The images in this part of the gallery were taken from the late, great Smoochies. A site that was dedicated to providing those of us outside of Japan with lovely yaoi and shonen-ai images from those oh so elusive doujinshi.
Smoochies may be no more, but now there are scanlation groups like Nakama, translated yaoi manga in the bookstores, and websites galore dedicated to Boy Love. Isn't it a wonderful time to be a yaoi fangirl? ^_^


The images in this part of the gallery were given to me as gifts.
There isn't a lot here, but I still felt like doing a little jig with each one that showed up. Thanks again to all the artists!
A gift from Mishaela, featuring my original character, Timothy.
A gift from Lara Yokoshima, featuring her original character, Nikolai--a pretty, young, Russian, exchange student that I simply adored.
Another gift from Lara Yokoshima! I just love how soft and pretty Nikolai looks here. The friendship bracelet is an adorable little touch, neh?
A gift from Selene18, featuring her original character, Zipper. Selene gets huge points for originality in my book. She actually created yaoi inspired by amusement park rides. That's right people...Zipper is a humanoid carnival ride. You can't get much more interesting than that!


This section is just random images that I've snagged from the internet.
A picture of Ryu, from Breath of Fire in his Warrior form. He's such an underappreciated character...I just had to throw up this image of him.
A picture of Gene Starwind, from Outlaw Star (and official, no less!!).

I've always felt this was one of the best images of him out there. Simply because it's so rare for him to look so serious. It gave him a sense of vulnerability that I just adore.
Not quite a lolcat, but this little 'poster' just makes me giggle. Poor Cloud, he'll never, EVER, live down that dress incident.
This is a really, REALLY, old picture of Lara Yokoshima's characters, Kenji and Eiji. They've undergone a major overhaul since I snagged this image over a decade ago.
NOT WORK SAFE!! Another of Lara Yokoshima's older images. This time it's a rough sketch of Eiji having a bit of solo fun. He's so cute!