Umm, how to explain... Well,  there's no spoilers, although it is a sort of follow-up to "Recovery".  I thought it would be fun to play with Vincent's transformations, so you'll be seeing the title character. It has blood, violence, lust, love, a slight touch of non-censual, and yes even furry (or should I say demon??) sex.  (Forgive me Cloud-chan, my muse made me do it....Honest!) It's long, so get comfy....I really need to start releasing my stories in chapters.

The characters herein are from Final Fantasy VII, and remain the property of Squaresoft.  There's gratuitous violence, and homosexual/anthropomorphic sexual situations, so please don't read this unless you're over 18 and the local laws say it's okay to expose yourself to my twisted imagination.


* - indicates thought

It was a crisp and beautiful day. The leaves had just begun to turn, and the spice of late summer flowers and fruit hung in the air. Inside the cabin he shared with Vincent Valentine, Cloud Strife was ruthlessly scrubbing at the film on their clear shower doors. He grumbled the entire time, still upset over the argument he'd had with Vincent, before the vampire had stormed out of the house. Cloud felt like hitting something, anything to relieve the tension. Instead, he began to clean, giving his hands something more constructive to do. He already had the laundry going, and the kitchen had never been so spotless.

Cloud knew his lover was on a blood hunt by the simple fact he'd refused his company. No matter how hard many times he told Vincent that he accepted his vampirism, the gunslinger would not let him see him feed for sustenance. "It's not like what I do with you Cloud." he'd insisted, "It's brutal, ugly, and I won't let you see me that way." The blonde sighed and pushed his droopy spikes out of his eyes. *Like I'm not used to brutal. You should know better than that Val. We've been in so many battles together.*

He did his best, he tried over and over, but he couldn't assure Vincent he wasn't a monster. "Your hunger doesn't make you a monster Vincent!" he'd screamed back. "Every time a person eats, something had to die. A plant, an animal, something has to die for life to keep going! It's only senseless killing that's a sin. Feeding to survive is not!!" His arguments had fallen on deaf ears, and Vincent had strode out without saying another word.

He tore down the shower head and turned on the water, washing away the suds. The doors gleamed crystal clear, but his mood didn't improve. *AUGH!! He pisses me off sometimes!!* Cloud thought slamming down a fist, and effectively soaking himself with the hose still clutched in it. He growled and began to tug off the dripping garments. *I can't even think straight damn it....* he slumped down on the floor and sighed. "Why are you starting this again Vincent? I was so sure you had learned to accept yourself...." He stood back up and began to dig through the closet, looking for something to wear.

Deep in the woods, Vincent began dragging the carcass of his most recent kill home. He hadn't even had to use his gun against the hapless creature. A few quick swipes with the cybernetic claw had ended it's life quite efficiently. He looked down at the gaping wounds. No blood trickled down, there wasn't any left after his 'feed'. *How could you love me Cloud, if you saw what I was truly capable of?* The Lifestream was finally starting to recover, but it's restoration had caused a sudden and violent swell in the powers of all the wildlife. Any 'normal' person would have had to use a cannon to take down the beast. *But not me...not me.*

Vincent had never truly let go of his self-loathing, but Cloud, beautiful Cloud loved him without reservation. He still couldn't believe the swordsman was his now. The warrior was the light and love of his life. He blessed every day he was able to wake up and see the man sleeping beside him, but he was terrified the day would come when Cloud wouldn't be there. That the warrior would realize he could do so much better, and leave him, disgusted that he ever settled for a freak like him. Vincent bit his lip. He'd die if he every saw disgust in those ocean blue eyes.

Lost in contemplation, the gunslinger failed to notice he'd attracted unwanted attention....

Cloud let out a frustrated breath as he began to pull on the jumpsuit Vincent had given him when he first came to stay.  It still clung like a second skin, since he'd never stopped training. The physical release of daily exercise was completely ingrained now. He yanked at the skintight material, trying to shift everything into a more comfortable position.  He preferred loose outfits, they were less...restraining, but every stitch of his normal clothes was either wet or washing. *That's what I get for having only six outfits and twenty swords.* he thought a little ruefully. He began to formulate a plan for convincing Vincent to go shopping with him. The former Turk hated crowds, but he'd find some way to charm him, he always did. A gunshot interrupted his thoughts, making him jump. He frowned a little, but it wasn't totally unusual for Vincent to use the weapon. So he didn't think much of it, other than it had sounded unusually close. Then he heard a scream, and the cold fist of fear clutched his heart. He grabbed the Ultimate Weapon and ran out of the house.

Vincent was startled out of his dark thoughts when he heard a twig snap. He cocked the Death Penalty and turned before the sound had truly faded. The large red creature that was jumping at him was something he'd never seen in these woods. *Damn! Vlakorados....those things were tough before. I don't even want to consider what it could be like now.* He threw the carcass of the beast he'd caught at the lizard, figuring that was what it was after and ran away.  The Vlak ignored the offering, much more interested in a fresh and juicy prey.

Vincent heard the beast crashing after him and turned to fire. The creature was a lot closer than he'd anticipated, and a large claw swept towards him just as he pulled the trigger. Vincent let out a howl of pain as the talon sank into his flesh, and turned to roll away. He stood up, gritting his teeth, and pressed his metallic hand to the wound in his shoulder. *Stupid!! So fucking STUPID* he thought, furious with himself for letting his guard down. The Vlakorados stared at him with baleful coal black eyes, looking for an opening to attack. The former Turk started to turn, maintaining eye contact, as the huge dinosaur-like beast circled him. Only pure luck had let him dodge enough to keep the creature from tearing off his arm. Unfortunately, it happened to choose his gun arm. The limb hung numb, bleeding copiously. He grudgingly realized he would have to transform, it was the only way he would be able to fight effectively without his weapon. All he needed was a few moments, a quick distraction...

The Vlak lunged and he leapt straight up, landing with a feline grace, as it crashed into a tree behind him. A loose branch came tumbling down on the lizard's head, temporarily stunning it. Vincent took the opportunity, tapping into the vortex of power within him. He felt the burning sensation of his skin shifting, and a sickening wrench as black wings sprouted from his back, but worst of all was the loss of control as bestial instinct took over. He looked over at the Vlakorados trying to concentrate all his anger and pain on the beast. With any luck, Chaos would be satisfied with the lizard alone. He pitied anything else that might cross his path before he regained control.

Cloud crashed through the trees, trying to remember which direction he'd heard the cry come from. Horrible visions of what could possibly make the taciturn Vincent scream pounded through his head, only matched by the pounding of his heart as he increased his pace. He heard a loud crash to his right, and shifted directions, making his way toward the sound. He came across the discarded carcass first. The lack of blood told him Vincent had been here, but where was he now? He heard a low bestial growl echo through the woods. It was familiar somehow, but he couldn't place his finger on it. Nor did he care much, all he wanted was to reach his beloved. *I've lost too many people that I care about! I'm not loosing you as well, Vincent!!*

*Chaos, such an appropriate name...* thought Vincent as he felt his psyche split in two. He would be just an observer now, unable to control what his transformed state would choose to do. It had been so long since he'd let this hated form free, he wasn't even sure when he'd be able to regress once the battle ended. *BATTLE!! Fight...blood...blood* he winced as he heard the whispers of his darker half rise, eager for the chance to kill without restraint.

The Vlakorados turned back to it's 'victim'. If it was surprised to see a winged demon hovering where it's tender morsel once stood, it showed no sign. Instead it whipped out with it's tail, trying to knock it from the sky. Chaos let out a barking laugh and grabbed the appendage, constricting it in one clawed fist until the bones within shattered like glass. The Vlak howled in pain, nothing had ever been able to scratch it, much less cause such damage. It tried to pull it's tail back, but the winged thing holding it took to flight. It howled even louder, as new pain burned through it's system. Chaos just laughed even more before swinging it up, then whipping the poor beast into the ground. It began to mewl pitifully, unable to move due to broken vertebrae.

Chaos landed and frowned at the fallen creature. It had wanted a challenge. Chances to hunt were rare and it wanted to savor it's short-lived freedom. Vincent turned his head in disgust, and retreated inwards, cutting off his shared vision as the demon began to feed on the huge lizard. Chaos heard something moving through the woods nearby and stopped what it was doing, licking the crimson blood off it's lips. Then it slowly, and silently hovered up into the trees. "New hunt...a new hunt." it whispered in it's odd guttural voice as it settled on a sturdy branch, waiting for it's first look at the approaching prey.

Cloud heard the whimpering cries of the doomed Vlakorados and slowed his pace. He looked at the monster, wondering what could have caused it so much damage. The Vlak was the strongest natural creature in the world. It took an insane amount of effort to hurt one. He knew first-hand it was even tougher than some of the 'bosses' he'd had to fight. He felt a twinge of pity for the beast. It would never be able to recover from those kind of injuries. He lifted his sword up and whispered, "I'm sorry." before plunging it straight through the glistening eye and putting the Vlak out of its misery.

He bent down to clean the blade on the grass, and suddenly noticed a familiar object glinting nearby. He strode over to the gun, instantly recognizing the Death Penalty. *This is Vincent's gun. He'd never just leave it behind like this.* Cloud slung the weapon over his shoulder, and began to look for tracks. *He's got to be close by, he just has to.*

Chaos watched as the spiky-haired creature finished off it's prey and picked up the strange stick. *New? No...know this.* Vincent felt the ripple of confusion and let himself look through the creature's eyes. *Oh God....NO!! Cloud, RUN!! RUN AWAY!!* Chaos tilted it's head, *Cloud?* It looked up at the puffy clouds that dotted the azure sky. It sniffed, even it knew clouds couldn't run. The sniff brought the scent of the gold-haired thing below. First, all it could smell was the chemical pine of cleanser. Then the true scent came through. *KNOW this....* It sniffed again, half-formed images floating along it's subconscious. A shared fight...a shared meal...a shared...A feral smile crossed the violet lips and Vincent blanched as a distinct sense of arousal came from that half. *No, it can't be thinking, what I think it's just can't be.* thought Vincent as Chaos unfurled it's wings and gently floated to the ground.

Cloud's battle instincts were still razor sharp thanks to the numerous training sessions with Vincent. He whipped around as he heard the whisper of feet on grass, his sword at the ready. His jaw dropped as he saw Chaos standing there. He hadn't seen this form since the long gone battles of yesteryear. He hadn't even seen the early stages such as Galian Beast. He noted the stained claws and realized 'this' was what had gotten a hold of the Vlakdorados. "Vincent??" he whispered uncertainly. The gunslinger usually returned to normal as soon as a fight was over, he couldn't fathom why he was still in that guise.

Chaos made a low purring sound, one that was very similar to the one's Vincent made when they were.... * can I be thinking of sex at a time like this?* Cloud thought, shaking his head. The demon made a string of guttural clicks that managed to sound amazingly like his name. "Ka..Kra..Crowd?" The blonde nodded nervously, "Yes, I'm Cloud." Then he asked "Vincent? Are you okay? Why haven't you changed back?" This time there was no mistaking the answer, the words "Hunt... Mate.....Mate Crowd." were as clear as day. The blonde warrior froze for a moment, unable to believe what he'd just heard. *Okay, I want off this train. I am not...I repeat...NOT...going there!!* he thought a little frantically as the theme from "Tales From The Darkside" passed through his head.

Unfortunately, the choice wasn't his. Chaos began to advance on him with an oddly seductive deliberation. Cloud found himself at a bit of an impasse as he watched the demon approach. On the one hand, this was still Vincent, and he couldn't hurt his lover. On the other, he certainly didn't think he'd enjoy being taken by this alter ego. Chaos was almost upon him, when he decided retreat would be the best option. He dove between the creature's legs and ran deeper into the woods, hoping a little time was all Vincent needed to return to his senses.

Chaos turned and watched him go with a sense of elation. *HUNT!! MATE!!* it thought as it launched into the air. Vincent huddled in the corner of his being, still trying to come to grips with this new development. His transformations had never displayed an emotion like lust before. It was always about the hunt, and the feed.  Once they had enough blood or destruction they always faded into the background, but Chaos wanted Cloud. It was flat out refusing to release it's hold, no matter how much Vincent tried to pry back control, until it had had the swordsman. *What do I do? What am I supposed to do? I don't know what to do!* thought Vincent frantically trying figure out why this happening, and more importantly how to stop it from going further.

Cloud ran as quickly and quietly as possible, attempting to think up a plan. Chaos was obviously strong enough to take what it wanted, so he was going to have to outsmart it. *Damn it Valentine!! You just had to get horny! Didn't you?* The house was out of the question, Chaos would just tear it apart. The cavern beneath the waterfall was tempting, but too far away. That left the network of caves deeper in the woods. The swordsman was still in the process of mapping them, so there was a very good chance he could get lost, but he was willing to take that chance. Vincent didn't care for the area, he said he preferred the wide open spaces. Caves tended to remind him of all those years in a coffin. Cloud made it to the area without incidence and plunged into the darkness, going as deep as he could by memory.

Chaos spiraled gracefully in the sky, thrilled with the thought of a worthy opponent. It was truly enjoying itself, even if Vincent was not. It sniffed the air, catching the unique scent of it's new prey. This was bliss!! A hunt! A good hunt! Even better, something it had never had...a mate!! It landed near the mouth of the cave and shut it's eyes. Vincent noticed the action, it was totally unexpected. *It's knows it needs to adjust to the dark...just what the hell is happening?* Chaos was displaying an eerie amount of intelligence. It was no longer the purely instinctual creature it was in the past, it knew exactly what it was doing. After a moment it stepped inside, the small wait had allowed their night vision to kick in, and it could easily discern everything within. It followed the footprints left in the dirt floor, twitching it's tail in anticipation of finding and ravishing what it considered its mate.

Cloud's vision slowly faded in as he reached the area where phosphorescent lichens grew. He took a moment to rest, panting softly from his run. Then he looked down...*Damn!! I'm leaving tracks...* He looked around for a branch or something similar to erase the tracks, but there wasn't anything appropriate. *Great, just great! Now I have to outrun it.* He set off again, taking as many twists and turns as he dared, praying he wouldn't loose his orientation.

Chaos slid silently along the caverns, reaching out, here and there, to lightly claw the walls. This was how it would mark it's way. *Yes, it's definitely thinking.* thought Vincent as Chaos nodded in time to the thought as if to agree with the sentiment. They reached an area that had luminous plants growing, and a huge jumble of footprints. Chaos tilted it's head and touched a hand to the dust. *Hiding, will smell him out.* it thought. Vincent was getting more and more worried, Chaos was learning, he'd never considered the fact it might be capable of true cognition. The demon flared it's nostrils, instantly picking up the correct trail. *Damn, I was hoping you'd get lost.* Chaos chuckled, and began to stalk it's intended victim.

Cloud stopped in the middle of a cave, tired from the constant weaving. *There....I should have lost him by now.* He took a couple of deep breaths and glanced behind him, nothing seemed to be following. He let out a relieved sigh and turned back around, only to meet face to face with a set of gleaming white fangs.  His jaw dropped, and he began to scream out of pure shock. "AHmpph--!!"he managed before the cry was cut off by a rough kiss.The warrior gagged slightly as the long tongue slipped into his mouth and partially down his throat. He had the absurd thought that Chaos still tasted like Vincent, only smokier, wilder, before he regained his senses and tore his mouth away. He stumbled backwards, before turning and flying down another passageway.

Chaos watched him go, chuckling slightly. *Hunt..* Vincent gaped [well he would have if it were still his body to control]. *I can't believe that you...that I...oh my.* He may not have been the dominant personality right then, but he could still taste Cloud and feel the texture of those soft lips. As always the small sample of the swordsman made him hungry for more. "Mate..." Chaos whispered, before it resumed the chase.

Cloud felt like he'd been running for hours when he finally slumped against a wall in exhaustion. He tried his best to quiet his gasping breaths, but it was difficult. He'd overexerted himself in his haste to get away. He eventually started to breath more evenly, and tried to figure out just where the hell he could be. He'd lost all sense of direction in his mad dash to freedom. He closed his eyes and tried to visualize the paths he'd taken. With his eyes closed his sense of sound and touch picked up, and he realized he felt a soft breeze. *And a breeze means an exit.* He turned into the gentle wind and began to follow it.

The source turned out to be a huge opening near the ceiling of the cave. Cloud noticed several rough footholds along the slope, and decided he should be able to climb them. He grabbed hold of one and began his slow trek upwards.

Chaos sniffed the whispering wind, it carried the scent of his quarry. It frowned and began to run, it didn't want to chance Cloud getting away. It reached the area where the cave opened up and saw the swordsman a few inches from escape. It growled and prepared to vault into the air.

Cloud heard the sound, but didn't chance turning around. He just coaxed more speed into his aching limbs. His head poked above the exit. He could smell the falls, and even a hint of the flowers near their home. Then something latched onto his ankle and dragged him right back down. He tried to gain a handhold, but his fingers just slipped through the loose sand. He lost his tenuous grip and began to fall.

Chaos watched his quarry hit the ground with a slight [whump]. It appeared the hunt was over...

Cloud winced, stunned from the impact, and the pain of the two weapons on his back digging into his spine. He was lucky he hadn't broken anything. He blinked the stars out of his eyes and watched Chaos hover down towards him. It's erection was evident, and dripping. *Oh my god!! He's even bigger like this...* Cloud reached up and tried to pull his ruined clothes over his exposed skin. The material was torn and hanging, making him feel very vulnerable. So, he began to sit up with the intention of trying to get away again. A set of strong claws gripping his waist quickly dispelled 'that' notion. He looked into Chaos' eyes, they shone with satisfaction, and hunger.

"Vincent...please....I...." He was silenced by another one of those tonsil-tickling kisses. He groaned in response, it did feel good. The leathery wings began to whisper along his skin, lightly brushing the invisible hairs. It was an oddly gentle gesture, something like the ones Vincent would use to help turn him on when he was in the mood to....*NO!! What are you thinking Cloud?*

The swordsman bit down on the tongue, and Chaos let out a howl of pain. Clasping a hand to it's injury, it inadvertently released it's hold. Cloud rolled over and tried to crawl away. He heard the angry growl a millisecond before he felt those sharp talons knock aside the weapons and shred what was left of his outfit. He struggled against the iron grip, terrified of what could happen if Vincent couldn't control himself.

Vincent felt himself slammed back by the force of Chaos' fury. Cloud had managed to thoroughly piss it off, and he suddenly hoped the warrior would just give in. He had just started to gain a hint of control when he'd hurt them. Pain was not something Chaos enjoyed receiving and now it was determined to get some payback.

Cloud gasped as his neck was gripped between powerful jaws. He instinctively froze, then groaned as the long tail began to shove into his mouth. One clawed hand reached underneath to grope, and he groaned again, unable to believe this was happening. Sure, Vincent loved his sex, but...the thoughts cut off as he felt a hot tongue snaking across his back. He whimpered at the sensation, and began to suck on the tail. That was one of his most erogenous zones.

Vincent sensed Cloud slowly giving in. Part of him was upset, but then he realized he was being jealous of himself. Cloud considered Chaos part of the whole, not a separate entity. So, it wasn't like he was cheating. *Well, if that part of won't let me take back control, maybe it will be willing to take advice. The least I can do is make this good for you Cloud.*

Cloud began to squirm as he felt all his little secret spots being tormented. He was becoming more and more aroused. He didn't care anymore that his mate wasn't technically human, if he didn't get release soon he was going scream. Chaos pulled away his tail, and Cloud made a small sound of protest. It had given him something to concentrate on besides the sensations threatening to make him explode. Then he realized where the tail was heading. He gasped in surprise as he felt it snaking it's way inside him. It wasn't nearly as large as Vincent's cock, but it much more flexible, and it was doing some amazing things down there.

The slim whip-like appendage began to twirl around the puckered opening, spreading the saliva on it's tip. Then it began to penetrate. Cloud moaned as he felt it enter, it wasn't enough, he wanted more. He tried to push back, to coax it deeper. Chaos noticed and gave him what he wanted slipping it in even further. Then it hit something that made its mate jump. Intrigued it began to flutter the tip of it's tail against the little area. The result made it smile, Cloud's hips began to twitch uncontrollably from the pulsations and his moans grew even louder.

*Higher, yes there, he likes it....* "AH, AH, AHHHH!!" Vincent stopped whispering his instructions as Cloud screamed and began to come. *Get some of that, we'll need it to finish preparing him.* Chaos quickly flipped Cloud over and took his pulsing member into it's mouth, catching the hot sticky liquid. It swallowed a good bit, finding the fluid very tasty, before that voice in the background reminded it to save some. Chaos frowned, but slipped out it's tongue so the rest could trickle down to the tight ring of muscle. Vincent stopped his chiding, and mentally gaped again. That wasn't quite the method he had in mind. *I am SO glad you're a clean man Cloud.*

Cloud was thinking something very similar as a rare blush spread across his cheeks. Then Chaos sat back up and he stopped thinking as it positioned itself at his entrance. Vincent was always well endowed, but Chaos was even more so. He found himself thinking of that oh so rare creature, the horse. "Umm, Val? Are sure that thing can...." Cloud's jaw dropped as the winged beast simply slammed it's way inside in one swift stroke. "AUUUUGGGGHHH!!! THAT HURT!!" Vincent winced, he'd tried to convince Chaos to be gentle, but that obviously wasn't a strong point.

Cloud tossed his head as the beast braced it's claws above his shoulders, and began to thrust its hips. The initial pain of entry was still there, but pleasure was slowly taking it's place. Cloud groaned and slipped his legs over the powerful hips, marveling at how such a tough hide could feel so silky. Chaos let out a purr and wrapped his tail around Cloud's erection. The blonde was fascinated by the feeling of having that cord of muscle curling around his length. Then the tip began to massage his testicles and he let out a small shout of pleasure. Cloud began to meet the thrusts, trying to make each one hit that special spot deep inside him.

Part of him still objected to the idea of willingly participating, but it was too late now. *If it's going to happen anyway, I might as well get off.* He closed his eyes and told himself this was Vincent. The same Vincent that would smile at all his bad jokes, and choke down his abysmal cooking efforts without a complaint. It was the man who loved it when he washed his hair, or massaged his shoulders after a hard day. This time when Chaos leaned in to kiss him, he responded eagerly, whispering "I love you, Val."

Vincent wanted to cry when he heard that soft confession. *Even now, he says he loves me...Oh my little warrior, my Cloud. What god was kind enough to bless me with you my beloved?* Chaos broke the kiss as it felt a hot knot of pure ecstasy explode in its belly, sending waves of pleasure through its system, and waves of fluid deep into the man beneath it. As the blinding light of release faded, so did it's features. Vincent withdrew before he slumped forward, landing across Cloud's chest. He was in control again.

The couple lay panting a moment, as Cloud ran his hands through Vincent's recently returned hair, and pulled him closer. Then, Vincent began to cry. He cried hot tears of shame, that flooded from his eyes and across Cloud's chest. The blonde asked in a voice breathy with worry "Why are you crying Vincent??" The brunette rubbed his cheek against the sleek plane of muscle. "I'm so sorry, I couldn't stop myself. I....I hate myself ...." Cloud lifted his chin. "NEVER say that Vincent. I can't stand it when you say things like that." he softened his tone. "I love you Vincent Valentine. No matter how your body changes that won't change."

Vincent stared a moment. "But I...I almost raped you Cloud. If you hadn't given in, we still would have taken you, willing or not." The blonde tilted his head. "Mmm, it's a good thing I did give in then, isn't it? That means it was mutual, no different than when we make love..." Vincent gave him a dubious look. "Err, well, maybe a little different." Vincent stared at him, unable to believe he was so accepting. He felt his heart melt all over again. "I love you so much Cloud." he whispered, burying his face in the blonde's chest. Cloud grinned, "That's good to hear, because I'm never going to let you go Val." Then the grin took on a naughty glint.

He took Vincent's cybernetic hand and placed a quick kiss to the palm. The former Turk gasped, "Cloud!! You know that's a...." The blonde gave him a sly wink. "That's right I do." and took one of the metal fingers between his lips. Vincent moaned as desire began to burn through his system, making him hard. "I still need you Vincent..." whispered Cloud giving him an intimate little nudge. Vincent suddenly remembered something, his lover always went twice (often more). It appeared Chaos hadn't been able to keep up. He smiled *Well, at least I know I can do 'that' better than you, eh?* Deep inside his mind he heard a tired chuckle. *Heh...sleep now.*

The vampire sighed as he felt Chaos' thoughts slip away. It appeared Cloud really did wear it out. "You know, I don't think I like the fact that your clothes change with you Val. I want you naked." Vincent looked down at Cloud as the blonde began to unfasten his cloak. "Insatiable, aren't you my little warrior?" Cloud grinned, "When you're the prize can you blame me?" Vincent caught his hands before he could turn him on anymore. He saw the confusion in the ocean blue eyes. "Not right now. I want get out of this cave." Cloud began to give him one of the pouts that could reduce him to putty, but decided he could grant him that. So, he shakily got to his feet, Chaos had given him a pretty good pounding.

Vincent covered Cloud with his cloak, before the sight of that gorgeous body made him loose his resolve. He went over to their weapons and picked them up. There was a nick in the handle of the Death Penalty and the Ultimate Weapon could use a good cleaning, but they appeared fairly undamaged. He handed them to Cloud, who slung them over his shoulders. "Okay, now grab onto my shoulders. I'll carry you up." Cloud was about to say he didn't need any help, when he realized climbing those rough rocks with nothing between them and his skin might not be the best idea. He climbed onto Vincent's back, intensely aware of how his erection was rubbing against his lover's black silk shirt. The stimulation of the soft material and Vincent's rippling muscles was almost unbearable. For some reason he found himself thinking how his semen stains were going to ruin the expensive material.

When they reached the top of the cave they found themselves in familiar surroundings. Cloud slid off his shoulders. "I didn't know the caves led this far." said Vincent as he began walking through the field of flowers. He heard the soft thud of the weapons hitting the ground again, and he turned back around. The naked lust in Cloud's blue eyes made him want to shudder. "Val...I want you now..." Vincent did shudder as the husky whisper seemed to brush against his skin. Cloud let the cloak flutter down and stood before him in all his nude glory. "Please...I need it. Take me Val..."

The brunette bit his lip as he strode over to the warrior. "I wasn't exactly gentle, you must be sore. I don't want to hurt...." Cloud shook his head and moved Vincent's artificial hand over his throbbing erection. "I need it now. Can't you feel it?" He most certainly could, the pulsing member was impossible to ignore. Cloud pulled the hand up to his mouth again, knowing how sensitive it was. Vincent hissed and tore it away. "No, I'm not going to take you like an animal again!"

Cloud blinked then yanked Vincent's hips against his own. "Please Val, don't make me wait. Take me." Vincent whimpered as the warrior began to grind their erections together. Sensing victory close at hand Cloud stood on tiptoe to trail his tongue along one delicate ear. "Make love to me." he whispered huskily. It was too much, Vincent growled and crushed his mouth down on Cloud's eager lips. The blonde sighed, nothing would ever compare to Vincent's kisses, not even his other forms.

He dragged the former Turk down with him as he lay down on the discarded cloak. Vincent slid between the blonde's legs and began a series of light feathery kisses, from Cloud's lips to his coral colored nipples. He trailed his tongue along the peach skin of his chest, thinking that Cloud was every bit as sweet at the fruit, and even tastier. Then he latched onto the little nub, reveling in how it grew hard between his lips. "Va The other now...pleaaase." Vincent reluctantly let go of the nipple and moved over to it's twin, taking light nips at the flesh on his way there.

He felt Cloud bury his hands in his hair, whispering his name, begging him to take him. Oh how he wanted to do just that, to thrust into the willing body and loose himself in the sweet oblivion of orgasm. *No, I 'am' going to make love to you Cloud. I'm going to make you mindless with pleasure. I'm going to make you understand only 'I' can bring you true ecstasy.* He left the nipples and began to move lower, stopping here and there to suckle the smooth planes and valleys of his lover's torso.

Cloud gritted his teeth, he was so aroused it hurt. "Please Val, no more. Take me now!! Fuck me!!" Vincent shook his head and began to lick the ridges on the blonde's stomach. "Oh God!! That" Vincent went a little lower and began to suck the sweat and precum off the soft thatch of hair just above Cloud's pulsing organ. The blonde tried to shift his hips so Vincent would give that part of him some attention, but the vamp ignored the request. Instead he opened Cloud's legs even more so he could move to the inner thigh.

The blonde whimpered in frustration, and decided he would just do it himself. Vincent saw where his hands were heading and snarled softly. He grabbed Cloud's wrists and held them down at his hips. "You don't think I'm letting you get off that easy do you Cloud?" The swordsman shuddered, Vincent was obviously in the mood to torment him. Vincent tore off his headband and grabbed Cloud's hands, binding them together. "You're going to take what I give you my little warrior, and you're going to love it. I'm going to make you scream." he purred licking the underside of the blonde's arms. Cloud shuddered at the promise. He had no doubts Vincent could do just that.

The brunette licked his lips, and began to nibble the little areas he knew would drive the blonde crazy. Cloud felt tears of passion start to flow as Vincent continued his sweet torment. He was lost in a sea of agonizing ecstasy. He wanted to scream, just so he could get his release, but the cries were stuck in his throat. All he could do was whimper as Vincent demonstrated his wondrous skills all too well.

When the former Turk finally brushed his fingers along Cloud's throbbing length, the cry broke loose, echoing through the air. "VAL, PLEASE!!!" Vincent decided he'd proved his point and lowered his mouth to the erection in his hand. Cloud couldn't keep his hips from thrusting into the wet heat of the welcoming orifice. Vincent didn't complain, or even gag, he opened his jaws, and let Cloud pump in and out of his throat. When the inevitable came, he reveled in the sweet sounds of mind-blowing release issuing from the blonde's lips. He greedily drank down the results of his careful efforts, making certain not to let a single drop escape.

Cloud continued to shudder in the aftermath, he'd never felt anything so amazing. *He didn't even fuck me...* he thought a little dreamily. Then he gasped as he felt fangs sinking into his thigh, and a hot tongue lapping blood from the wound. He groaned as the sweet rush of the bite flowed through his veins. It felt even better than it usually did. He smelled the musk of Vincent's own release as the former Turk gave himself a few quick strokes to finish the job Cloud's reactions had started. Then Vincent slid up and pulled Cloud onto his chest, and each listened to the thud of his lover's heart.

When he was able to think again, Cloud leaned up and looked at the brunette. He was still fully clothed, his spent member peeking through an open zipper, and one slim arm thrown over his eyes. He really was quite beautiful, laid out like a work of art among the flowers. Then annoyance came forth. "I wanted you inside me Val." The vampire chuckled and let one ruby-red eye peek out. "You weren't complaining while I was doing it." Cloud blushed. Vincent smiled, that was two in one day, a totally unheard of occurrence. It made him even more endearing. Cloud sighed and settled back on his chest. "I can't believe how good that felt." This time is was a grin that spread across the vamp's lips. "Really? How good was it?"

Cloud frowned and thumped the brunette in the chest with his bound hands. "Don't get cocky Valentine." Vincent began to undo the complicated knots and gave him a smile that would have been angelic on anyone else but him. "Now, what would make you think I'd do something like that?"  Cloud shook his head, "You are impossible." Vincent grinned again, "You didn't answer the question Cloud." The blonde sighed, "You were amazing. I'm getting totally addicted to you." Vincent traced his lover's lush lips. "I feel the same for you my beloved." Cloud smiled, happy for the moment just to be near. "I love you to Vincent."


A/N: I love these two....*sighs*