Ohayo!! This one is new territory for me, being my first guy-guy thing. I kinda butchered the characters, so if it doesn't sound authentic you all have my apologies. It's really just a fight story with a lemony ending, so get comfy and bear with me. I'm using these characters without the permission of Funimation or its Japnaese affiliates. I don't get paid to write these stories, and it's got sex, so no reading it if you're not supposed to OK??  Now then, I present Goku and Vegeta...


Vegeta stood in the center of the gravity trainer. His hair and skin soaked with sweat. He was up to 600g on the simulator, but he still wasn't a super Saiyan. 'Damn you Kakkarot. How did you do it?' An image of the young super Saiyan from the future flitted through his mind. 'Who was he? Even at his age he could surpass me!!'  "Urrgh, SHI-NE!!!" he growled sending yet another ki blast at the helpless robots turning them into a lump of molten metal and circuits. "Kuso, this isn't even a challenge anymore! I need someone to spar with."

The mighty Saiyan thought about potential partners. He could sense Yamacha nearby. He knew the human had been spying on him, but quickly dismissed the notion. He liked having the man admire him and often considered giving him a much more one on one demonstration of his power, but Bulma might stop repairing the gravity trainer if he seriously hurt her friend. Then maybe the strange one with three eyes, Tien? No, he could hunt him down easy enough, but the little one, Chiaotzu, was just a little to creepy for his tastes. The Namek? It was tempting, he was powerful, he could heal just as fast as a Saiyan. No, he knew who really wanted to spar with, but how to get Kakkarot to agree?  "What am thinking? Baka, he's still a Saiyan. He'll jump at a challenge."

Vegeta shut down the gravity trainer and flew up to Bulma's window. "Woman, fix the robots and make them stronger this time!" he shouted before flying off to the Son household. Bulma turned to the window to tell Vegeta exactly where he could stick his robots, but the rattling glass told her he'd already flown off again. "Where is he going?" she wondered aloud, her hand drifting down to absently rub a breast. Suddenly realizing what she was doing Bulma quickly dropped her hand. 'I'm not attracted to that guy. He's sexist, he's arrogant..."and I get wet every time I see him. Damn." Bulma looked down and saw Yamacha and Puar looking after the warrior as well. "Hmm, well it'll be a distraction." Bulma went downstairs to convince him and his little blue cat to play.

Goku was laying on his side in a field near his home. Piccolo and Gohan were going at it pretty fierce. A green blur suddenly slammed into the earth near him sending shockwaves thorough his body. Goku grinned and waved at his son hovering in the air. "Good one Gohan.." he said just before he used his super speed and appeared right behind the young warrior putting him into an armlock "but you're still too slow." Gohan gasped and began to struggle in his father's grip. Down below Piccolo stood up and flew straight at the small warrior. Gohan stared at the Namek flying toward  him in a state of slight panic. He knew his mentor wouldn't hold back and he was sore enough as it was. Suddenly, something clicked in his mind and he teleported. Piccolo's momentum carried him straight into Goku sending the super Saiyan flying back several feet. Goku winced "You don't pull any punches do you Piccolo?"  The Namek grinned "Have I ever?"

Suddenly they sensed they were not alone. "Uh Tousan, Piccolo-san..." called Gohan. The two warriors looked down and saw Gohan in the grip of the mighty Prince of Saiyans. "Hey Vegeta!" called Goku as Piccolo growled "What are you doing here?" Vegeta gave one of his maniacal laughs and said "Just getting my laughs watching you weaklings fight." He smirked and glanced down at the young Saiyan who was still gasping from his recent exertions. Kakkarot's son was getting stronger than ever, it was really quite impressive for a child his age, even by Saiyan standards. "Uh, Vegeta-san? Do you think you could let me go now?" Vegeta laughed again and increased his grip. "Used up all your energy to pull that teleportation, neh?"

Goku and Piccolo dropped down to eye level with Vegeta and his captive. "What do you want Vegeta?" Piccolo bit out. Vegeta smirked again "A challenge, Namek. Those robots at Capsule Corp aren't enough, even with increased gravity." Goku scratched his head and said "Uh, not to interrupt or anything Vegeta, but could you let Gohan go now. I don't think his arms are supposed to bend that way." Vegeta looked down at the boy and realized his grip had shifted and he was a millimeter away from dislocating the boy's shoulders. He considered doing just that, but he was impressed the young warrior had shown no sign of pain, outside his gritted teeth. Vegeta let the boy slip from his grasp and continued to look at Kakkarot.

Gohan rubbed his shoulders and began to blush furiously. He'd let down his guard and Vegeta had grabbed him before he was even aware the warrior prince was there. He would never make his father and Piccolo-sensei proud if he could be taken down that easy. Vegeta smirked again. "He'll never be strong enough if he can't even sense his enemy." Gohan flushed even more, Vegeta might be an arrogant jerk, but the young warrior did admire him in a way, and he was right. He did need to keep up his guard. He'd let it slip before and Piccolo had paid the price. He wasn't going to let it happen again!! He was going to get stronger, he was going to help Piccolo-sensei this time.

Piccolo sensed his protégé getting frustrated. "Don't worry about it Gohan. He's gotten much better at hiding his power." then his expression darkened "You said you wanted a challenge Vegeta. Well, I'll be more than happy to give it to you!" Piccolo dropped into a fighting stance as Vegeta just floated there, arms crossed. Goku sensed the Saiyan's gaze was exclusively for him. 'So it's me he wants, huh? Alright with me..' Goku put his hand on Piccolo's shoulder. "No Piccolo, it's me he wants to fight." Vegeta smiled and chuckled. Goku's eyes narrowed a bit. "You and Gohan stay here. We'll take this elsewhere."

Piccolo weighed the odds. Vegeta may have calmed down a bit, but he still held a lot of anger towards Goku. He wouldn't put it past the guy to try to kill Goku if he got the chance, but then again Piccolo himself used to be exactly the same way. Vegeta knew what they were thinking, "Don't worry Namek. I won't kill him today. I need to become a super-Saiyan first. Then I can kill him as an equal." Piccolo growled a little then turned to Gohan " Come on Gohan, let's keep training. Let them do what they want." Gohan nodded a little "Hai Piccolo-san" he said,  he gave once last glance at the world's two most powerful warriors before he followed his mentor to the ground. Above the last two Saiyans in the universe (at least until the later episodes) continued to look at each other. By unspoken agreement both fired up their ki and Goku followed his fellow Saiyan to a deserted island.

Vegeta landed and watched Kakkarot drop to the ground in front of him. The Saiyan prince felt his blood began to heat. 'A challenge at last!!' Like most Saiyans Vegeta loved to fight. He wasn't sure if they all loved it as much as he did. He got aroused every time, whether he won or lost, even verbal arguments could fire his lust. He'd become a world champion masturbator over the years since he didn't have anyone to help relieve his "frustrations". An image of Bulma flitted through his mind 'Maybe I'll take that girl...I'd like to hear her scream'

Goku looked back at his old opponent, feeling a familiar fire in his groin. 'I wish Chi-Chi weren't freezing me out for training Gohan.' He thought to himself  'If I get as hard as I did the last time I fought this guy it'll take all night to work it off without touching her.' The super Saiyan was very glad his gi was loose-fitting, he didn't want Vegeta noticing just how "exciting" the prospect of fighting him was. Vegeta was smirking again. "Let's do it Kakkarot." Goku tried to ignore the image that statement brought to mind as he nodded and dropped into a defensive stance.

Vegeta zoomed forward and the two warriors began a fast and furious volley of punches, dodges, and blocks. Vegeta managed to get in a roundhouse kick and sent Goku flying through a nearby cliff. There was a definite heat in his groin now and he felt himself swelling. In true Saiyan style Goku came right back, totally unfazed by his trip through six feet of hard rock. Vegeta managed to dodge several more blows before one connected and he found himself flying skyward. He knew what was coming next but he wasn't quite quick enough to stop it. The blow from behind sent him straight back down, where he left a pretty impressive crater upon impact. He got to his knees just before he saw a heavy boot heading straight for his head.

Goku watched Vegeta fly into the same cliff  he'd just made a hole in. The mighty prince left a body-shaped hole that made Goku think of a Saturday morning cartoon. The laugh escaped before he could stop it. "Laugh at me, will you Kakkarot!?!" Vegeta fumed. 'Uh-oh I got him upset!' Goku winced as the ki blast slammed into his arms. He stood there a second his arms crossed in front of his face and smoking slightly. "Pretty impressive Vegeta, you're definitely getting stronger." Vegeta chuckled from above and said "I know. Now try this!!"

The mighty Saiyan sent blast after blast down to his opponent. Goku dodged them with some difficulty. Suddenly, Vegeta stopped his rain of terror (ouch! +_+) and started a much bigger blast "Big Bang Attack!!" When the dust started to settle he continued to float as he began to look for his opponent 'Where is he?' he senses gave a flash of warning 'Behind!' Suddenly he found himself in an iron grip. "Feel familiar Vegeta?" Goku whispered in his ear. Vegeta couldn't believe it 'Kisama! I fell for the same damn trick!' Vegeta began to struggle, but Kakkarot wasn't budging. He had laced  his arms between Vegeta's, behind the shoulders, palms on the back of his head.  And being taller than the Saiyan prince Kakkarot easily locked his legs with his own.

Goku continued to hold the mighty warrior in his iron grip. His hard-on was becoming obvious even through his loose pants. Vegeta's struggles were rubbing the rough cloth against his length and making it throb. He was vehemently hoping that his opponent wouldn't notice. He hoped in vain. Vegeta froze a little as he suddenly realized just what the hard pole rubbing into his back was. The knowledge made him blush, but it didn't lessen his own arousal. 'Decision time' thought  Vegeta as he weighed his prospects 'well nobody can accuse me of being a coward....' He stopped his struggles. Goku noticed and thought 'Damn, he did notice. How am I gonna explain?' The super Saiyan loosened his grip and looked away as Vegeta turned to face him.

"So you get it to..."  Goku whipped his head back as he heard Vegeta's whispered statement. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. He took in Vegeta's somewhat torn outfit and realized the Saiyan prince was sporting his own erection. "I used to wonder if it was just me. It never happened to Nappa, only me. I always thought I was just a pervert..."  Vegeta met his eyes "but you get it to, so maybe I'm not so unusual." Goku was still trying to come up with an answer as Vegeta dropped to the ground and sat on a large, flat boulder. He followed him down and took a better look at his fellow warrior.

The sun had begun to set and the waves glowed red in the fading light. The ocean breeze was ruffling his raven hair, drying the sweat so it returned to it's usual gravity defying style. "Vegeta, I don't know what to say..." Those coal black eyes glanced away from the liquid flames licking at the shore. "I didn't ask you to say anything Kakkarot. I was just stating a fact." Goku stopped scratching his head. "I know, I just feel like I should say something..." Goku dropped onto his back on a thick patch of grass under a lemon tree and the two Saiyans sat in silence.

"Tell me something Kakkarot.." Goku looked back to his fellow warrior. Vegeta had removed his gloves and was tapping them against his thigh. "What do you do when it happens?" Goku's eyes had slid from the rough hands to the large bulge tenting the blue material between Vegeta's legs. He blushed and answered "Usually I'd go home to Chi-Chi, but she's mad at me. You know training Gohan and all. So I guess it's just me, a bottle of baby oil, and Debbie Does Tokyo again (*ouch* )." Vegeta gave him a slightly quizzical look, "Nani?" Goku coughed "You know the porno?" The blank look remained. "Didn't you have ecchi on Vegeta-sai?" Finally catching on Vegeta flushed a little and shook his head.

Goku grinned a little and sat up. "So what do you do?" Vegeta cupped a palm and pistoned it in the air. "Same thing huh?" Goku started to think back a bit to when he first began to notice his "reaction" to fighting. He was just hitting puberty, he and Krillin had been sparring and they'd ended up..."Hey Vegeta, want to try something other than the one-fist mambo to relive your tension?" Vegeta looked back to Goku, he was wearing an expression that was devilish and angelic all at once, an expression he didn't trust one bit. "Kakkarot, what are you thi..." Goku had teleported right between his legs and was a hairsbreadth away from his lips. "I'll make it feel good Vegeta." he whispered as he dropped his hand to rub him through the blue material.

Vegeta gasped and Goku swooped in and started to kiss him. Vegeta clenched his fists, a half-formed notion of socking Kakkarot melting away the second he felt the super Saiyan's tongue flick against his lips. He let his hands relax and began to return the kiss, Kakkarot hadn't lied it did feel good. Some small part of his mind was screaming that Kakkarot was a guy and his enemy to boot, but Vegeta ruthlessly squashed it and concentrated on the feel of strong hands rubbing his throbbing member.

Goku sensed that Vegeta was starting to get into his kiss. He took his companion's hand and put it against his own pulsing erection. Vegeta hesitated a bit, then began to rub more enthusiastically. "Yeah, just like that, that's good." whispered Goku breaking the kiss to suck on the strong corded throat. He slipped his hands under the chest plate and slipped it off, dimly noting Vegeta had begun to weight it like his own gi. It hit the ground with an audible [clunk].

Vegeta was blushing, something Goku had never seen him do before. 'He's cute like that' thought Goku as he slipped his hand into the stretchy blue pants to cup the firm buttocks before slipping them down. Now he got his first look at Vegeta's length and... "Holy Shit Vegeta where do you hide all that?!?" The blush spread quickly from his face down to his toes. Goku grinned a bit and said "I'm impressed, you're pretty well-endowed. I bet the girls on Vegeta-sai just loved you."  The flush grew even deeper. Goku could be pretty slow at times, but he guessed the reason for this pretty quick "Vegeta...are you a virgin?"

Vegeta grumbled "Hey I'm not totally naive. Some of the slave girls told me what to do to a woman. I just never got a chance, and besides you're not a woman and..."  He stopped babbling and started to pull away, but Goku just pulled him groin to groin with him. "So, I'm your first ever?" Vegeta nodded. Goku was a little shocked, he never would have expected the mighty Prince of Saiyans to be a virgin, especially after what Trunks had told him. Then he gave one of his trademark lightbulb grins said "Then I guess I'll just have to make this really good." and gave him a quick peck on the nose just before pulling off the dark blue shirt that still covered the warrior's chest.

Vegeta began to stroke himself as Goku bent to take off the pants left around the ankles, along with Vegeta's gold tipped boots. Then Goku removed his own bright orange gi as well . There was another [clunk] as he tossed it aside. He took a moment to admire his new playmate's naked form. Vegeta was solid muscle, but not muscle-bound. Sleek and firm, an epitome of male beauty. Goku had gone too many nights without and although he felt a slight twinge of guilt over Chi-Chi, he also knew this was just for fun, so he put it aside. He knelt between Vegeta's legs and took the hard cock into his mouth.

Vegeta wasn't sure what to think or feel as he watched himself sliding in and out of Kakkarot's lips. He felt like his blood was on fire. The Saiyan was swirling his tongue across the pink head lapping up his precum and swallowing it down. He growled, grabbed a couple of the ebony spikes and began to thrust into Kakkarot's mouth. Goku gagged a bit before he remembered to open his throat and let inch after inch slide down his throat. He reached down and began to massage Vegeta's ballsack as he stroked his own erection. Vegeta moaned and began to pump into Goku's mouth.  He relaxed, letting him follow the instinctive urge to thrust. Then he felt the balls he was holding shrink back, knowing what was coming he pulled back a bit to let the hot cum flood his mouth. Goku swallowed as fast as he could, but it must have been a really long time since Vegeta had a descent orgasm, because some of it still dribbled out past his lips and down his throat.

Vegeta dropped back letting his cock slide from Kakkarot's mouth. It had been much, much better than he'd imagined. The super Saiyan bit the inside of his thigh earning a quick gasp, then leaned up to kiss him with a rather smug expression on his face. For the moment Vegeta didn't care about the boastful look and returned the kiss. He could taste himself on Kakkarot's lips, buttery and vaguely smoky. His fellow warrior took his hand and guided it to the throbbing erection still nestled against his belly. He grabbed it and began to stroke the flesh. Kakkarot closed his eyes and began to groan, slightly bumping against his hand. Vegeta took the opportunity to get a better look. The member in his hand was about the same size as his own, a little longer, but not quite as thick. He watched a bead of precum glisten at the tip and tentatively touched a tongue to the clear sticky liquid. It was sweeter than his own and strangely pleasing.

Goku gasped as he felt Vegeta's tongue touch his cockhead. He really wasn't expecting him to reciprocate that way. He was going for a handjob. Then he felt a hot mouth sucking and licking his length. Goku began to groan a little loader, for a first-timer Vegeta was doing a very good job. He fought the urge to pump and let Vegeta take him at his own pace. Sooner than he would have liked he felt the familiar throbbing begin in his belly. "Ve-Vege-Vegeta I'm going to ah-ah" Goku pulled back till just the tip of his member was between Vegeta's lips and let himself spurt into his mouth. Vegeta swallowed what he gave just before he bit Goku's hip, leaving his mark, just like Goku had done on his thigh.

The pair gazed into each other's eyes for a moment, then walked side by side into the water to bathe away the evidence of their exertions. They agreed to treat each exactly as they had before, but even after Vegeta had learned the joy of Bulma, the two often returned to this island when their respective wives were unable or unwilling. There they enjoyed discovering many different ways to please each other.


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