruby red that glowed with inner light. The color was yet another shock, mako usually caused a blue glow. *Hmm, perhaps a side-effect of the altered process??* He kneeled down and brushed the long hair out of the Turk's eyes. "Come Mr. Valentine. We need to get you back on the table. I imagine you're feeling quite weak." Vincent turned his head away. "Damn you Hojo, what have you done to me?"

Hojo pushed his glasses back up and smiled. "Why, I've improved you Mr. Valentine. You've been infused with Jenova and mako, amongst other very special cells. You'll have improved healing, faster reflexes...." Vincent shook his head and sobbed, "You sick fuck!! I'm a monster!!" Hojo stopped his little speech. *Why can they never appreciate the beauty of my work? Why do they cling so tightly to their weak human bodies? If I had the proper constitution I would jump at the chance.* "No...Vincent....you're my masterpiece."

Vincent couldn't think of a response to that so he just closed his eyes and tried to tell himself this was all a bad dream, even though he knew it wasn't. Hojo sighed and draped the Turk's arms over his shoulders, before lifting him to his feet. Hojo was not as weak as he might appear, and he managed to place the man on the table with relative ease.

Vincent tried to blink away the tears of shame as Hojo arranged his position with a surprising amount of gentleness. *I can't even lift a finger against him. Is this my punishment for all my past sins?* Hojo sighed as he watched the silent tears fall. Empathy was not his forte, but..... He reached up and brushed away the tears. *So very beautiful. I can see why Lucrecia wanted you.* Vincent gasped as he felt Hojo kiss him. *What? What is he doing?*

Hojo let out a soft sound of pleasure as he pulled away. He smiled at the shocked look on the Turk's face. "What's wrong Mr. Valentine? I've always been told I was rather skilled at kissing." Vincent turned his head away, as much as he hated to admit it, he had enjoyed the kiss. "What about Lucrecia? I thought you loved her." The scientist chuckled, "I care for her, yes, but love is not an emotion I've ever felt for her." Vincent opened his eyes and turned back to the scientist. "Where is she?" Hojo shrugged, "I wish I could tell you Vincent, but she left without consulting me as well. Nobody has heard from her since the day she gave up Sephiroth." The Turk's jaw fell open in shock. "They never told me that." Hojo shook his head, "When has our company ever admitted its mistakes??"

Vincent sighed and dropped his head back onto the table. He wasn't certain he could believe the man, but the Shinra top brass weren't exactly trustworthy either. *That's it, I'm never going back to those bastards.* Vincent snapped out of his reverie when he felt Hojo securing his wrists and ankles to the four corners of the table. "What are you doing?" Hojo held up a gleaming pair of surgical scissors. "I'm taking a sample of your clothes. In case you haven't noticed, they changed with you." Vincent looked at the stained but intact suit, the only damage was a few powder burns caused by the bullet that had passed through his arm. Thinking of the bullet made him ask, "Why are you doing all this? Didn't you want me dead? You shot me after all."

Hojo met his gaze a moment, then began to cut away the suit. "Actually it was not my intention to hurt you at all. You see, you caught me at a bad moment and I didn't think to simply use the sleep spell instead of the added effect ammunition. I'm afraid your arm was ruined, so I took it upon myself to replace it. You now have the finest in cybernetic appendages, I've improved it vastly." he stood and set aside the shears. "Here let me demonstrate."

Vincent watched him walk over to a nearby counter and pick up a geometric compass. "If memory serves you have an excellent knowledge of pressure points and basic human physiology." Vincent nodded "Yes, it made me much more....efficient." Hojo's lips twitched. "I would expect no less." Hojo trailed one of sharp tips across the metal palm, the fingers twitched and Vincent let out a little gasp. "I trust you know that not every point on the human hand has nerve endings?" Vincent shivered a little at the tickling sensation and nodded, "Yes, you can slip a needle into such an area without a person even knowing it as long as you stimulate the nearby region." Hojo smiled, "Well, you have no such deficiency. You could feel the imperfections in a grain of rice, but you should never experience pain. The best of both worlds."

Vincent gritted his teeth. The scientist couldn't know that his hand just happened to be a very sensitive area, at least he didn't think he could. He bit back a moan as Hojo continued to trail the points across his new limb, it felt twice as good as it had with normal hand and he could feel an erection forming. *NO!! I can't feel like this! Not with him! He stole Lucrecia!* "Urrgh, STOP!!" Hojo lifted an eyebrow, "Hmm? Perhaps I was mistaken, I did not include pain with the tactiles, but experiments don't always go as planned." then his gaze strayed lower. *Oh, I see...a weak spot.* Vincent followed his gaze and blushed, there was no way he could deny he was aroused, not with the large bulge straining against his zipper.

Hojo adjusted his glasses. "You have rather unusual area as an erogenous zone, don't you Vincent. Perhaps, I should....soothe you." Vincent shook his head, "No!! Don't touch me! I won't do that with you! You took Lucrecia away from me!" Hojo sighed, it would do no good to point out Lucrecia had approached him, not the other way around. *Hmph, jealousy, such a base emotion.* He stood up, retrieved the scissors, and proceeded to cut away all that was left of the sleek black suit.

Vincent growled and tried to twist away, but the restraints held him tight, even with his returning strength. Hojo smiled at his efforts, "Your struggles are senseless Mr. Valentine, those bonds are made of a very special polymer, I could pick up a dragon with them if I so desired." He tossed the scraps of material aside, no longer caring about how they'd survived the transformation. There were much more interesting things to see to at the moment.

He took Vincent's impressive length into his hand, licking his lips in anticipation. "Tell me Mr. Valentine, have you ever had sex with a man before?" Vincent didn't answer but the look in his eyes confirmed he had. "Excellent, then you know what to expect." He leaned forward and took the tip of Vincent's cock into his mouth, sucking hard, as it leaked precum. The Turk groaned and cursed himself as his hips bucked forward, he was loosing control again, but he didn't have a transformation to blame this time.

Hojo sighed and followed the silent plea, relaxing his jaw and taking more of the gunslinger into his mouth. Vincent whimpered and thrust forward even more, he hated himself for giving in like this, but it felt so good. Hojo didn't miss a beat, he opened his throat and methodically swallowed inch after inch, reaching up to massage the smooth balls. He simply adored clean skin, and the only true hair on Vincent's body resided on his head. *I wonder if that's genetics, or if he shaves?* he thought as he took a deep breath and finished taking the entire ten inches into his throat.

Vincent cried out and began to breathe heavily. "Ahh, don't stop!" *Oh God, why did I say that? I don't actually want this do I?* Hojo smiled at the unwilling surrender and started to bob his head. After a few minutes he felt the balls in his hand shrink back, and he pulled back to catch the approaching load. Vincent bit his lip to keep from crying out as he came, and watched Hojo swallow what he gave. The scientist licked his lips and smiled. "You're very tasty Vincent." The Turk shuddered, but kept quiet. It hadn't taken long to realize Hojo only called him Vincent if he was feeling affectionate, and he was still horny. Horny and.....hungry??

He felt woozy suddenly and his head fell back. Hojo noticed a sudden pallor and quickly placed a hand to Vincent's forehead, it was cool and clammy. "Vincent? What's wrong?" The Turk groaned, "I don't know I feel hungry and thirsty, but not for food. I want.....I don't know what I want." A sneaking suspicion formed at the back of Simon's mind. "Vincent open your mouth." The gunslinger hesitated a moment then obeyed. Hojo took a look and noticed *Fangs.* The canines had elongated during the blowjob and were now over an inch long and needle sharp. *Well at least that went somewhat according to my plans. I wonder if they only appear when he's stimulated? It does bear further study.*

Vincent watched Hojo walk over to the counter again, there were weird swirls of color forming over everything he beheld. He had the strongest urge to go over to Hojo and.... *And what?* an image of fucking him came to mind, but there was something else, something his conscious mind refused to acknowledge no matter how hard his subconscious threw it at him. He pulled at the bonds again, growling when they still refused to give way.

Hojo returned with a set of phlebotomy tools. Which he nearly dropped when he noticed that the red light in Vincent's eyes had picked up in intensity, obliterating any sign of the pupil or iris. The ruby glow completely filled the area and it was unsettling to say the least. "Vincent, how do you feel?" He didn't answer, but the look the Turk aimed at him was nothing short of predatory. Hojo shuddered but proceeded to collect the blood sample. Vincent snarled softly when the needle entered his skin, but didn't pull away.

Hojo took the vial over to the microscope and took a look. *Hmm, just as I thought....* The scientist nodded and went over to the cooler, pulling out a small packet of blood. He warmed it and began to massage the bag as he made his way back to the table. He held the packet up to Vincent's mouth, watching as he sank in his fangs and quickly drained it. The glow faded and a look of horror and disgust crossed the man's face as he realized what he'd just done. *No, no....I really am a monster!* The small 'meal' had taken the edge off, but he realized he wanted more, and it sickened him.

Hojo ran his fingers over the slightly stained lips, the fangs had receded, and the man appeared to be returning to his previous state. Vincent met his gaze and bit out, "Did you plan that? Did you intentionally make me a vampire?" The scientist nodded, "Yes, the legend always fascinated me, and your somewhat gothic appearance always made me think of the popular version of the creature." Vincent turned his head, the man had used him to fulfill a fantasy, he was damned just so Hojo could experience a fetish. He growled and turned his head away, *I'm going to make you pay for this Hojo.* The scientist moved away again, but Vincent didn't watch him go. He wasn't sure he could stomach looking at the man any longer.

He still wouldn't look at him when he returned a moment later, but that quickly changed when he felt slick fingers pressing into his entrance. "What the hell are you doing?!?" cried Vincent. Hojo looked at him in amusement. "Preparing you of course. Or do you prefer a rough entry?" Vincent growled, "What makes you think I want you at.....AHH!!" The denial was quickly cut off when he felt the scientist stroke a very sensitive area. Hojo smiled and squeezed a little more of the water-based jelly onto the fingers he was swirling inside Vincent's tight hole. "Hmm, I think that should be sufficient."

He slipped his fingers out and began to take off his clothes. Vincent moaned, not certain if he should mourn or rejoice the break in stimulation. He took a shuddering breath and watched Hojo undress. He was surprised to find the scientist had a nice build, willowy but strong. Hojo sighed and pulled the band off his ponytail, tossing his hair over his shoulder, then did the same for Vincent. "Ahh, that's better." The scientist trailed his hand down the Turk's thigh, enjoying the slight shiver his touch created, until he reached the buckle around his ankle. "I'm going to release your legs now Vincent. Please refrain from trying to escape. I would like to make this as pleasurable as possible."

Vincent nodded, too amazed by how much different Hojo looked with flowing hair to answer. *I think I see how she could find you attractive now.* Hojo yanked the restraints free, and rubbed the skin that was underneath a moment, before trailing his hands up the inside of Vincent's thighs. Encouraged by a soft gasp, he got up on the table, and pulled the Turk's legs around his hips.

Vincent lifted his head and got his first look at Hojo's erection. It wasn't as impressive as his own, but it was pleasing nonetheless, a wonderful balance of length and width. He never would have expected it would be like that. *Fine, I 'know' how she found you attractive, but damn it Lucrecia....* His thoughts trailed off as Hojo leaned forward and began sliding inside him. He groaned and tried to ignore how good it felt. *Oh God....Why? Why am I letting him do this? Why am I enjoying it so much?*

Hojo smiled as the groan escaped Vincent's lips. He slid his hands along the sleek muscular chest, and a taut male buttock, enjoying the feel of soft, smooth skin over the steel of wonderfully developed muscles. *Absolutely perfect, not too much, not too little. You truly are a marvel Vincent Valentine.* He spent a few more minutes exploring, finding all the little areas on the Turk's body that brought a swift gasp of desire, before he finally began to piston his hips.

Vincent hissed as waves of pleasure burned through his system, unconsciously pulling at the bonds that still held his wrists. *No....it's good...so good...I want...no I can't want...* "I want more!!" Hojo lifted Vincent's knees onto his shoulders and braced his arms on either side of his neck. "As you wish..." he panted and increased the pace, slamming hard enough to rattle the table and the nearby cart. Vincent moaned loudly and dropped his head back, completely giving himself over to the ecstasy flowing through his veins.

Hojo gritted his teeth as he felt his orgasm approaching. It was far too soon for his tastes, but he couldn't hold back any longer. He closed his eyes and moaned as he sent his seed deep inside the man beneath him, panting as he felt the scalding heat of Vincent's own release splashing against his stomach. He stayed that way a moment, feeling the sweat drip off his brow, and listening to Vincent's ragged breathing. He'd never felt so wonderfully sated, and he wanted to savor the sensation a little longer.

"Simon..." Hojo's eyes snapped open, Vincent had never called him by his first name before. He moved aside the curtain of his hair and rubbed the steam off his glasses, only to meet eyes once again filled by that ruby red glow. The fangs were back as well. "Let me go Simon, let me fuck you." Hojo looked down, *Oh my, such stamina...*

The same thought occurred to him over an hour later as Vincent shifted him into yet another position. It was about the only thing he could think. Anything that even closely resembled logic or scientific detachment had long since dissipated. He was like Vincent now, a slave to his desire.

Vincent dragged Hojo to the floor and yanked him against his lap. He dropped his new hand down and began to fondle the scientist as he continued to slam into him. Hojo gasped as he felt the sharp metal tips grazing him. There was a slight trill of fear that the Turk was planning to castrate him. Then the fingers began to delicately scrape along his length. It was a deliberate move, designed to make him shudder. Hojo groaned at the strange mix of the brutal thrusts and the gentle touch.

After what seemed like an eternity he sensed a change in Vincent's rhythm that didn't appear to be intentional. He winced as the Turk yanked his head back by the hair and buried his fangs in his neck. He immediately came as indescribable pleasure rushed through his system from the bite. Vincent stopped stroking the scientist and lifted his soaked fingers. He stopped drinking long enough to taste them then returned to the leaking wound. He continued to lap up the sweet, rich blood as he lifted his new limb and slipped the fingers into Hojo's mouth. The scientist groaned and sucked on the warm metal digits.

Vincent sighed as he finally drank his fill. It had been one of the most intensely erotic experiences of his life. Then reality hit, he'd shared it with a man he despised. He stopped cradling Hojo against him and backed away, stumbling from his exhaustion-dulled reflexes. Hojo turned around to face him. "Vincent?" The Turk shook his head, "No, NO What have I...what have I done?!" Hojo touched his shoulder "What's wrong? You enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, why are you......" Vincent jerked away. "Damn you!! You made me betray Lucrecia!"

Hojo dropped his hand and stormed over to the counter. He picked up the gun and pointed it at the vampire. "I did no such thing ....Mr. Valentine. As I recall you asked to 'fuck' me of your own free will." Vincent looked between gun and scientist. Normally he would have been able to disarm him easily, but once again fate conspired to catch him with his guard down. "It's a pity we must part on such unpleasant terms, but I'm afraid I can't let you leave this basement now." Vincent braced himself, expecting a bullet, but instead he felt the effects of a sleep spell dragging him down into unconsciousness. The last thing he heard before he tumbled into oblivion was a whispered, "Sleep well Vincent, you are my most precious specimen."


A/N: Ahh, another one from the vaults. It's hard to believe I actually used to write like this. And wow was I off on the way Vincent's body worked. Still, it's not the worse thing I've ever written either.

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